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RP: My FAVE Psychiatrist of the Past, Harry Wagenheim of Merion Station, PA, Actually Died in 1998, so I FOUND a FUN Lawyer I Dealt with in Daliah Saper's Office!!! / Jimmy Carter's Mom Gave WHOM Pot???

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“When you express "purity" which is the truth about yourself, you feel a love for yourself that is expressed by self-respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence!”

― Tae Yun Kim, Seven Steps to Inner Power

"hey got any a that presidential weed man?...."

“Lillian [Carter] offered me the weed, but I just passed it on. I felt like I would be smoking with my grandmother,” Jones explained.


Scott Kenan

  (Image removed in hopes of my getting laid.)     Randy  Brief's PERJURY (click image to see full perjury ).         ...

"Randy Briefs" is the FAKE NAME I used for lawyer Andrew Emerson Cook, a Duke University grad in Daliah Saper's office But the SMOKING GUN in Saper Law Offices while I was sued by Jamie Lee Sutherland (he is referred to in my post linked to above as "Jaime", and there are obvious, additional fake names), and convicted of LIBEL without legally being served and then I was tried in absentia -- and NOT allowed a defense:

Jeffrey Duncan was an  INTERN in District Attorney Ben David's office here in Wilmington, NC while I was falsely convicted of Cyber-Stalking (because I blogged about the drug use, drug sales, and bulk narco-trafficking discussions I observed in lawyer David Nash's Costello's (gay) Piano Bar in Wilmington in 2011.

The things complained about in the warrant -- as well as those brought up in Court -- had NOTHING to do with the North Carolina charge of Cyber-Stalking, and Republican Judge Chad Hogston DID NOT CARE, but saying he was OVERLOOKING my rights of Freedom of Speech and of the Press (a blog is legally Press), he CONVICTED ME ANYWAY!!!

Chad Hogston

David Nash is of Hogue Hill attorneys -- next door to the Kenan Cathedral of Narco-Trafficking and Racial Hatred, First Presbyterian:

David Nash SOLD the bar since then, but continues to patronize it.

Interesting today, is that I FOUND the lawyer from Saper Law who dealt with me INITIALLY, helped make the deal between Jamie Lee Sutherland and me, that if I DROPPED my blog reporting of his claim of doing $24,000,000.00/month average narco-trafficking for Wells Fargo in Puerto Vallarta, he would DROP his false charge against me.

Jamie said REPEATEDLY that he didn't CARE if I blogged that he'd seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel several times in his private gay bathhouse, Man's Country in Chicago, while Obama was an IL State Senator. However, while I did that, Daliah Saper took over, continuing the pursuit of false charges -- through NON-serving and trial without defense!!!

And then Jamie who had asked ONLY for $50,000.00, got HALF A MILLION plus copyright to virtually EVERYTHING I WRITE until I die!!! That includes my Tennessee Williams memoir, being considered then for sale of movie rights.

By all appearances, Andrew Cook FLED Saper Law in the middle of it -- and I WISH HIM WELL (and expect to soon contact him)!!!

Anyway, I have to assemble all my evidence for the trial of Haston Lavern Caulder on Monday -- and since I got my letters into the hands of Donald Trump and Mike Pence (or at least very close associates of them), I have done as much as I can do -- unless they DO call on me for more info and back-up of my claims.

It is time for me to WRITE BOOKS, now.

Again, the letters successfully delivered: 


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