Wednesday, November 9, 2016

RP: My Letter Sent Electronically and by Tracked US Mail to President-Elect, Donald J. Trump!!! (Plus my UPDATED list of 170+ political email contacts!!!)


Yesterday, as my letter to Mr. Trump for the THIRD DAY (and today it continues for the 4th day), seems un-deliverable at Trump Tower, I first called and made certain long-term Trump Intimates would get to read it to determine if they should send it on to him -- or one of his top advisers.

MOST IMPORTANT is the added info on SOME of Newt Gingrich's crimes.


The previously shown problems with the US Postal Service and this mailing turned out to be MY MISUNDERSTANDING of which was the tracking number. Friday morning, it is enroute from Charlotte, NC to NYC, and all is well.

APOLOGIZE to the US Postal Service for my earlier claims against them.

Donald J. Trump
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022

November 9, 2016

Dear Mr. Trump,

I am related to Thomas S. Kenan III and his step-mother Betty (Price) Kenan who own The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, but who are directly or not, also top support of the Henry Flagler Museum. I assume you must socialize with them, and as you know, they control Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, Kenan Advantage Group, and much more. They and their companies WROTE the NAFTA bill, and it allowed Kenan Transport and Kenan Oil to become, now the largest trucker in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

And I KEENLY observed your visit to Kenansville, NC not too long ago – the home of Liberty Hall, the Ancestral Home of the Kenan Family, originally built by Revolutionary War General James Kenan – and got into discussion with them about that.

You see, I have been privileged by Our Maker to have the most amazing contacts and experiences imaginable, and while I was very much FOR Bernie Sanders, I know ALL ABOUT my Kenan Family’s narco-trafficking with the Bush/Cheneys, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Episcopal Church, etc., so I could at first NOT switch to Hillary and supported YOU – until you soon chose Mike Pence as your running mate.

I was raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings, and in 1990, key Jews in Atlanta business first confirmed that my parents are America’s TOP NAZIS. When I first blogged about that, the Reiner Family of Hollywood made me an “Honorary Jew”. I am half Dutch, half German on my mother’s Meyer side, and Scots-Irish on Dad’s side – with a bit of French and Cherokee. I was the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams, and he based a tall, observing black character (the homosexual husband of the richest woman on earth), on me, in his last-written full length play, In Masks Outrageous and Austere (about the end of the Democrat/Republican world), so I am a one-man DIVERSITY FEST, no?

And you see, my mother met several times with Pope John Paul II privately in Rome, although earlier, 1968 – 1970, we lived across the street from Coach Lou Holtz in Columbus, Ohio (where I graduated high school before going on to Denison University), and he and Beth Holtz were my parents’ closest friends. For their help with Mom’s Catholic Swastikas, she got him his first Dream Job coaching Notre Dame. Later Holtz became John Boehner’s closest friend and political ally, and three years ago, I caught Mom on secured comm at the time they made the deal with Obama to re-open Government. Mom gave Pope Francis’s approval to it.

But my mother hates both you and Hillary Clinton equally, and has for nine years, now, said that Mike Pence is the Catholic Popes’ FIRST CHOICE for President – so he can replace the US Constitution with the NAZI-Catholic Swastika! They think they are playing you for a FOOL, just to be able to dump you now that elected – so that Pence and the Catholic Church can take over.

You will notice that most of the top Republicans and Supreme Court Justices are now Catholic. Even Newt Gingrich switched after his two first wives. This was my mother’s long term strategy since taking over from Rose and Joe Kennedy, who with Henry Ford were earlier America’s TOP NAZIS.

But I have some FUN connections to you that you might not know about. You announced your campaign on June 16, 2015, my 64th birthday (like a Beatles song, no?). You are Christian, so I imagine you know that scientific scholars of the Bible found new evidence about 15 years ago, changing the most likely date of “Jesus Christ’s” birthdate from about October 10, to June 16. 

But don’t worry, neither you nor I are “Jesus Returned”. I’m more like Cincinnatus returned, especially since I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, also the birthplace of former President Vicente Fox of Mexico’s American grandfather – and have ANY of your astute advisers pointed out to you that Mr. Fox EARLIER worked for my Kenan Family as an exec of Coca-Cola?

I can be of HUGE assistance to you in REASONABLE relations with the Mexican people and Government. In early 2015, I met a recently retired Exxon-Mobil exec, who told me WHICH of my Kenan relatives worked with the CIA and Clinton State Department to put President Enrique Pena Nieto into power – to change their Constitution so that Kenans could get Mexican oil, again, and so that they ALL – with the Episcopal Church – could get the hard drugs.

No one cares about marijuana – it is a medicinal HERB!

My friend from living in Puerto Vallarta most of five years, Stanley Winborne III, is from Wilmington, NC originally, his family owning the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, his grandfather was the equivalent of the Ambassador to China, and his son was second in charge of the Clinton State Department in Afghanistan – and in charge of shipping the heroin back to Maxwell AFB, from where my employer of twenty years, Patrick Stansbury of (a website my blogging caused to go into “repair” over a half year ago, but is his other division).

Patrick distributes those drugs from Maine to Florida – but especially to Politicians of both Parties and many Christian Churches here in Wilmington – where your grandchildren via Eric and Lara spend time!

And I don’t know if they told you that you have to protect CIA/State Department worldwide hard-drug trafficking, yet -- George W. Bush only sprang it on Barack Obama at his first Inauguration – as well as that they had all the proof of his homosexual life on the side, so blackmailed him with that to be sure he behaved! The reverends Jeremiah Wright and Jesse Jackson ARRANGED the Obama marriage, and Michelle KNOWS she is a “beard” for “Barry” to hide behind – just as Laura and Barbara Bush are beards for their homo-husbands, and Pat Nixon was for Richard.

Richard Nixon had his lover, Bebe Rebozo, sneak into the White House on a fake identity – for sex -- and the love notes have been published. ALL of this is available online, but our Government does everything so that no one believes it. I have been out Gay since 1970. My parents helped set up the Drug Mafia in Wilmington with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I knew well), and with PPD, a major drug testing company HQ’ed in Wilmington, founded by the Carlyle Group, THEN owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families – the latter two selling out to cover their tracks for together planning a rather major NYC Terrorist Event – then using THAT as an excuse to invade AFGHANISTAN solely to protect the opium poppies – from the Taliban that had STOPPED production of opium that year!

And have I got a GREAT DEAL for you – no negotiation necessary! I know so much that I will be happy to share with you in an intelligent, caring, and focused way. Nearly all of it is published on my blog,, so no secret to anyone who reads it. 

While in Mexico – with help of Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer, Col. Dottie Newman, a good friend then living in North Atlanta (I lived in Atlanta, then Stone Mountain, GA 1983 – 2010), I got safely to Mexico after the Republican Party with help of my immediate family (all swastika-lovers), and Patrick Stansbury – and Sean Hannity of Fox News’s best friend Christal Presley of Atlanta Schools – tried to commit me to a mental hospital five times in ONE MONTH! Then I was poisoned by a top Political Operative of Walmart Corporation and nearly died.

I also had two meeting with Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’ at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, March 2015, and he knew ALL ABOUT the Kenan Family narco-trafficking through Atlanta/Stone Mountain. 

A rep of the South’s largest independent publisher approached ME there, wanting to publish my eventual books on the true backstory of Kenan influence in American Politics – once the current politics cool down a little. I have already written and published a memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, but Fox News with an exec then of Wells Fargo, Chicago, falsely charged me with LIBEL, NEVER legally served me, but CONVICTED me in absentia (unconstitutional), and stole my copyright to that book, every blog post and email or letter I write until I die – as a NAZI GAG ORDER. 

I’d blogged not just of Jamie’s narco-trafficking for that bank, but that he’d seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel many times in his Man’s Country private gay baths. Even gave Jamie Lee Sutherland a half million-dollar reward and when he’d only asked for $50,000.00 and NOTHING else – and they all know I was just getting over 1.5 years of being homeless in both Mexico and Wilmington, NC.

In Mexico, I became good friends with former President Salinas’s closest friend, who introduced me to the Governor of the State of Colima, and I LATER was nearly killed by agents of the Governor of Nayarit State – because I knew ALL ABOUT his narco-trafficking, and THAT was almost exclusively with the Episcopal Church, USA -- and I got and published a lot of their photos and license plate numbers – LOL!

I have been debriefed many times by top officers of the Mexican Army and Marines – as well as the CIA under disguise, including by Kevin Maurer who wrote No Easy Day about the unnecessary assassination of Osama Bin Laden. Obama and Clinton only ordered him murdered because he would prove in Court that he planned 9/11 with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. – as my personal friend and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney knew and brought Impeachment Proceedings against them – only to be drummed out of office by Clinton Democrats. Oh, and Kevin Maurer manned the City Desk of the Wilmington Star News – to be sure Wilmingtonians did not know that the city is the TOP Drug Importation port in the USA, even beating Miami and Los Angeles.

I also knew all of JFK’s sisters and their husbands, visiting a couple of their homes – but FAR more intimately Jackie Kennedy Onassis -- and had a GREAT chat with Ronald Reagan when he and Nancy invited me to the White House, late 1981. In 2011, I met Patricia Sinatra here on the banks of the Cape Fear River, and she sat me down for 3.5 hours to tell me how as Frank’s fave niece now running Sinatra Enterprises, she had been in charge of selling control of Bank of America to my Kenan relatives and NOT LIKING their “Nazi” way of running it. She also told me how Old Joe Kennedy got the Sinatras to get the Gambinos to stuff the ballot boxes in Chicago, stealing the election for JFK from Nixon. But George W. Bush stole it from Al Gore in 2000, so Karma score is now EVEN.

Also, in Colima, Mexico, I met Martin Lamb, an American investment banker headquartered on a private island off Panama – with his own jetport. When he heard I was a Kenan from North Carolina related to Thomas S. Kenan III, he immediately spilled the beans, salivating that I too must have drug cash for him to launder. He claimed he launders all the Bush Family Drug Cash, and that George W. Bush flew down in small jets loaded with $100.00 bills for him regularly.

Then when he saw that I immediately blogged that – publishing his business card and photo as well – he had his goon squad chase me down the Mexican highway until I lost them on the way to Manzanillo.

Sir, the Republican Catholics are using you as the BAIT to get Pence in place, so they can GET RID OF YOU, and he can take over for the Catholic Popes. I trust you had to have at least an inkling of this!

But aren’t you the TRUMP CARD? And I bet with my knowledge, which I would fully share with you, we can defeat this plan. Let me give you my “Religious/Spirituality” credentials: Raised Roman Catholic and wanted to be a Jesuit priest for 1.5 years in junior high, but abandoned that Church during high school. I studied metaphysics with the President of Science of Mind, aka Religious Science, International, Dr. J. Kennedy Shultz through the mid and late 1980s in Atlanta. And Dr. Shultz once gave a talk in church including a LONG story about his having sat next to you on a long flight in the late 1970s, and how he ADMIRED your positive focus. Kennedy died about 1999, but I recently verified this with his “widow”, Wayne Gibson.

In 2011, I joined First Presbyterian Church here in Wilmington (the one with my Kenan Family’s name plastered all over it), because the then Pastor Ernie Trice Thompson, and I had the BEST philosophical discussions and studying Presbyterian thought, it is Metaphysics under a thin veil of Christianity. Also, I was PROUD that you have remained Presbyterian. As you must know 89% of American Presbyterians approve of Church weddings for gays – the highest of ANY Christian Church!

In any case, although I have raked you, your family, and many of your allies over the coals on my blog (it will TOUGHEN YOUR SKIN to read it – not a bad idea, given how easily you seem to get annoyed), but KNOW that the past is only good to learn from, and we are ALWAYS the perfect potential for the greater expression of God (Good), in the World, so I would like to work with you to teach them you are FAR MORE and FAR BETTER than the Progressive half (and most of the Establishment Republicans, too, actually), of the country believes.

Since I live in Wilmington downtown, and Eric and Lara live only eight miles away on Wrightsville Beach, perhaps as your trusted confidant, he could meet with me to pick my brain – or I am always happy to ride jets, whether commercial, private, or government, to come up to be debriefed by you or a trusted aide -- as long as they have some leg room. I’m 6’ 11” tall.

I will mail this by tracked US Mail to your HQ as above, and try to send it to you electronically as well. I will publish it on blog here:, and then since ALL of this has been blogged about previously, it is no secret and I will email it to my 170+ Political Contacts, and will publish THEM also at the bottom of the letter, so ALL can see who gets it. NONE of them currently block me.

I wish you and Our Beloved Country the very best going forward, and hope I can be of assistance with you to My Country. I will continue to try to contact you in various ways – until I get a definitive yes or no from you, and I believe YOU really sent it.

All Best,

Scott David Kenan
Wilmington, NC 28401
Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


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