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RP: My Letter Sent Today to Esteemed Lawyer Andrew Emerson Cook of Chicago (and some GENERAL NEWS as well)!!!

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Images of Andrew Emerson Cook only come SMALL on the internet!!!

November 26, 2016

Hi Andrew – long time no type or speak!!!

I hope you are doing very well, and I want to let you know right off the bat, that this is a FRIENDLY letter, to fill you in on a few things that have happened since we last communicated – early 2013, right? And PLEASE correct me in anything I type that is not accurate to your memory or notes.

I hope you DO have notes from your time working for Daliah Saper and Saper Law, LLC, but if not, I trust your memory is good, and if you believe anything I type is inaccurate or mistaken, PLEASE let me know. I am doing ALL I can to avoid taking this matter to Court – likely Federal – to throw out the falsely gotten conviction of me of LIBEL in Cook County District Court in June 2013 – months after you had left.

You see, best I can tell, Jamie Lee Sutherland – then of Kenan-competitor Bank of America’s top “adversary”, Wells Fargo, now of Ameriprise Financial also of Chicago – got rooked into this whole thing of actually going for Court by Daliah Saper who is MOSTLY associated with Fox News – and some political allies. 

As I recall, you, Jamie, and I – in a friendly way – agreed that he would not pursue that false charge of LIBEL, if I disguised and/or removed what he found objectionable about what I published Jamie had claimed to me about narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta for Wells Fargo. The Chicago regional office of Wells Fargo got the BIGGEST fine in US History for a Bank laundering Drug Money -- $200,000,000.00 – June of 2010, right about the same time. I did this to Jamie’s satisfaction, but then Daliah took over.

And how Jamie got GREATLY INFLATED damages for harm to his career -- when he at about the same time, got a PROMOTION, could never have happened in the country I was born into.

And Jamie told me he did not CARE if I blogged about his seeing Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his Man’s Country gay baths, several times.

Not a secret in CHICAGOLAND, huh???

Did you know Jeffrey Duncan, who worked for Daliah probably overlapping with your time there? He had interned here in New Hanover County D.A. Ben David’s office – at least during the latter time Ben and Wilmington Police, and many other Drug Mafia types, had me in jail for a total of about 2.5 months – and I was committed to a mental hospital TWICE.

I forced Ben David to wipe my record clean, and NO ONE is currently harassing me – other than bad-mouthing me behind my back. (Christians – LOL!!!)

Anyway, I have run into Ben David five times since returning to Wilmington after Drug Mafia in Puerto Vallarta tried to kill me twice in a week, June 2015. Two of those times, we actually had a discussion. ALL of those times were “publicly cordial”, and in June of 2016, he promised to get that false conviction off the Chicago record. He has NOT been able to do it and I KNOW he would have if he could have – by now. If he DOESN’T, he knows I am going to find a way to do it properly through the Courts – which involves charging him with interstate crimes, and eventually suing at least Jamie, Ben David, and Daliah for as much as possible, and maybe Wells Fargo as well.

I’ve come an EXTRAORDINARY distance since we last spoke, even had an overnight “romantic date” with George W. Bush’s somewhat distant cousin three weekends ago – in my personal friend Randy Jones’s (Cowboy of The Village People). FAVE motel on Carolina Beach, The Lazy Pirate, a few miles from here. We were up all night LAUGHING over our families’ Narco-Trafficking and other crimes.

I even pulled “Kenan Connections” and got important letters to first Donald Trump, then Mike Pence, but they seem incapable of improving, so I’m very GLAD Hillary Clinton has initiated vote recounts in some key states, today!!! Both she and Bill have narco-trafficked with not just my Kenan family, but the Bush and Cheney Families MORE SO, for YEARS, but that is BETTER than Catholic/Christian-Nazism!!!

Here is my letter to Pence that links to the one to Trump:

Here is my letter to an old boyfriend from 1983, who became the TOP DECORATED of Mexico’s diplomats to the USA – to give you a peek at my Mexican side:

I did NOT leave my name with your office’s admin when I called and got your direct email address – I figured the company form is seen by others than you, first. So, mum’s the word there – at least until this “gels”, and WHO KNOWS, Ben David might be able to work the magic first.

I was never legally served by Saper Law – I was back in the USA picking up my second carload of goods in Stone Mountain, GA, and the window of time for the Service had expired by a few days when I received the papers. The owner of Mailboxes, Etc. (now sold out and living back in New Mexico), signed for them, and apparently, someone at Saper claimed that I had actually signed for them, and the Judge accepted that.

In fact, I emailed and called leaving messages more than once to multiple people at both Saper Law and Jamie Sutherland’s office, that they would need to serve me AGAIN, and that I expected I would be in town to receive it. I ALWAYS cooperate with Courts and Law Enforcement!!!

Now, if YOU were who went to Court claiming that was my signature, then I’m sure when you explain you realized you were over your head and had to LEAVE that job, that it would not be held against you. They went along to CONVICT me without a defense (unconstitutional – at least for LIBEL charges), and although as you might remember, Jamie only asked for $50,000.00 and was awarded half a million, plus copyright to my Tennessee Williams memoir, and EVERY blog post and email I write until I DIE!!!

To be PERFECTLY CLEAR, I only ask you to (in Court, if necessary), tell the truth to the best of your ability. I am NOT worried about the Truth at ALL!!!

For your convenience, a look at Court Records on this – Rishi Nair was subcontracted to collect awards – and ONLY got money from Bank of America, but and Google/Blogger did NOT believe the judgment and REFUSED to give Jamie the money from sales of the book -- or copyrights!!!:

It appears that first YOU, then later Daliah, filed the false proof of service, but it is confusing.

I will email this to you, and then drop a hard copy in the regular US Mail marked “personal” – and will also publish it on my blog (nothing not published earlier is in this), here:

I will also add you to my Email List for blog postings for a couple of days – so you can see how I do this – and TO WHOM I send over 180 copies, now (I was still doing 1,500 copies emailed when we knew each other, but I’ve cut back).

Let me know that you have received this by a note as simple as that – so I don’t try to contact you through your boss or sumpthin’ like that – or write back to the extent you feel free to. I’d LOVE to hear you are doing well and getting the type attention that we established that we BOTH especially enjoy!!!

And PLEASE ANSWER: How long can Jamie use this to go back after my bank account or other assets if it remains on the books???

All best (and I HOPE we don’t end up in Court),

Scott David Kenan

Mailing address will be on envelope, and email addresses on email.

Cell phone: (910) 200-XXXX

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