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RP: My ONLY Photo of Wilmington, North Carolina's CELEBRATION of the SUCCESS of the WHITE SUPREMACIST/CHRISTIAN Slaughter of Black Wilmingtonians in 1898, "RIVERFEST 2016" -- after a Few Other Matters:

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Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
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Are you or have you been a server? Anthony Bourdain has your back! We’re off to Buenos Aires on #PartsUnknown tomorrow.

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Scott Kenan As EVERYONE who has ever served on the wait-staff of American restaurants will tell you, the CHEAPEST TIPPERS are Christians having Sunday Dinner after services!!!

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Scott Kenan Haiti is where Dr. Sanjay Gupta had a TORRID homosexual affair with Anderson Cooper 360 -- before marrying his WIFE, who had had her vagina BRIGHTENED -- LOL!!! 

Sanjay Gupta's Traditional Hindu Marriage to a WHITENED BITCH!!!


>>> And HERE are my plans for LATER TODAY:
Kerry Glatts shared NumbersUSA's video.
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Liz Tinari so in 21 years still nothing has happened. Ironic Bill proposed the exact same thing as Trump . Hmm
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Scott Kenan Liz Tinari: As has been published for at least twenty years now, and accepted as FACT, Bill Clinton ran FAR to the right of anything Ronald Reagan (a personal friend of mine -- like Kerry Glatts from high school), EVER proposed, and Nancy Reagan (another of my personal friends, but NOT nearly as close to me as Jackie Kennedy Onassis). 

Also, as everybody who reads my Political Blog (should get 1,000,000 hits by Thanksgiving this year), knows: The Clintons, Bushes, and Cheney have narco-trafficked with my Kenan Family for DECADES!!! 

(My family is noted for founding UNC The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill -- simultaneously inventing the FIRST Public University in WORLD HISTORY!!! -- and controlling Standard Oil, now Exxon-Mobil since 1913, Bank of AmericaCoca-Cola, the Ku Klux Klan, Episcopal Church, and most of the Republican Party -- and half the Democrats). 

I had a wonderful sex date with George W. Bush's cousin (not Billy Bush), three weekends ago, and besides the sex parts -- we were up all night laughing about our Families' TRAITOROUS CRIMES -- LOL!!! 

I finally GOT this letter through to Trump two days ago, but he WON'T share it with Pence, so today I will confront MIKE PENCE (through ANOTHER guaranteed "back door of communications"):

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This character -- FAR MORE POPULAR when I was homeless in Wilmington in 2011 - 2012 -- is IMMEDIATELY IN FRONT OF the brick pillar, behind which in June 2011, Frank Sinatra's niece, Patricia Sinatra of Ontario, California, sat me down (there were two chairs then and maybe a small table), and TOLD ME how she had sold control of Bank of America to my wealthy Kenan relatives -- and also how the Sinatras pressured the Gambinos to stuff the ballot boxes in Chicago to steal the 1960 election from Nixon for JFK (on direction of Old Joe Kennedy -- and UNKNOWN, then, to JFK)!!!

This "One Man Band" is the PERFECT EXAMPLE -- due to the absolute NONSENSE of his spontaneous lyrics -- of CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA, and what WORSHIPING JESUS leads a man (or woman), to: PERFECT IDIOCY!!! 

And isn't it IRONIC ("ironical" in South Jersey -- like Cape May where I co-founded with my Denison University friends Chuck and Hilary Pritchard), that today -- not in 2011 -- there is a GIANT ATM SIGN there now???

Well, later, at the Lowes Foods on College Road near Market Street, I ran into ANOTHER character who SHARED living in Mercy House Homeless Shelter and Drug Distribution Center (now closed) -- the place where I had sex with eventually over half the residents -- not paying ANY of them even "one thin dime" -- that the black guy with the BIGGEST "HOG" who never gave in to me, but always claimed he would one day KILL ME for being a FAGGOT, manning the Salvation Army Kettle in front of the store.

He NOW has even FEWER teeth due to his CRACK or METH habit, and looked SAD and BEATEN to me. I went right up to him and said, "THE WAGES OF SIN ARE DEATH -- and you look like you are approaching it -- HA!!!"

He was too weak to threaten me physically (no one was looking or in ear shot)but told me the CHRISTIANS OF WILMINGTON still plan to KILL ME -- just like Neal Duffy, who is a BAD ALCOHOLIC living in Gold Walker's cottage behind the house next door. Neal had been CARRIED HOME to his Boston Tenement as a child by Robert F. Kennedy (while he was canvassing the Irish Slum -- ALONE -- running for President), when he was very young, LATER worked under my good personal friend, now a retired Lt. General, Russel Honore', and while serving in Middle East worked on projects with Bill Clinton, whom he ALSO HATED THEN AND NOW.

I have run into about twenty old cohabitants of that shelter since my return to Wilmington nearly a year and a half ago, and MOST of them have gone on to PRODUCTIVE LIVES.


1. I got along BEST at the booths for various branches of the US Military and Veterans, spending TONS OF TIME talking with Vets about the crimes of my Kenan Family with the Bushes, Cheney, the Clintons, Episcopal Church, and Mayor Saffo, Police Chief Evangelous, and District Attorneys Ben and Jon David.


So I offered many of them "BJs of THANKS", expecting they would get a KICK out of it -- but not accept (then -- in Public).

At ONE Veterans Booth, former Wilmington Mayor Don Betz and I KEENLY observed each other, but did NOT speak -- I respect that he's RETIRED from politics -- the Vets told me that Mr. Betz knows ALL ABOUT Mayor Saffo's Drug Mafia, too!!!

And AMAZINGLY, the ONLY ally actually PICTURED in Mr. Betz's LINKEDIN Profile, is the ONE WHITE PERSON of any Political Power who was GENUINELY KIND to me (as was her husband -- they then having an Art Gallery on Front Street):

If you READ Terry's profile, she was:

In Flight Service Manager

Delta Air Lines
 –  (14 years 11 months) Atlanta, GA - Boston, MA - Cincinnatti, OH

MY FAVE AIRLINE -- and Terry was in THREE CITIES I spent most of my life in (the shortest in Peabody, MA, near Boston)!!!


Now, I must rest up to soon write to Mike Pence.


I think "Sister Louisa" should have a BOOTH at Wilmington's RIVERFEST -- don't you AGREE???:


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