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RP: A NEW Issue with Timothy Tew Caused Me to CONTINUE Our Discussion (and another thing -- or two):

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Timothy Tew

Scott, you’ve got so much on your blog that is incendiary to some people I'm not comfortable having my name or picture on there. That was the crux of my message. 

Be careful what you say and who you talk about. I know your heart’s in a good place, but I'm asking you to remove my name and pictures of me. You can refer to any insight you've gained but do so as "a friend". I've been putting myself out there a lot of late and I'm trying to step back and assess how to proceed. Thanks for understand and let me know when you've removed the info.

My Response (composed on Word):

Timothy: You sound like you are not aware that blogs – in the United States, at least – have the same journalistic Legal Standing as CNN, the New York Times, or even the local Town Tattler. Are you in the habit of confidently telling any of THESE how to report the news? Whether your name should be mentioned or you pictured in an item about you?

Let me rest your “racing heart” over all of this. You seem to confuse my words with physical incendiary devices – and don’t even accept that YOU seem to feel my words that way. They are just words arranged into concepts. Non-physical. 

NO ONE I have written about – including publishing our correspondence – has had a BIT of a problem, excepting in their own minds, fearing some kind of retribution – but from WHOM?

“Testosteroni” is the perfect extreme example, since he is a longtime recluse without friends as we know them (he’s familiar with some shopkeepers, etc,), and why would he write me ANYTHING that his anonymous self (even when I use his real name), would not be PROUD to have published.

He would only do this if he were up to NO GOOD, or at least something his own values cause him to be ashamed of.

At least YOU don’t ask/say anything “shameful” from my or anyone’s viewpoint (best I can surmise). You just fear some possible retribution. If you identify who might harm you and show some proof that they have made an attempt, I will reconsider.

And Testosteroni is granted a BLANKET “PARDON” by me. As my old high school girlfriend “Christine Busch”, former Pennsylvania Prosecutor, now Physician, Lawyer, and Consultant on Privacy of Medical Records and I discussed just yesterday, as long as he keeps up payments for what he offered and agreed to, he can say/write ANYTHING HE WANTS TO!!!

And that reminds me – I doubt you’ve read enough of my blog to know that Dean Hansell who co-founded GLAAD and was recently named a Superior Court Justice in Los Angeles in their central courtroom, was a friend of mine at Denison University – and we reconnected a few years ago. He and I not only shared a bed chastely for a month in an anti-poverty program in the second poorest county in the USA, then, in western Tennessee, but we together formed the FIRST gay group at Denison – although Dean wasn’t out until the NEXT year – after I graduated -- so he set it up, but did not attend – LOL!!!

Some other people whose dialogue with me I have featured on my blog with NO COMPLAINT from them: Writers John Lahr, Del Shores, and Randal Kenan, for instance – and many more luminaries to “regular folks”, like my landlady – known for blowing pot smoke in the face of Police when they knock on her door, and getting away with it – LOL!!!

Really, you need not be concerned.


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“A god is anything that lives outside of God.” 

― Anthony Liccione

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