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RP: REALLY, It's Just a DEVIL CORKSCREW already!!! / MORE Evidence of the Haston Caulder-"Testosteroni" UNCONSUMMATED Lust/Drug-Delusion Fest -- Found and REVEALED!!!

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“The blessed in the kingdom of heaven will see the punishments of the damned, in order that their bliss be more delightful for them.” ― Thomas Aquinas 


And since I am on things like "Devil's Horns" -- which I held behind both Andrea Ritzberger's and Stanley Winborne's heads at a Puerto Vallarta lunch in 2014:
Andrea Ritzberger was in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group in 2014 (for a short time). Photo BELOW!!!:

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Andrea Ritzberger
September 23

When making a decision....
If you think "I should do this" and act on that, then you revolve around life.
If you think "I want to do this" and act on that, then life revolves around you.
When you move into your soul's calling, a path will be created for you. 
~ Kyle Cease

Scott Kenan July 19, 2014 Andrea Ritzberger is to the left of tall me, and Wilmington, NC native Stanley Winborne III is to the right. 

To the right of Stanley is Colin Stuart Hamilton, retired star of BBC radio and TV who was MURDERED by Drug Mafia a year after this, and ONLY Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments here in Wilmington, NC KNEW how he was killed, WHERE the body was dug up five hours away, and that the CONFESSED KILLER (who led them to the body), was then RELEASED by the CIA!!! 

Jenny's (photo in next comment), brother is a TOP CIA NARCO-TRAFFICKER on the Sheriff Deputies of my New Hanover County in NC as well!!! 

The ugly guy in the foreground, Charles Quigley, who was an OFFICER of the NRA (National Rifle Association of the USA)!!!

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Scott Kenan Jennifer McCracken sold me pot for months -- and offered me EVERY OTHER hard drug as well!!! 

She told me she got her orders from the Mormon Church.

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LOOK!!! It's Joe Biden and Tim Kaine EYE CANDY -- HA!!!

Because he looks really cute.


1. While my REVISED letter to Donald Trump is now WELL on its way to Palm Beach, Florida:, my original one is in its FOURTH day of "attempting delivery" to Trump Tower.

I also had not mentioned one of the things I am PROUDEST of the wealthy branch of my family for having accomplished:

This from November 1973 (forty-three years ago, now), and both the HEAD of the American Psychiatric Association then -- and the psychiatrist who collated the studies to MAKE this decision, are NOT Kenan-surnamed, but WERE directly descended from Thomas Kenan -- one of three brothers who emigrated in the early 1730s to the Lower Cape Fear, North Carolina.

It was a young Canadian woman (who was GIVING UP narco-trafficking, to return soon to Canada to study Nursing), who was FASCINATED by my 1999 edition of the book The Kenan Family, who found this -- LOL!!!

She ALSO found that Kenans serving in the US Military (or Confederate Military), were nearly ALL described as "having the bravery of TEN NORMAL MEN", and NEVER retreating (OK, ALMOST never)!!!

2. I DID speak at length with my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan -- America's TOP NAZI -- yesterday, of my plan to submit it through Mar-a-Lago, and she HEARTILY APPROVED (but has not read it -- LOL!!!). May she get her "Devil's Due" for God-Hating, Swastika-Loving Roman Catholicism!!!

3. In cleaning up the room Haston Lavern Caulder III had used, I discovered not just MORE evidence of trash left from illegal drug use, but that he had -- days after the previous "guest" Tom Jones left -- been SO HIGH that he plugged the lead from the 12 volt transformer for the cable box -- into the "IR input" instead, but fortunately it did NOT burn out any circuits and all is working well, now.

I still have not tried to see if the Blu-Ray player Testosterone sent the money to buy for him can be salvaged. It REFUSES to play disks -- and SCRAMBLES the picture if wifi connection to online content is used. Right at the time that Tom Jones LEFT, we found the heavy TV sitting with all its weight on the top of the player. I don't know WHICH of them did this, but when Haston FOUND IT, he thought it could be no problem!!!

4. I finally unpacked the last box of "food treats" Testosteroni had sent from New York. I had COMPLAINED that most of the cans were DENTED in the last box he sent -- and several cans were also rusting and a couple of years out of code. This more recent box had NO dented cans, and only ONE dated to expire early 2015 -- which ALSO was rusting. 

Other things he sent were a "Spam Can" of Hot Chili-Pepper flavored Pork BBQ, and most of the rest were differently-flavored small cans of Green Pigeon Peas ("squash, garlic, and cilantro flavored" -- a flavor he has sent MORE than once), and other far more common BEANS -- but half were small cans of common flavors of soup -- priced from $1.99 - $3.29 -- all of which I could get in Wilmington (if I had ANY desire for them), for no more than $1.00+ each or so -- and I would SAVE the TON of postage -- and buy something PALATABLE!!!

5. And after cleaning and folding all the clothes that Haston Caulder had said he did NOT want saved, he telling me that -- right before abandoning his "tenancy" -- and THEN handing me back the keys, I found they are nearly ALL "extra-sexy" clingy satin, see-thru "slut-wear" -- or macrame' and fishnet-weave tops and bottoms -- like were popular in SOME quarters in the 1970s:

I think a LOT if it came from Old Testo's VINTAGE COLLECTION!!!

Anyway, out of respect for Testosteroni's original intention, I am NOT opposed to allowing Haston to chose any of these things -- if he is out of jail within a couple of months. He DID get nearly ALL his clothes suitable for working construction, all his SHOES, socks, underwear, etc. -- but chances are that he LOST all he took while sitting in jail.

Although Haston TOOK two fall jackets, SEVEN new winter or fall jackets remain here (including a new leather bomber).

CLEARLY "Testosteroni" is either going SENILE -- or is affected by the drugs he is prescribed -- or taking additional ones. He STILL hasn't explained WHY he wanted me to drop charges or pay Haston's bail -- GIVE HIM $500.00, immediately, then set him UP with a channel for DIRECT continuing cash payments, going forward!!!

Can Testo be Committed or Charged for ASSISTING DRUG MAFIA???

He CERTAINLY seems to have LOST his sense of HUMOR!!!

Or HAS he???

The more I think about it -- the FUNNIER it all seems!!!


If Republicans are suddenly serious about healing and coming together, they can prove it. 
Insist they confirm President Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court, Merrick Brian Garland, in the immediate weeks to come.

Republicans are now saying we should come together?!?! After 8 years of obstruction, we don't believe it. Test them now!


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Sandra Beckham
20 hrs
“Any love is natural and beautiful that lies within a person’s nature; only hypocrites would hold a man responsible for what he loves, emotional illiterates and those of righteous envy, who, in their agitated concern, mistake so frequently the arrow pointing to heaven for the one that leads to hell.” 

― Truman Capote, Other Voices, Other Rooms


That was a final attempt to tickle Testosteroni's FUNNY BONE (as opposed to his other one -- down below)!!!



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