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RP: The REASON "Black Holes Are Out of Sight" Has to Do with My Thanksgiving Dinner BLIND DATE (as described within the below)!!!

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“Time is a storm in which we are all lost.”

― William Carlos Williams

Yesterday was one of the most productive days of my life -- although I took a break from writing this blog. It began by my realizing I had NOT been subpoenaed (or similar), to be in Court this coming Monday for the trial of Haston Lavern Caulder III -- which was what someone in District Attorney Ben David's office told me would happen a few weeks ago -- and she had ALSO given me the name of the person who is to PROSECUTE the case, but I found no record of him in the D.A.'s lists of employees, then.

So yesterday, I found an online Courts Calendar, and see where and when my case is scheduled -- right in Judge Sandra Ray's Court!!!

The recent photo of Republican Judge Sandra Ray (formerly Sandra Criner), with her TOP Political Ally, Democrat CHIEF District Court Judge, Jay Corpening.

Judge Criner DIVORCED Sherman Ray Criner -- when his Christian SNAKE-HANDLIN' became TOO PUBLICLY KNOWN (likely due to my frequent blogging about it) -- LOL!!!

I expressed to Ben David's admin, my concerns considering how MANY TIMES Judge Ray had BROKEN both the Law and the Constitution (like Judge Hogston as well in 2011, and in 2015, Judge Lindsey Luther: -- but I did not express ALL of that to her), and that I felt I HAD to speak to "my Prosecutor" -- to alert him to what a mine field this trial might prove to be.

Then late yesterday afternoon, I got a call from Daniel Adams, and we had a nice long talk about these considerations -- and how Ben David -- his boss -- will be subject to Federal Felony Charges for being part of the THEFT of all my copyrights -- to say nothing of a DEBT of a half million dollars fine, across state lines in collusion with Daliah Saper, lawyer and Fox News talking head in Chicago -- IF Ben does not QUITE SOON, now, get THAT conviction VACATED, like he promised me when we chance met in Cousins' Deli last July:

Mr. Adams seemed wholly attentive, and sympathetic to my plight -- and to my belief that we must simply trust the Judge to be fair, and KEEP THINGS only to the matter at hand!!! 
Then this morning, searching info on Mr. Adams, I see that he is a LEGAL INTERN in Ben David's office -- not yet fully an attorney -- and I am TOTALLY COOL WITH THAT!!! He's got the LEGAL KNOWLEDGE, but not yet the Court Experience.

And HERE is the kicker: It was Jeffery Duncan -- Legal Intern to Ben David in 2011 - 12 -- who got his FIRST JOB in Daliah Saper's three-person Law Firm in Chicago, working there while Jamie Lee Sutherland sued me for LIBEL falsely, NEVER legally served me, then tried me in absentia in Cook County Court!!!

That conviction still stands, but when it FALLS, counter-suing all involved will be one possible way I'll make my FIRST fortune, no???

I did NOT think through what my point about Haston Caulder will be to Judge Ray -- until last night -- and I'll get into that later in this posting.

So, ANYHOO: Yesterday morning I didn't know WHAT TO THINK, even entertaining, momentarily, "Testosteroni's" DEMAND that I DROP the charge -- but the charge is valid, and to drop it NOW would FAIRLY give Haston cause to prosecute me for having him held in jail for nearly a month for NO GOOD REASON.

When in a MUDDLE, it is best to ORGANIZE AND CLEAN -- which I did more of in my apartment than on any other previous day -- and I EVEN searched and FOUND someone who owes landlady Gold Walker $7,000.00, so she can have him SERVED to pay his debt to her. She thought he was in Hampstead, NC (17 miles north of Wilmington where my parents lived in 1980 for two years on Hughes Road with the dock out back -- before moving to Villas Place East here in Wilmington), but he is in New Bern.

I found so much info on the guy, Gold traded it off for the expense of fixing the broken window by Haston Caulder -- AND -- the electric bill for half my apartment that is still in her name!!!

AND, Donald Trump is now in Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, and I have gotten WORD that he is carefully mulling my letter to him. My physical letter to Mike Pence (already received electronically), is out Tracked Priority, scheduled to hit the Indiana Statehouse right after the Holiday!!!

This is the actual letter to Trump -- as REVISED -- and sent again physically and electronically to Mar-a-Lago: 

>>> Now HERE is the BIG HOOT!!!:

"Miss Lucy", downstairs, has invited ANOTHER of her friends to join the two of us for Thanksgiving Dinner late this afternoon. She has mentioned this guy before -- and has SECRET PLANS to play matchmaker between the two of us -- LOL!!!

I have already met the guy in passing (not knowing who he was), and he certainly is physically interesting!!! He ALSO is a fairly high person in American Airlines management -- being over certain parts of operations of them in several airports, including Wilmington. I LOVE flying and airlines -- although Delta is CEMENTED into a high place in my heart: 

Pucci designed FUTURISTIC uniforms for Braniff!!!

And I LOVED Gordon Bethune of Continental Airlines, and while I was writing my Tennessee Williams memoir, I took THREE DAYS researching Braniff Airlines to accurately set the scene in this chapter (near the top):

So ANYWAY, because this guy is CERTAIN to wear clothes (or at least pants), HIS "black hole" (had I previously mentioned his race???), will NOT be exposed -- at least not TODAY!!!


Without now getting into details, I expect Judge Ray will CONVICT Haston Caulder -- but rather than PUNISH him, I will recommend that he be ordered to the BEST PSYCHIATRIC and MEDICAL EVALUATION that Judge Ray is empowered to get him into -- to COMPLETELY re-evaluate his brain damage and how he should be medicated (if at all), to be a PRODUCTIVE PERSON, which I know is what is Haston's REAL GOAL!!!

Between what he is prescribed -- and his unfortunate company of friends -- Haston had NO REAL CHANCE of staying "legally straight": Darrell Brutout and Dustin Goldsmith, both of whom Haston SWORE to me were living now "legally straight", both of whom are NOW convicted of crimes since then and serving sentences -- and Tom Jones is NOT re-arrested, but living criminally nonetheless, were ALL brought into my house to live for at least two weeks each by Haston -- and I have the PROOF that Haston was part of the burglary and fencing operation of Dustin Goldsmith -- WARNING Dustin to move the HOT GOODS from the side of my house before I saw them.

Indeed, I immediately called the cops to pick it all up and the goods were used to convict Dustin in Court.

Anyway, Haston HIMSELF has said this would be the GREATEST THING anyone could do for him -- to sort out his drugs so that he can LIVE RIGHT!!! And I am also willing to continue storing the clothes Haston rejected -- at least for a couple of months -- so he can pick from among them if he is interested. His clothes are likely to have been LOST while he's been in jail -- and I even have winter jackets!!!

We could work that out via Haston's Probation Officer, whom I already know.

1. This is a little CRAZY, because EVERYWHERE I have seen it reported, the Republican Election Board for New Hanover County REJECTED Gov. Pat McCrory's CHALLENGE to votes in my county -- LOL!!! And in this article, Julia Boseman claims her call for a RE-COUNT will be easy since they ALREADY re-counted for McCrory.

I completely support ANYONE calling for a recount in an election as close as ours for County Commissioners -- may the three with the MOST ACTUAL VOTES be certified soon!!!

NEW HANOVER COUNTY — Democratic candidate Julia Boseman called for a recount late Tuesday in the Board of Commissioners race where less than five…

In 2011 while I was homeless in Wilmington, I gave a reading of a chapter of my memoir, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, at Old Books on Front Street -- and it went WELL!!!

It’s all a lot more complicated — Machiavellian, even — than the story you might have learned. Mann in Smithsonian again:

Especially the parts about Squanto the "friendly Indian."


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It's been a bad couple of weeks for Democrats.

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