Tuesday, November 1, 2016

RP: Say WHAT?!?!? MORE Trouble in North Carolina -- Including Scott Kenan Finding a Way to File DAMAGE CLAIM of SIGNIFICANCE Against the City of Wilmington's Insurance!!!

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“The Tar Heel state is ground zero in the intentional surgical efforts by Republicans — or extremists who have hijacked the Republican Party — to suppress the vote of voters,” said Rev. William Barber, the North Carolina NAACP president, on Monday. 

“The NAACP is defending the rights of all North Carolinians to participate in this election.”

North Carolina NAACP Sues State Over Voter Suppression

Thousands of voter registrations have been canceled with barely a week to go to Election Day.

The GOOD NEWS on this: Richard Burr is DESPERATE to be elected -- because he KNOWS this turns OFF Independents which North Carolina is RICH in!!!

"Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) made a noteworthy declaration about his post-election political intents on Monday, though it was lost amid his jokefor which he has since apologizedabout shooting Hillary Clinton

Should he head back to the Senate, Burr pledged, he would try to block any Supreme Court nomination from a President Clinton."

That Merrick Garland talking point is now obsolete.

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Thank God, he has FINALLY spoken honestly and definitively -- letting women KNOW they are nothing but BREEDING CATTLE to the Roman Catholic Church!!!

So don't get your hopes up.

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US Army in Afghanistan protecting the opium crop have ALWAYS flown the NAZI SS Elite flag!!!


1. No results yet from today's hearing, but yesterday afternoon, I spoke with "Daniel" after calling D.A. Ben David's office, and HE is who will handle the PROSECUTION (should it get to that). Daniel is called some kind of "Arbitration" person, and I could NOT find him listed as an employee of the District Attorney.

Nevertheless, he said that today was just for lining up people with lawyers, and Haston is not likely to plead guilty before he gets a lawyer. Daniel said that TRIAL is set for November 28 -- the Monday after Thanksgiving.

2. I have ALWAYS found integrity and caring at the ROOT of Haston Caulder -- so often that I let him stay as long as I did. However, whether from his nature "going bad", as an effect of his prescribed or other drugs, or of his SERIOUS brain damage from flying through a windshield at 95 MPH, the BOTTOM LINE is that he keeps reverting to CRIMINAL, so MUST be put into SOME KIND of protective custody -- whether Jail or other Commitment for Rehabilitation.

But in the USA, we don't BELIEVE in actually rehabilitating anyone, we just give it CHRISTIAN LIP SERVICE!!!

Do NOT get confused and think I am going SOFT. Haston was sane enough to KNOW he chose his current path -- and he ALWAYS expressed a lot of APPRECIATION of both me and "Testosteroni", who sent the extra money to support all my temporary roommates-in-recovery, and I believe that when he dries out from whatever he has been doing, he will realize that DEMANDING A TRIAL will set me up to NAIL WILMINGTON'S CORRUPT POLITICIANS -- or at least 

3. Current Wilmington Police Corporal Mark Beguhl -- and PROUD NAZI ROMAN CATHOLIC in Father Bob Kus's St. Mary's around the block from me, is the FIRST Wilmington City Employee I can . . . SUE FOR VIOLATING THE LAW!!!

WHOOOOOPS!!! OK, I have to SUE HIM -- and the CITY, as the insurance does NOT cover City Employees who BREAK THE LAW.

He was either the City Detective who was PAYING Christopher Wright Rogers and his girlfriend Cindy Beatty (best friends with Cheryl Padezanin of the Padezanin Drug Mafia across South 8th Street from me in 2011 -- since HIGH SCHOOL in western Pennsylvania), to STEAL MATERIALS FROM MY DESK, which I found when I evicted them.

Cheryl (Majercsik) Padezanin

Cindy ALSO left a lacy black underwired BRA on the lawn (which I hung on my wall in Puerto Vallarta until I discarded it when returning to Wilmington), and a FRAMED PHOTO of George W. Bush, thanking her Jewish Grandmother Rose, for a HUGE DONATION!!!

And THAT is on my living room wall -- TODAY!!!

THIS MARK BEGUHL THING WAS TOTALLY ILLEGAL -- as perhaps was that he ACTED AS CHRIS WRIGHT ROGER'S ATTORNEY, advising him on how to answer EVERYTHING Judge Jeffery Noecker asked -- EXCEPT since he was NOT an attorney, he could NOT speak with Chris while Chris was in the Witness Chair.

Christopher Wright Rogers had a HUGE DICK!!!

It was so ODD, that after it concluded, I asked who he was, and he PROUDLY handed me his card, which I still have.

I also have more than 100 letters from the Court and Defender Jennifer Harjo -- to REFRESH anyone's memory of all the CRAP these GOD-FUCKING CHRISTIANS put me through!!!

4. Father Bob Kus (who worked with my mother at St. Mark's Catholic while Mom and their official Duplicate Bridge Club smuggled the wealth of WHITE PEOPLE out of South Africa after the Fall of Apartheid), and Sister Mary Isaac Koenig, were Mom's TOP WILMINGTON NAZIS from 1980 - 1999, while my parents worked with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman to SET UP the Christian Drug Mafia here.

Father Robert J. Kus

Sister Mary Isaac Koenig in her Tileson Charities

My mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, now of Raleigh




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