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RP: So an Old Friend of Tennessee Williams (and MORE so of his also-homo Key West buddy Ernest Hemingway), DIES -- and s-TRUMP-et Tweets and the Crowds Go WILD!!!

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Perhaps I should take some of these -- from "Doctor Williams"no???

Fidel does not make up for the greats we lost this year. Now, hurry up Raul! You're next!

Kathleen Nemec Hooray he is dead!!
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Nillo Ollin waddaya want to et there'll e a Trump Hotel up straight away. (DRUG-ADDLED TYPING!!!)
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Scott Kenan Both Castros were very complicated -- and were good friends of not just Ernest Hemingway, but my former employer Tennessee Williams (less publicly). 

When Barack Obama began to thaw relations with Cuba the FIRST gesture of Good Will from the Castro Brothers, was to mount a big exhibition of Tennessee Williams's paintings (and Roy not only LIVES in TW's old WeHo apartment, but I believe he once told me that he owns one or two of Tom's paintings), in the Havana Museum of Art:

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Very Wise man ..thank you for this advice 
If you use times of adversity properly, we will grow through adversity
Scott Kenan 1. This is SO the Bob Jones I remember from high school!!! 

2. Bob: IMAGINE -- now that I've grown to 6' 11" (and no doubt shrunk a bit too), HOW MANY times I had to shed MY skin.
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Bob Jones More than a Lobster, I imagine.
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Bruce Jacobs Interesting. Food for thought? (Pun intended)
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Scott Kenan Bruce, don't get me going -- I'm a horny homo (virtually ANYTHING could set me off)!!
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We're having "Christmas" at Mom's house tomorrow since we won't be in Baltimore on 12/25

Mommy still buys me Scottie Dog PJs on "Christmas Eve".

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Robyn Bennett Burke Merry Christmas to all of you 
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Scott Kenan Your mother is EXACTLY RIGHT!!! I am a DOG!!! "Wear me" well!!!
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James Lepkowski Have fun. Merry Christmas!
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Roy Rogers Oldenkamp shared a link.
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Former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden announced this morning that he had "clear evidence" that the 2016 US election was rigged by…

Meg Moses i would say like Brexit, the people whom voted for trump and Brexit, had been silent for the attacks of being called racist, i will tell you what racist is the power of one side against the other, (Grammar and Punctuation instruction is CALLED FOR -- MERCY -- these SAD EFFECTS of "Christian-directed", dumbed-down American Education!!!)
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Meg Moses racist is this, one boy in the school , i taught in , said to his friend, you cannot hit me, if you do , i will call you racist,
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Nancy Wollin Cook Scroll down to the stories following this one. Smells fake newsy to me.
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Karen Ronald "“Elections are always rigged”

Surprisingly enough, Edward Snowden honestly admits that voter fraud is common in every election and in every part of the world....See More
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Scott Kenan GOOD GRIEF!!! It looks like a lot of Roy Rogers Oldenkamp's friends do not COTTON to what Roy posts!!! 

I used to have that problem, but NOT since I got this letter into Mike Pence's hands -- and it links to the one I got to Donald Trump (due to using my Kenan Family connections). 

SADLY, it looks like my attempt to TRUTH THEM into sanity is NOT working, but NOW it is time for me to mostly work on a series of books on my Kenan Family's HUGE influence on American Political, Economic, and Religious History, dating back to 1730:

Meg Moses dont bother
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Scott Kenan What, with the History books??? 

I already had the largest independent publisher in the South, Pelican Publishing, who KNOWS all about the Kenan Crimes that Gen. Russell Honore' knows all about (in conjunction with the Clinton Democrats in power in Atlanta), approach me out of the blue, WANTING to publish me as soon as Politics cools some. (Some actors LEARN by reading my blog.) 

THEY approached ME -- at The Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival March 2015 -- where I also met twice with Gen. Honore'. 

I ALREADY tried to TRUTH Trump/Pence into sanity, so too late not to do that. 

You CONFUSED ME, Meg Moses -- LOL

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Meg Moses never, you sound desperate
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Scott Kenan Glad you clarified that you are a bit tone deaf. Blessings on your EARS!!! 

NO ONE is desperate when one of the country's BIGGEST publishers is wanting to publish him

Which side of the bed did YOU get out of this morning??? -- LOL!!!

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Even CHINA published a HUGE piece on Tennessee Williams's paintings, recently -- and it went VIRAL!!!:

"She Sang Beyond the Genius of the Sea"


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