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RP: This Morning, I TOOK MY PLEDGE for Liberty -- to the SON of the Cowardly Lion in "The Wizard of Oz", John Lahr. What Have YOU Pledged To, TODAY???

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Does Tennessee, here, not look TOO MUCH like a certain ACTOR, who semi-starred in the flawed movie of the book that likely influenced me most, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, by Mr. John Berendt???

And it seems to me, that John Lahr SOLD movie rights to his book a year or so ago. I wonder what is happening with THAT . . . 

If America embraces Trump's WACKOSPHERE--a universe where fact, expertise, justice, knowledge, civility count for nothing, where misinformation, intimidation, and bow-wow bluster rule--then our society will implode from within. 

Terrorism will have won.

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Scott Kenan Well, John Lahr, speaking as someone who has done everything possible in my blog to expose the crimes of my own Family -- and many others (including some whom you know) -- I AGREE with you on the SURFACE, but I pledge to YOU (and all those who love Tennessee Williams), that I will NOT be finished pushing for the restoration of Liberty and Justice for ALL -- regardless who wins!!! 

Hillary Clinton MUST be elected, but she is HARDLY a Saint, and there will be more work to do -- but it will be EASIER under her than under the BLOWHARD. 

Trump is speaking at 1:00 PM here in Wilmington, NC today -- because my Kenan Family and the White Christian churches caused the ONLY coup d' etat in US History -- the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection -- killing blacks, stealing their property and businesses -- and political offices. 

My Kenan family that controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, etc., and are the LARGEST financial support of the Episcopal Church (especially of University of the South), and the Ku Klux Klan are Trump's BIGGEST financial support, and EXCELLENT at keeping their names out of the press. 

Trump is promising a NEW takeover by White Christians, and that is why he will be here AGAIN. 

The attached photo of Tennessee and Rose Williams was taken the night the three of us and Tatiana Schwezoff ( to see the play "Barnum". I have no idea who made the MEME.

>>> ADDED NOTE: Tatiana was Igor Schwezoff's younger sister, and he took her with him when he defected the Soviet Union under EXTREME conditions, arriving across the mountain ranges in Harbin, China in 1931.

During the time I worked for Tennessee Williams, Tatiana was Rose Williams's guardian when Tom had Rose brought by limousine to visit with him in New York City. 

She was a TRUE "Old Crone" -- always dressed head-to-toe in black. This is covered in this chapter of my memoir:

John Lahr and his son Chris had a BALL -- fishing -- and camping in a tent on the coast of Turkey, just a month ago!!!

I should also mention that Timothy Tew (of his art gallery in Atlanta:, and I have been in an ongoing Facebook conversation, and he ADVISES ME that my use of color in this blog makes it hard to read. I just think colorfully, and that distracts others, but I GET IT, and will try to keep it to a minimum in text passages.

But since Timothy has the most respected art gallery in my old hometown of Atlanta, now, it is TIME to for the first time in about four years, DISCLOSE WHICH "Top Jews in business in Atlanta", in 1990, made CLEAR to me that my parents WERE THEN (and Mom continues to be), America's Top Literal NAZIS.

This led to Jonathan Reiner -- nephew of Carl, cousin to Rob -- and an Emmys-Awarded producer/director now himself, who had been my online friend for a few years, then -- and ALSO like me a trained Practitioner in Science of Mind -- to make me an "Honorary Jew", when I FIRST blogged this fact in 2010:

1. His FORMER competitor, Fay Gold, her gallery now closed and she an independent Art consultant.

2. Bernice Weinstein, who had a small boutique in Stone Mountain City back then, and was CLOSE friend to my employer at Mama Mia's Pasta and Pizza, Lawrence Buchthal.

Lawrence Buchthal's Facebook photo from 2016. Lawrence's older brother Stanley Buchthal PRODUCED John Waters' original HAIRSPRAY (1988), but when I met John Waters at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival in New Orleans in 2015, he treated me like a TURD!!!:


But General Russel Honore' treated me BETTER, immediately giving me his business card and book when I told him that Secretary of State Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer, Col. Dottie Newman (whom he knew well), had SAVED MY LIFE in 2010, and we had two short meetings, he knowing ALL ABOUT the Kenan Family narco-trafficking in Atlanta/Stone Mountain!!!

Col. Newman (in high hair), was ALSO a Docent at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta!!!

And I will write my NEXT posting on how RELAXED I have become -- since I FINALLY got Haston Lavern Caulder III into JAIL this past Monday. I have a WHOLE NEW ATTITUDE about that!!!


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