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RP: While I FEEL That I Am Now a Veteran, My First Thoughts on Veterans Day Are of Dad -- and CLEARING the SMOKE after the Election of Donald Trump!!!

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My father, William Scott Kenan, in center with two friends in New York City -- probably before he served in sonar (North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea) in the US Navy during WWII.

Later, my mother blackmailed Dad into marrying her and turning Catholic -- so Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan now of Raleigh and American's TOP NAZI could hide her Swastikas behind the iconic Kenan name.

To his dying day, when Dad was AWAY from Mom, he always told me he HATED Roman Catholicism, especially, but Christianity in general, because "it's just WOMEN using superstitious NON-SENSE to try to control men."

Now I have to admit that I had my "Veterans Day experience", yesterday, while exploring a HUGE Old Time Pottery (a store I had never been in before), and in the garden statuary section, I came across something I'd never seen -- a concrete simple cross (of Jesus), with a "boxed" triangle-folded American flag of a deceased Veteran leaning against it.

I immediately began sobbing uncontrollably, thinking of my Dad and ALL he had to endure in a near LIFETIME of being blackmailed into NAZI/Catholic service by my Mom. Toward the end, my sister Jane who also lives in Raleigh said that Mom treated Dad like SHIT, bitching at him and often frustrating him when he needed things and had become nearly totally disabled.

Me with Mom, Memorial Day 2016 -- Dad's flag peeking out behind me.

Dad died Easter Sunday morning, 2014, and rather than anyone calling me, my brother, Michael William Kenan, sent the simplest of text messages (or an email), stating only that. And Dad was just a few days short of his 96th birthday.

I was NOT allowed to come to the funeral -- I was still in Political Exile in Puerto Vallarta -- and my rather well-to-do family refused to fly me up. I DID write a piece on Dad for them to read at the funeral, and I heard from my cousins that it was very well received.

For the RECORD, during the time I was homeless -- or in Exile nearly penniless except for the loyal financial support of "Testosteroni" -- my family gave me the following:

Mom: Sent, in late 2010, $1,000.00 for me to drive to Raleigh from Puerto Vallarta -- so that she could COMMIT ME -- or at least get me on heavy meds (I learned on my arrival), to a MENTAL HOSPITAL!!! When I was interviewed by the tech who was NOT qualified to diagnose, but set me up with an appointment with a psychiatrist for a proper evaluation, I was actually HAPPY about that, so I could make my case. But when he REFUSED to tell my waiting parents that I was Bipolar, Mom INSISTED in her NAZI/Catholic, TRUMP-LIKE way, that he meet with her and Dad behind closed doors -- which is unethical (since I was NOT judged by anyone incompetent -- or my parents' charge -- at age 59), and probably ILLEGAL as well.

When they emerged, the tech declared that I am "DEFINITELY Bipolar" -- despite his proclamation it being ILLEGAL to diagnose. Besides, if it was that OBVIOUS, the psychiatrist would come to that conclusion, himself.

Over the years, my parents AGGRESSIVELY pushed these lies to MANY psychiatrists, law enforcement people, and JUDGES, especially, including Linda Warren Hunter in Dekalb County Courts in 1990, and Chad Hogston, in New Hanover County, 2011.

Judge Chad Hogston, a Republican, like Judge Sandra Ray -- then Criner -- (I DO congratulate her on beating her opponent in this week's election), but those two not only broke LAWS, but the Constitution in dealing with me back then. 

Judge Sandra Ray in recent photo with her CHIEF POLITICAL SUPPORTER, Democrat CHIEF District Court Judge Jay Corpening, whose SON, Brad, of Chops Deli on Front Street, got off EASY when he was found with drugs!!!

I'll likely have one of them when Haston Caulder III is brought to trial on my charge of "Communicating Threats" later this month. I TRUST that bygones can be bygones and they (or others of the judges currently annoyed by me), can handle things FAIRLY!!!

So, after thinking a few days (there was a two-week wait to see the shrink), I made an appointment for psychiatric evaluation via another agency, then cancelled the other. I wanted a CLEAN diagnosis without Mom's bullying.

A few days later, I was awakened by a Raleigh cop, who said my parents had gotten a Restraining Order against me (and we really had not even been arguing, so that was a SHOCK), but NO ONE ever served me papers, and no hearing was ever scheduled, so it was ILLEGALLY DONE!!! They worked with NAZIs on the Raleigh Police force.

So I was THROWN OUT and homeless in Raleigh -- and even though Dad had SHOT a small hole in my windshield -- RIGHT WHERE IT WOULD HAVE HIT THE DRIVER'S FACE -- the night I told them I CHANGED appointments -- with his BB gun (which I quickly hid), i had ALREADY forced him to have the hole repaired, THANK GOD!!!

Back to the help of my family members while I was homeless or near it -- 2010 to the present:

My brother Mike DID pay one of my car payments of about $320.00 -- and NOTHING else -- despite taking his family of five on a luxury trip to Florence, Italy for a week, his three children actually staying a SECOND week -- summer 2016!!!

My sister Jane Ann Kenan gave me a total of about $200.00 plus an old computer and other useful discarded household items.

My sister Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy gave me $40.00.

NONE of them ever apologized for a THING, although all except Mike had broken laws LYING to either Law Enforcement or Judges that I was BIPOLAR -- despite all KNOWING my psychiatrist of eighth years had taken me off Lithium Carbonate and said I'd NEVER shown a symptom in eight years of being Bipolar!!!

It was BECAUSE OF ALL OF THEM that I lost everything -- EVERYTHING -- and they are currently "Christian Smug" and think I owe THEM apologies. I am currently speaking civily with Mom, again, but my siblings need to approach me with apologies and some kind of amends -- or I will not just have them PROSECUTED for their crimes, but SUED SILLY as well.


1. Thanks to all my READERS, my posting of my letter sent to President-Elect Trump has gone all but VIRAL, garnering MORE HITS in about 24 hours, than any other of my previous 3,500 blog postings except THREE!!!

2. For my email people, since emailing that posting, I discovered that I had made an error in the codes, and the letter is actually SAFELY ON ITS WAY to Trump Tower in New York. 

3. I have been "babysitting" Progressive Friends who are all but SICK over the election -- trying to get them to relax and self-examine HOW we got the result we did. MOST refuse to see the Progressives' errors -- and are SCARED TO DEATH of people who voted for Trump.

I'll address some of that later, but for NOW, I'm just trying to chill -- until more clarifies about what Trump DOES -- instead of what many WORRY he will do.


Say what you will about The Donald's HAIR -- it is an IMPROVEMENT over his mother's!!!

A sign of mental/spiritual EVOLUTION???


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