Monday, November 21, 2016

RP: With THANKS TO "GOD" (and my growing readership), Today I Announce That Scott Kenan's "Weather" Blogs Reached 1,000,000 RECORDED Hits Overnight, Last Night (Law Enforcement, Political Operatives, and Privacy Buffs use software leaving NO TRACKS)!!!

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Jeri Henson Dies was ALWAYS for Hillary Clinton, Roy Rogers Oldenkamp was STRONGLY for Bernie Sanders and considered Hillary Clinton to be a CRIMINAL -- but now he's changed his mind:

Jeri Henson Dies as she appears in MOST of her Facebook photos, this one from summer 2016.

An August 2016 photo of Jeri ALL CLEANED UP, and ready to FIGHT!!!

Yeah, GRrrrrrr

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Scott Kenan Written like a TRUE REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTIONIST to President Barack Obama -- WORD FOR WORD!!! 

If we can't be more civilized we are DOOMED!!!

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Jeri Henson Dies Hard to be civilized with Barbarians/Fascists at the gates.
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Scott Kenan Hate begets Hate and SOMEONE other than you will lead us out of this vicious cycle. Did you even READ my letter actually delivered to Mike Pence??? 

Have you done ANYTHING as constructive as that??? Leading from FEAR and RESENTMENT never did anything but lead people to overeating and over-medicating -- and violence.
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Jeri Henson Dies Pense (sic, you ignorant BITCH!!!), is a Jesus-Freaker. Here is the definition in case you missed it.

Definition of Jesus-Freaker:

1. Someone who claims to love Jesus but hates almost everyone else except other Jesus-Freakers.
2. Claims to love Jesus but never follows any of his teachings or examples.
3. Wants laws put in to place to force other people to follow the rules Jesus-Freakers want imposed on Non-Jesus-Freakers, Non-Christians, Non-Straight People, etc.
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Scott Kenan Look Jeri Henson Dies: I made that EXACT POINT in my letter to Pence -- and then asked him WHAT he plans to do

YOU are a total hypocrite for NOT reading my letter and criticizing me FIRST for what you IMAGINE is in it. 

May you rest in HELL for your hatred of HONESTY!!! Here it is again for you so it is handy:

Jeri Henson Dies Scott Kenan Pence, Trump, and everyone associated with them are assholes. So why do want to fight with me? Trump & Co. will never be persuaded by kindness nor logic. You might want to save your breath for when you might need it sometime.
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Scott Kenan Jeri: My blog got it's 1,000,000th hit over night last night, and if you looked at my list of those who get it by email, daily, you would be PROUD of the famous names who will read this thread -- which I have already SAVED for publication today as the FEATURE (cranky old people -- I'm 65)

They might contact you to get your story DIRECTLY -- if we are lucky!!! My Kenan family has narco-trafficked with the Clintons, Bushes, and Cheney for decades, and I had a sex-date three weeks ago with George W. Bush's cousin (an effective and very juicy top!!!), and we JOKED about the mega criminals in our families and their allies, the Clintons. 

WHY do you argue with me who can prove the Clintons are narco-traffickers with my own Family???

Scott Kenan's photo.
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Jeri Henson Dies Scott Kenan Lots of people have committed suicide by vote. And I'd get back on those meds if I were you--or get some new ones if those aren't working.
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Scott Kenan Congratulations!!! You have earned my coveted University of North Texas Award!!! 

I'll send you a copy of my blog posting featuring your HATRED, later.

Scott Kenan's photo.
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  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    I should have written that no one else has complained of my pissing them off in quite a while -- including those who supported the Clinton Machine from the beginning. They might be pissed still, but do not unfriend or block me and only Randy Jones politely asked me to not put controversial things on his threads as it is MOSTLY for his entertainment fan base -- and I understand that and cooperate.
  • Roy Rogers Oldenkamp
    Roy Rogers Oldenkamp

    You've responded curtly to several if my friends now. Please measure your words more carefully. Thanks Scott.
  • Scott Kenan

    I understand your point, but let THEM speak for themselves, Roy.
  • Neither you nor I are in charge of restraining freedom of speech, and I HOPE they are not so cowardly they cannot rebuke me themselves -- if I deserve it. Thanks.


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