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RP: YEP -- My Brother Mike Called Me Last Night, and NOW, I'm in HEAVEN!!! / Wilmington, NC Coming to a RACIAL HEAD This Weekend??? / A Possible New Literary Ally:

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OK, so "out of the blue", Mike called and we spoke for about 25 minutes. I still had not transferred phone numbers for my siblings to my new phone, but recognizing the area code, I was hopeful. When I recognized his voice, I immediately said, "If you are calling to bitch me out -- go ahead. I'm just so HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!"

And he did NOT do that, but the first thing he wanted to know was what was up with my one-time diagnosis of "Bipolar Disorder". I explained that I am the FIRST to admit that my behaviors 1978 - 1992 seem to conform to what today is called Bipolar I -- but that I used Science of Mind to REMAKE my mind, and I've suffered no REAL symptoms of it since 1992.

So it is all a MYSTERY, because Bipolar is something no one is supposed to get over -- so it may have been other mental illness that had very similar symptoms. I also said I understood that he and my sisters saw MUCH of that, but not of me in 2010 when all HELL broke loose, so I DO understand how with my mother's bullying, they all supported her in the claim that I had it then.

So now I have to communicate that to my sisters too. And I've already let my mother know ALL of this, so no going back.

What is also true, is that in 1978 I was seeing psychiatrist Harry H. Wagenheim, a "Jungian" talk therapist and that was when the great debate was over whether DRUGS or TALK was the best approach for many mental illnesses. The talking takes a LOT of time, usually, so FAR more expensive (NOW depending on the drug cost), and it won out -- so much so that in North Carolina in 2011 I was KICKED OUT of state-funded psychiatric therapy -- because North Carolina ONLY funds shrinks who prescribe DRUGS -- not those who will talk.

But in 1978, my mother REJECTED Dr. Wagenheim's prognosis that I just needed a few sessions with him, and FORCED me to go to a Dr. Wallace Hussong -- WAY across metro Philadelphia and in Cherry Hill, NJ -- because "Wally" had promised Mom he would put me on Lithium Carbonate -- which he did!!!

I just found these two paragraphs from a posting I wrote in August 2010, and there is MORE listed there, including images of my mother's notes, and one of my letters to Newt Gingrich (which I still possess original paper copies of), regarding the Narco-Trafficking in Stone Mountian Park, so WORTH a visit:

To clarify my mother’s handwriting, the end of the second line is “. . . S(cott) not . . .” “Dr. W.” is Dr. Harry Wagenheim, a Jungian whose office was in his generous, Philadelphia Mainline home, and Dr. Wallace Hussong of Cherry Hill was the chief Lithium-prescriber. In my mother’s notes, it is very clear that W. was right-on, and even my mother realized that, but she saw to it that I went to H., because of the benefits to the Nazi cause that Lithium provided, then, and later.

Notice also the CLEAR and thoughtful concern of Chuck Pritchard. The business of what a third of Whale’s Tale (, was worth in 1978 is NOT a Red Herring. We were all just young and naive, and while I knew it was worth many times what Chuck and Hilary insisted using for valuation, I did get $20,000.00. They thought that was absurdly high, but they don’t feel that way now, I assure you

But HEY!!! -- the past is the PAST, and HERE is what is important, TODAY: In 1978, I found in a junk store, a GREAT painting (naive, maybe 19th century, Pennsylvania and bucolic), by a painter I'd never heard of, whose last name was Nutter, I bought it for about $25.00 and later decided it was appropriate to GIVE Dr. Wagenheim -- and when I DID, it turned out he COLLECTED that painter's paintings!!!

And just NOW, I see that Dr. Wagenheim, at age 98, is ALIVE, so I expect to write him so he knows what happened to THIS too-tall-to-forget patient!!!

THIS is the precisely eighth-cousin of George HW Bush, also descended from the brother of Confederate President Jefferson Davis -- and the Confederate General in charge of Fort Fisher when Wilmington FELL to the Yankees, leaving the South CUT OFF from all its seaports. Appomattox followed very soon.

Less than a month ago, I had my first real date since my date with the Chief Protocol Officer of the US Embassy in Mexico City (during both the Bill Clinton and GW Bush administrations): 

This valiant man -- who traded stories with me of both Bush and Kenan Family Traitorous Crimes -- filled my "Rumpus Room" (caboose), with a TON of BUSH SPUNK, fueling me since then through today!!!

Mayor Bill Saffo dedicated this new marker, yesterday, but RACIAL TENSIONS remain very HIGH in Wilmington -- largely due the Mayor Saffo's, Police Chief Evangelous's, and District Attorneys Ben and Jon David's NARCO-TRAFFICKING.

And only Mr. Evangelous and JON David are suspected of being SEXUALLY STRAIGHT!!!

So, my 6' 3" downstairs neighbor, a woman who owns two guns and is trained to use them -- I call her "Miss Lucy" -- had a much needed hysterectomy, yesterday, and the night before, she, her co-worker Jill, and I had an honest-to-god "ADIOS-to-the-UTERUS" party the night before, complete with a toast of GREAT Limoncello, a can each of Blood-Orange-flavored malt likker, and a ceremonial burning of oregano!!!

And during our little party, I learned that neighbor Saant "Sam" Celia had more than a year ago, taken them into the cellar of this 1850's Victorian house, and shown them the LOCKED DOOR into the labyrinth of "Underground Wilmington" -- used for centuries by smugglers, the Underground Railroad to sneak out slaves, and today, by Narco-Traffickers and Sex-Slavers!!!

I found the last difficult to believe -- today's politicians and christian ministers said to use it being wealthy enough to afford ABOVE GROUND WHORES -- but they BOTH claim that is what is going on TODAY!!!

And I ALSO learned from them that Wilmington's BIGGEST Street Festival, RIVERFEST, which had been postponed due to Hurricane Matthew, is on the next two days!!!: 

Both Miss Lucy and Jill claim that RIVERFEST was BEGUN, forty or so years ago, to CELEBRATE THE SUCCESS of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 -- LED by my relative William Rand Kenan, Sr., First Presbyterian (where he was then an Elder -- like D.A. Benjamin R. David and Judge Lindsey Luther are today Elders), and all the BEST WHITE CHRISTIAN CITIZENS:

I guess I'll begin reporting on our FESTIVAL, tomorrow. Miss Lucy and Jill claim that FEW BLACKS attend due to it being a HUGE INSULT to the black citizens of Wilmington (and TOTALLY CHRISTIAN) -- usually CHURCHES having big "proselytizing booths" there!!!

As I discussed with the local head of the NAACP while we walked home from Bill Clinton's speech less than a month ago:

"ANY descendant of an African Slave who is a CHRISTIAN, today, is only a NIGGER (no self respect), just like any HOMOSEXUAL who hides behind a woman or is otherwise NOT "out" -- is just a FAGGOT!!!"

Glenn A. Wilson of Wilmington NAACP gives SOMETHING away, by sporting such a BIG CIGAR, no???

And finally, this article in this morning's Wilmington Star News (in which they MISSPELLED his last name -- LOL!!!), has me wanting to SOON CONTACT Mr. Ryan Thornburg:




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