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RP: Ah, MESCLUN in the New Hanging Garden of Babylon -- and Some OTHER Things as Well!!!

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"Mesclun" is NOT in Google/Blogger's vocabulary list, and it wanted to CHANGE THIS to "Mescaline" -- LOL!!!

To begin with, I wanted to write a note and send a check to Sister Mary Isaac Koenig for her charity at St. Mary's Basilica Church, almost next door. I didn't want it to just get forgotten, and thought, why not just walk over?, but checking online, it was only twenty minutes to closing for the day, and rather than disturb them and possibly begin spouting Politics, I decided I would use the online donate button, and then email her a note.

But that button when hit, said to donate to St. Mary's, and it sounded like to general church funds, so I called and used Sister's extension -- and was surprised that she answered, herself!!!

I right away identified myself, and said I wanted to send her charity a donation in honor of her retirement, and she told me how to do that to be sure The Sister Isaac Center gets the funds. I told her that wherever she goes, she is SURE to spread real sunshine, and that Wilmington has been blessed to have had her here. She said she has been blessed by Wilmington as well, and I said, yes, it has been mutual.

I told her I loved how she showed her WIT, care, and loving in this community, but what I loved BEST about her is that she's a student of HISTORY, and understanding the course of history is so important to improving life. 

"Yes!!!" said she.

Sister Mary Issac with a client

This is a GREAT, well-written, sensitive article about Sister's retirement by Ben Steelman of the Wilmington Star News (I will eagerly watch his writing): 

And you can read my BIGGER write up of it all in this post: 

Madeleine Sherwood (since I'm on female Catholic clergy, but Sister Isaac would CORRECT you: Nuns are cloistered and Sisters live and work in the World), played Mother Superior on the TV series The Flying Nun, but I named my downstairs neighbor after Boss Thomas J. Finley's whore, Miss Lucy, in Tennessee Williams's Sweet Bird of Youth:

Ed Begley as Thomas J. Finley

Madeleine Sherwood as Miss Lucy

And my neighbor LOVES that I named her for a whore -- LOL!!! Today she arrived home at lunch, and we had a talk for the first time in three days. SHE'S WORKING, again, while her doctor ordered her NOT TO until at least January 1. She had a hysterectomy just 2.5 weeks ago.

And YES, my neighbor has a SUGAR DADDY, who so far has arrived just one time from his home in Georgia -- an 85 year old black truck driver (she keeps his books and he pays ALL her bills -- and they have never had sex), and she works as a cook nearly full time plus having painting and renovating businesses as well.

So at a generous hourly rate (about $10.00 MORE per hour than other friends have gotten in construction or as sous chef of one of Wilmington's largest restaurants), Miss Lucy is painting the ENTIRE INTERIOR of an OLD, but smallish, Episcopal Church!!!

I figured that since she is still having to take more breaks and not push herself, she would have bid it for a price, instead, but she said they are FINE with how she works, and knowing her, she STILL could out-paint most others -- she's SIX-FEET-THREE-TALL, and while I've never seen them, she owns TWO GUNS.

And her stories about her life are as peculiar as mine -- just different.


Two weeks ago when Facebook blocked me from nearly all access to and use of my account, the funniest thing was that I had just posted something VERY like this in this closed group:


Roy Roger Oldenkamp lives in Tennessee Williams's old apartment in West Hollywood, from when Tennessee wrote for the film industry. Roy's friend is in the apartment -- back then occupied by writer/screenwriter Gavin Lambert who told me and Tennessee Williams what Natalie Wood told him about finding her husband Robert Wagner in passionate sex with Christopher Walken -- and told Gavin she was CERTAIN they would murder her if they knew she saw them.

A week later, she was dead.

Tennessee Williams with Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner

Working with Natalie Wood's family's attorney -- and Los Angeles County Detectives -- in 2010, I helped RE-OPEN the investigation as a MURDER -- rather than just DEATH -- investigation. My info was legally "hearsay".

* * *
And then ONE DAY LATER (after I was blocked by FB), LOOK who joined the group:

Well, I can't easily find his PERSONAL Facebook page, but it was the REAL Robert Wagner -- and TONS of gushing flattery of him in the comments below his HAPPINESS at finding "Forever Frank", and then several days later, Mr. Wagner (whom I never met when I met so many actors), posted something now deeply buried, it being a VERY active page.

And observing Messrs. Wagner and Walken, the first seems to go on with his life (sad, that he had to hawk reverse mortgages -- like a common Republican), but Christopher Walken LOOKS like he's had quite a burden to bear, no???

Christopher Walken arriving at the 76th Annual Drama League Awards Ceremony and Luncheon, 2010

And I find this article interesting as well (and that in 2010, when this was all RE-OPENED, it was Christopher Walken who SERIOUSLY "lawyered up")!!!

And over the past ten days or so, I have gotten several emails from Alex Guevara of here in Wilmington, and had IGNORED THEM, until I looked at his most recent, AGAIN, today, and I'm answering him via posting responses here, in red:

Evan Fish 
Alex Guevara to you

Where can I find way more details on this guy? Search online, like I did. His "Memorial Page" still exists, posted by his Ohio childhood friends who DENY Evan's having come to HATE Christians and especially his Evangelical congregation, that buried him and made him into a a damned CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT!!!:

Readers will recall that I TWICE emailed the Pastor of Evan's church, got no replies, but BOTH times I got Received Receipts from that church, that were MOSTLY requests that I join the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION!!! (They ought to LOSE their tax-exempt status!!!)

The Wilmington Star News's published and AMENDED account, with MANY comments erased, and MANY fake-named Christian Drug Trash chiming in as well -- AS SUPPORTED BY THE NAZI WILMINGTON STAR NEWS!!!:

I am using the WIFI right now at the downtown library.

I am looking at the parking deck as we speak....
Where did he exactly jump and land at? I believe it was from or near the northwest corner of the deck. I was told it took a while for him to hit the ground, because after gaining all the momentum of free-falling five floors, his body was twisted and tossed about by being temporarily caught in electric lines and similar, before hitting the ground, right between the entrances of Western Union and Benefits Management (before they moved there).

Evan Fish and his Dad, a few years before this.


ONLY the corrupt elected and not-elected Politicians, Law Enforcement Leaders, Courts Officials, and virtually ALL Christian Ministers, have a PROBLEM with:

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