Thursday, December 15, 2016

RP: Another VICTORY for THIS BLOG!!! Huffington Post (on my email list), Put My Story of Earlier This Morning AT TOP PLACE (soon after I blogged it) / TRUE Appreciation for a CHRISTIAN WOMAN!!!

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North Carolina Republicans Lost An Election, So Now They’re Trying To Undermine The Results

They’ve proposed a pair of bills that could hobble the incoming governor and curtail voting rights in the state.

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My Christmas/Holiday decorations -- so far!!!

On mantel, beginning by a piece of black plastic that looks important, so I can't bring myself to throw it out (nor have I figured out its use), is Rey Coliman (King of Colima -- his Kingdom in Mexico), who NEVER surrendered to the Spanish/Catholics, but eventually his kingdom was surrounded and assimilated into Mexico, St. Francis of Assisi (looking like a 1975 Gay Clone), a wreath in search of a pillar candle, St. Rita (in a "slutty moment"), a Russian Orthodox triptych of the Nativity Scene (so beautiful, it stays up year-round), and a replica of the two Dancing Gay Dogs, a twenty-five foot high statue in Colima, Mexico.

And those are adhesive levelers that came with the COOL LAMP that "Testosteroni" sent for the second bedroom, but I APPROPRIATED for the living room, recently. 

They look like black/buff Catholic communion wafers, no??? 

And that's a Mexican Iguana -- impersonating a gecko (ala Tennessee Williams), checking out the triptych.

I did NOT buy a replica of THIS famous statue also from Colima of "God's Cum Splat" from which the city sprang (pre-Colombian, so the god was Quetzalcoatl

Quetalcoatl in his USUAL manifestation of a winged serpent

The "Seed of Colima" was shot from "Quetzie's Wanker (pinga)" -- FANCY THAT!!!

And TODAY (and when this memorial was fashioned), Mexicans self-identify 85% as Roman Catholic -- DESPITE their gross murder and enslavement for the ENRICHMENT of the Catholic Church by a LONG LINE of Popes, including Pope Francis I, who recently FAST-TRACKED this MURDERER of Native Americans a Catholic Saint.


OH!!! And the yarn painting -- way above -- is from the Huichol Native People. I bought it in San Blas (St. Blaze), Nayarit state, from the artist. 

They like Peyote with their religious ceremonies -- and YES, their yarn paintings all FLUORESCE under black light -- intentionally.

>>> SOME APPRECIATION (sent today with a check):

December 15, 2016

Dear Sister Mary Isaac,

I could write you a book, but the important thing is that after seven years now of my own intense difficulties – and even greater proof of God’s Healing Love – I count you among the bests lights I have known during this time. The Way isn’t always easy, but God ALWAYS provides what is needed.

Please accept my small gift for the Sister Isaac Center in honor of your retirement, and moving on to new things. Wilmington will ALWAYS remember you – and you will always be in my heart.

Adios, as “Mi Mexicanos” say!!!

Scott Kenan


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