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RP: He Was a-Textin' in the Boys Room, Textin' in the Boys Room -- When He Lost His Phone (at BURGER KING, no less)!!!

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OK, Old Roomie lost his phone yesterday and called me in a panic at the EXACT MOMENT I was getting what seemed like VERY bad news from the car dealership about my car's problem. THAT was annoying, and I told him I had my OWN problems and not to bother me about his phone until he'd searched in vain for a few hours. He called back ten minutes later and someone had retrieved his phone at Burger King -- where he'd left it sitting atop the toilet-paper roll.

NOT surprising for a "street person" to be texting on the pot -- but I DOUBT others do it there -- except in a REAL emergency. For reasons that are sometimes their own fault and sometimes not, street people do NOT behave normally, and often have NO IDEA how the rest of society conducts business.

It's funny, now, but he had hit me in BAD TIMING.


The gist of it was that they DISAGREE with Rev. William J. Barber (Head of NC NAACP), calling for the NATIONAL org of the NAACP to call for an Economic Boycott of North Carolina because the Republicans WELSHED on their promise to repeal the Bathroom Bill (HB2), and because of the UNPRECEDENTED and judged-in-courts-to-be RACIALLY MOTIVATED Voter Suppression.

These things are FACTS, but as Pam Sander (Executive Editor), wrote, much of the voter suppression has already been overturned in Court -- and we should wait to see how much progress new Democratic Governor Roy Cooper can make BEFORE inviting further hardship for the state -- already many hundreds of millions of dollars.

In this case, I AGREE with Pam Sander!!!

And for his allowing the UN Resolution to go through without veto -- I'm ALMOST ready to place the HALO back on "Gay Goose Obama's" head (either one -- or both)!!!

Since I was old enough to be aware of the Israel/Palestine conflict, I like NEARLY EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD, have KNOWN there can NEVER be Peace while Israel continues building ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS, and the US WAR MACHINE (manufacturers and BOTH Democrats and Republicans who are ALL IN THEIR POCKETS), wants WAR PROFITS so our government has supported the WORST of Israel's Leaders' CRIMES.

I don't mean to say the Palestinians are blameless -- they are pretty bad, too -- but those settlements have ALWAYS been illegal under International Law and various resolutions, and we CANNOT continue to ASSIST CRIMINALS!!!

I've known a LOT of Jews over the years, but NEVER one who advocated for building MORE settlements, and many or most think Israel should PULL BACK from those already built.

We have been giving TONS of money to Israel for their defense -- more than HALF our Military Assistance Budget goes to Israel -- more than ALL OTHER COUNTRIES COMBINED!!!

Yes, daily.

And look whose homes have ACTUALLY been destroyed:

So if Barack Obama can withstand the pressures of BOTH Parties to GIVE IN to NAZI Benjamin Netanyahu's DEMANDS, then I won't hold over him his ENCOURAGEMENT of the CIA/NSA Worldwide Narco-Trafficking (protected by BOTH Parties), but especially SERIOUSLY DEVELOPED first by Richard Nixon, then by Dick Cheney and George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush (and Dick Cheney), with allies like my distant WEALTHY Kenan relatives (think Rex Tillerson and Exxon-Mobil, especially) and my Mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan on demands of a whole series of Roman Catholic Popes, including Francis I. 

This is a REAL STEP toward WORLD PEACE, and that resolution's PASSING caused the second ever STANDING OVATION in the United Nations -- including by virtually ALL OUR ALLIES!!!


"Testosteroni" and I have been "in tension" constructing a "safety net" to keep "Old Roommate" afloat regardless what happens with an impending Court date for a very minor infraction of the Law -- and I am even willing to send a descriptive letter to his lawyer (once appointed) -- or even to testify in Court -- to be certain it is understood how DEDICATED and in nearly every way SUCCESSFUL he has been in getting his life together. He's a completely different man (mostly due to changes in his meds, but also his efforts), than he was when I brought the charge against him.

And moving on, it turns out that my neighbor Neal Duffy -- of CONSIDERABLE service to Our Country and friend of many Kennedys, Gen. Russel Honore', and Bill Clinton, was PUNKING ME for his own reasons, when he claimed NO ONE knew of his lung cancer diagnosis but him and ME. EVERYONE in my neighborhood who knows him KNEW IT ALREADY.

As Readers know, Neal is an ADAMANT CHRISTIAN, so Jesus forgives any lies or other crimes BEFORE HE EVEN COMMITS THEM. And he is NOT the only one. I'm so SICK of the God-Hating, Lying Christians, I've decided to reveal that "Miss Lucy", the tenant downstairs, was an International Drug Mule for some time -- flying back and forth with her female orifice, rectum, and stomach FULL of sealed-up drugs -- until ONE sealed up capsule of cocaine BROKE in her system, she nearly died, but when she recovered, she changed careers.

And MOST of her other stories -- and behaviors and friends whom I've met -- are clearly alcohol and other drugs near-ADDICTS. Miss Lucy told me she recently went on a FOUR DAY DRUNK ON THE TOWN with Jill (also an employee of White Front Breakfast House, where Miss Lucy likes to talk with Mayor Bill Saffo), and her gay American Airlines semi-executive -- this TWO DAYS BEFORE her doctor said she could return to work after her hysterectomy.

And Miss Lucy has told me more than once, that as she is a believing Christian, "Jesus FORGIVES ME", of any crimes or sins -- AUTOMATICALLY -- and she has NO REMORSE that her trafficking then (and her "friends'" trafficking now), ADDICT OUR CHILDREN. -- and whether addicted for the profit of Christians and their Holy Churches (or not)WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS CHRISTIANITY -- ANY MORE!!!

And I've never heard Mayor Saffo express regret for HIS trafficking or that (indirect, probably), of his St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.

And in the matter of my car, I have to say that Bob King, the GMC/BUICK dealer, AGAIN has treated me MOST PROFESSIONALLY, and what appeared to mimic the symptoms of two recent failed alternators, mine tests fine -- but it looks like the brake computer (NOT needed to use the mechanical brakes), is failing and THAT is a $1,500.00 rather than $500.00 repair. They want to see the symptoms SET a report in my car's computer a couple of more times before being completely confident or doing the work, and SO FAR, I have NOT seen those symptoms, so it COULD be a fluke, but I'm not betting on it.

However, so far SO GOOD!!!

I also had two long conversations with two guys who know Sheriff Ed McMahon very well. My service adviser, who has life-long been close to Ed's family, and another customer, an older guy in an Air Force cap, who it turned out had actually TRAINED Ed McMahon years ago and still knows him.

So let me state it again and clearly: The ONLY two people that everyone, regardless political philosophy or Party, religion or not, or their race or sexuality, always exclaims, "He is SUCH a nice guy!!!", are Ed McMahon and Gen. Colin Powell -- and with Powell,they often add, "I just WISH he would have run for President!!!"

(It's probably a little late, now.)



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