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RP: I, Scott Kenan, Welcome John Goodman to the Kenan/Tillerson/Putin Family -- and WAIT until You SEE What I Will Do to Keep "Old Vlad" HAPPY (and occupied)!!!

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First of all, blog hits overnight seriously topped the previous night's RECORD, and just now, over 300 hits came from Russia, alone, in the last hour. This blog might be in danger of REALLY going viral -- which some posts have definitely done -- but perhaps the WHOLE BLOG!!!

No wonder Rex Tillerson wants to put the USA under his buddy Vladimir's Russian Government -- they have more undeveloped OIL and GAS than we!!!

ExxonMobil helped defeat Russia sanctions bill

The company’s formidable lobbying operation cleared the way for outgoing CEO Rex Tillerson to help restore a program worth billions of dollars as secretary of state.

Leak reveals Rex Tillerson is director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil company

And remember, it was a retired Exxon-Mobil exec I met in Puerto Vallarta who TOLD ME how the Kenan Family's Exxon-Mobil put Enrique Pena Nieto into power as President of Mexico (to get BOTH the oil and the narcotics).

Frank Hawkins Kenan's widow, Betty (Price) Kenan, in center, with Thomas S. Kenan III holding drink.

What I might not have made clear enough, is that Tom Kenan has LONG been a high-functioning DRUNK, I having found him drinking draft beer early morning in meetings with others drinking coffee or water. His long-time boyfriend is in his twenties (and I met that guy's friends here in Wilmington -- they just HIGH END DRUG TRASH, too).

The Exxon-Mobil exec -- like many others, but he having the most authority on this -- laughed at the idea that Tom Kenan was actually involved in business decisions, his father having set up the Kenan Companies (more than the Charities), to be run by COMPETENT SOBER people, instead. As I've stated before, Tom Kenan is captive in a gilded world of philanthropy, and soothed by his money, alcohol, and boyfriend who is nearly 50 years younger than Tom. 

And a couple of days ago, I ran into a woman my age who is personal friends of Tom and Betty Kenan, and she thought I had it PERFECTLY that they like to hide their White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking BEHIND the Episcopal Church -- which they are TOTALLY DEDICATED TO.

And she AGREED that neither of them were strong enough people for Frank to leave them in charge. Tom's brother, Owen Graham Kenan, was even a WEAKER (if heterosexual), person, likely murdered by his wife, Sterling "Squirty" Kenan, to get control of his money. Kenans FREQUENTLY murder spouses with any real money -- so no surprise for a married-in Kenan to take out a WEAK Kenan -- the way of EVOLUTION, no???

Owen Graham Kenan died mysteriously, soon after this photo was made, after a short, non-threatening illness.

Sterling "Squirty" Kenan (Owen G. Kenan's widow), with her daughter Sterling (Kenan) McCracken

While I was a member of First Presbyterian in 2011, ALL the Old Dowagers there knew and LOVED Squirty Kenan (but FAILED to tell me WHICH of her orifices gave her that nickname -- I assuming a pesky nipple, less "shocking" than the other possibilities that I can visualize). As often as she was said to visit for church, she likely attended some of the same services that I did -- but I had no idea then what she looked like.

And in about 1984, I worshiped for some months in All Saints Episcopal in Atlanta -- BEFORE this Kenan Memorial Organ was installed, and NOT KNOWING that James "Uncle Jimmy" Graham Kenan then worshiped there -- LOL!!!

And it was "Uncle Jimmy" Kenan who in 1990, sent me for Legal Help to his wife's Catholic nephew, Gregg Loomis (lawyer, best-selling author, race-car driver, and stunt pilot), who WARNED ME that the wealthy Kenans hate only JEWS more than "NIGGERS"!!!



This morning when I first hit Huffington Post and saw the animated gif at the top of this posting, I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE!!!

Of course I FIRST noticed actor Beck Bennett's (whom I'd never heard of), AWESOME physicality -- even though I do NOT prefer the hairless (over age 30, anyway), and I searched out more photos of him shirtless (not many to find, actually), but I can report he ACTUALLY has decent -- if thin and light-color -- chest hair fairly GLORIOUSLY on his natural football-player build, that DEVELOPS MORE FULLY below his naval -- PRAISE JESUS!!!

And he's into pratfalls:

Beck Bennet's BODY is actually much like a young Marlon Brando, no???

And Tennessee Williams told me that Marlon Brando, when they first met, offered himself for SEX, but Tennessee NEVER had sex with actorsPERIOD, and I should CLARIFY that he had sex with LOTS of "actors", who wanted his money, likker, and drugs (especially his Valium)!!!

And of course I have ALWAYS loved John Goodman's acting talent -- and am GLAD he's no longer OBESE!!! I did NOT recognize him, except by his voice, then his jowls, and finally that twinkle in his eye (like "Testosteroni" also has)!!! 

I am THRILLED that he has joined my Kenan Family by impersonating the TOP Kenan Businessman, Rex Tillerson, CEO of our Exxon-Mobil (the BIGGEST CASH-COW in WORLD HISTORY)!!!

And I also found this: 

Vladimir Putin kissing Donald Trump (Bennett with Alec Baldwin of the Roman Catholic Baldwin Brothers who ALL treat women like crap -- USUALLY)!!!

Young people today probably have NO IDEA that Alec Baldwin was once HOT!!! And while I can TOLERATE his hideous personality, still, it is ONLY because he was a very GOOD Stanley Kowalski (despite his accent) -- once upon a time:

Oh look, Baldwin is with Goodman ONCE AGAIN!!!

Why, you can call ME "Jessica Lange"!!!

And Diane Lane also played my GREAT-GRANDMOTHER in my fourth-cousin's MOVIE:

 Whether deliberately or not, Saturday Night Live has LONG EMPLOYED Kenan Thompson -- just for the HELL of it, I guess.


1. Landlady Gold Walker called last night THRILLED with the wreath on the door and lights strung all around the front entrance that "Miss Lucy" and I did, yesterday. Later today, we intend to string a bunch up the back staircase, as well.

In the process of pulling an extension ladder out of the ground cover on the side of the house, I got STUCK with nearly microscopic bur barbs in the palm of my left hand and in my "midriff bulge" -- and will just have to wait for them to work out.

2. "Testosteroni" called at 9:00 PM, MOST IMPATIENT that I'd promised to send him my former roommate's cell phone number to use later today, so I gave it to him, and WASH my hands of being the primary communication between them.

Old Roomie has to KNOW by now that I have money for him, but he has NOT contacted me, and his phone goes to voicemail, proving it is STILL in service.

3. After three weeks of trying to reach my old high school girlfriend, "Dr. Christine Busch" (also a practiciing lawyer, former Prosecutor, and current top authority on Privacy of Online Medical Records), I finally reached her, and she LOVED all my new stuff on the Kenans, Trump, Tillerson, and YES, even Old Testo and Old Roomie, and reiterated that it DOESN'T matter what Testo SAYS, but that he keeps his commitments.

Being an "Introvert/Recluse" for MANY years now, he cannot seem to differentiate between his fantasies and what real life is actually like on the STREETS, nowadays. Also, he views and hears everything through a lens of FEAR -- which is WHY he remembers things I've told him or written, but he remembers then COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than I told or wrote them.

Most of the years we have been in communication, I ASSUMED he was DELIBERATE and HATEFUL to twist nearly EVERYTHING in this blog or that I've said into the CRAP he spouts to me, but I now know it is just his WORSHIP of FEAR (the only excuse to be a recluse).

He's NOT going to get into trouble with Old Roommie as long as he ONLY communicates with him by phone.


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