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RP: LOL!!! Hillary Clinton NARCO-Apologist Kevin Sessums UN-FRIENDED Me in April, and YESTERDAY Was BANNED FROM FACEBOOK, Causing an International Scandal (leading to Facebook RELENTING, already) -- LOL!!!

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Yesterday, even though Testo and I are on the SAME PAGE about Old Roomie, he used the most SERIOUS THREATENING VOICE he's ever used to threaten me to keep O.R. as my roommate through January. The only thing holding me from that is that as Testo KNOWS, I'd promised my landlady (who with her real estate lawyer, NEXT DOOR), wants him OUT -- preferably yesterday -- that after this weekend, O.R. would be OUT, and that AFTER I broke my earlier promise to allow him back only for two nights at Christmas.

Testo is TOO much a coward to even get his landlord to fix or replace his refrigerator, broken for MORE than five years now -- nor does he have the courage to call Time/Warner Cable (or Microsoft), so he can GET HIS EMAIL on his Windows 10 computer (he's been without for ELEVEN MONTHS NOW), so he continues to use his Windows VISTA computer -- LOL!!!

But I only needed a little cajoling, because I'M IN AGREEMENT, but I'm SICK of the tensions Testo puts me under at his EVERY OPPORTUNITY, even trying to FORCE me to allow Drug Mafia in Mexico into my house when they came to murder me -- and to STAY in Puerto Vallarta after they tried twice in one week to murder me, then broke into my car and placed a fake bomb, the P.V. Police them making it clear to me they were PART of that.

You see, landlady and Oliver Carter III, next door, MISUNDERSTOOD some things that happened here a few months ago -- and I have made PROGRESS getting them "cool again", but (REDACTED) (Testos' real name), is too preoccupied beating off at age 84 -- because he got a doctor who does NOT take insurance, to give him the Testosterone shots NO doctor ever recommended for him. Also Daily Cialis and "Poppers".

Masturbation is what Testo LIVES FOR -- and he has NO FRIENDS or FAMILY -- unless you count me.

Get the PICTURE??? It's Testo's BRAIN due to DRUG-ADDLEMENT.

Well, for therapy this morning, I made a serious vat of bean soup with ham hocks, more ham, and collard greens -- and even threw in some black-eyed peas, so that we get the MANDATORY Southern New Years Day foods: Collards for Wealth and Black Eyed Peas for Health) -- and it smells KICK-ARSE!!!

And I also made cucumber and onion salad -- and will serve them with garlic bread.

>>> OK, I GOT THAT OUT OF MY SYSTEM (and NO, I am NOT passing this tension to Old Roomie -- it would not be fair -- but he knows Testo is LUNCH MEAT in the brains)!!!

Here is what got Kevin Sessums KICKED OFF Facebook (but only for a DAY)!!!:

But let me FIRST SAY that despite his support of Hillary Clinton's narco-trafficking, Kevin and I mostly AGREE on Politics, and even if he were Kellyanne Conway, I'd support his FREE SPEECH RIGHTS. 

Sessums said the comment was in reaction to a tweet by ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd, who said that he had been called by “lovely ‘christian’ Trump fans: a Jew, faggot, retard.”
In the last few hours i have been called by lovely "christian" Trump fans: a jew, faggot, retard. To set record straight: divorced Catholic
In response, Sessums called Trump backers a “fascistic lot” on his Facebook page, adding: “Dowd is lucky he didn’t get death threats like Kurt Eichenwald. Or maybe he did and refuses to acknowledge them. If you voted for Trump and continue to support him and you think you are better than these bigoted virulent trolls, you’re not.”
MORE here:


And here is what got ME kicked off Facebook for a MONTH, back in July -- a WITTY graphic that is NOT obscene (unless YOU add the obscenity)

And then THIS got me kicked off for a month ending in four days:

I was FIRST taught these FACTS in CATHOLIC GRADE SCHOOL!!! The Nuns didn't LIE to us about the ugly history of the Catholic Church -- they wanted us to be BETTER THAN THE PAST!!!

And more "CHRISTIAN".

(although remaining European)

And Kevin Sessums IS now back and posting again on Facebook, but it took an INTERNATIONAL PRESS CAMPAIGN of OUTRAGE to change Facebook's mind -- they even TELL YOU that if you complain to them or try to change their minds, that FACEBOOK will NOT READ anything you send, but it helps some sort of algorithm they run on "complainers".

So enough about all of that. I'm used to STANDING ALONE -- and all things considered, you would think I am SUPER-HUMAN to have withstood it all -- especially with my mother and both sisters LYING to Judges and Police -- and Doctors -- in an effort of my IMMEDIATE FAMILY to have me MURDERED by the CIA/Republican Party, or at least JAILED or NUT-HOUSE COMMITTED.

And I must admit, I've really HAD IT with "Testosteroni" and his HATE GAMES. Here is the picture that (REDACTED)  FELL IN LOVE WITH and masturbates to:

This is Old Roomie several months ago -- COMATOSE from his PREVIOUS drugs. He DOES look like a very famous Picasso painting from his Blue Period of a young man:

OK, he looks like that old man -- made young -- something Testo pointed out to me, AND WHY HE LIKES THE GUY SO MUCH.

Testo ONLY likes things from literature, plays, movies, and the arts -- he HATES PEOPLE (including himself), so he lives in ISOLATION as a RECLUSE.

Testo has even salivated -- and no doubt "abused himself" to photos of my brother and nephews -- SPECIFICALLY this one, which Testo TOLD ME he "saved":

I intellectually SEE that they are HOT and HANDSOME (and my niece is attractive, too), but I must be affected by that "incest thang", because I have NO sexual reaction to them AT ALL.

And the reason I got over my lust toward Old Roomie -- one week after he originally moved in months ago -- is that with his brain damage from going through a windshield at 95 mph, and his early grade school emotional, spiritual, and LEARNING levels, to ME, sex with him feels as FORBODEN as sex with children.

But when I told this to Testosteroni, months ago, he said quickly and with RELISH"Oh NO!!! He's not too retarded to have SEX WITH!!!"

And WHO THE HELL would have sex with Testosteroni -- even when he was much younger -- other than a "RETARD", or -- as is the TRUTH, a younger Costa Rican chicken-feather sorter who worked in an NYC sweatshop -- until a RICHER homosexual painter (artist), stole him away to MAINE.

I HOPE to next post something more UP-LIFTING and leave Testosteroni to his FEARS, LUSTS, and HATE for a while -- just like Old Roommate RIGHTLY spent a month in New Hanover County Jail (sent by me) -- and DID come to his senses, checking into a mental hospital for ten days and GETTING NEW MEDS -- as I had TRIED to have forced, but he agreed to in our earlier negotiated settlement (but legally-compulsory was not allowed for that).

And next week, Kenan Family TOP EXEC, Rex Tillerson of Exxon-Mobil, and HIS TOP ALLY Vladimir Putin, are up for Donald Trump's INCLUDING THEM IN THE US GOVERNMENT.


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