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RP: My Old Roommate Shows Up Mostly INTACT!!! / Perhaps I'll Be in for a TYLER PERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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I mean WHY NOT??? In 2011, I chance-met Tyler's DRAMA TEACHER from his Pennsylvania College here in Howard's Seafood Market at Fifth and Castle Streets here in Wilmington -- the ONLY seafood market here I would NEVER buy seafood in -- because you GAG from the smell of AMMONIA that is and has ALWAYS been present, there.

The owner, Tony, and his brother "Yah-Yah" control most small convenience stores in town, and while THEY are known for breaking many laws and being involved in some HIGH CRIMES, their HUGE extended family are the NICEST MUSLIMS -- nicer than self-proclaimed "Wilmington Christians"(I've known a LOT of Muslims!!!)

Anyway, Tyler's teacher PRODUCED his first film years ago, and SHE claims he is DEFINITELY a "Total Queen", yet he recently "butched up" and married a real WOMAN, then TORE DOWN Atlanta's largest mansion -- the Dean Mansion -- selling it for parts, and is building/has built something MORE SPECTACULAR.

And my old roommate, Allen Rosen (mentioned in yesterday's blog post for his HACKING), in Stone Mountain, GA -- of 12 years, until I caught him HACKING the security settings on my computer, and he moved out in FEAR, soon calling my sister Jane on orders of Patrick Stansbury (my employer of 20 years), getting her to call Stone Mountain City Police to try to COMMIT ME when I was fine -- because Patrick had just FIRED ME without cause, after he realized I was going to SHUT HIM DOWN for distributing all the drugs flown into Maxwell AFB, largely in Wilmington, NC, but from Maine to Florida.

I STILL have not gotten Patrick shut down, because he is PROTECTED by some of the people NOW CLOSEST to Donald Trump -- not just the my Kenan Family, but also Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Rahn Emanuel, the Episcopal Church, and the Bush and Cheney Families.

Linda Rosen (born-again Christian related to a TOP Republican Judge in Alabama), with her JEW-GONE-BAD husband, Allen Rosen who not only spied on ME for the CIA, but also Tyler Perry, doing MUCH video work for Tyler during the years he was my part-time roommate:

Patrick Stansbury in his THIRD Georgia Mugshot for arrests for SELLING/DISTRIBUTING DRUGS while I worked for him 1990 - 2010:

Patrick's MAIN business site went into PERMANENT REPAIR nearly a year ago now, due to my blogging about his NARCO-TRAFFICKING (as well as as trying to kill me through others, CHEATING ME out of $34,200.00 proceeds of the price he AGREED TO PAY ME for buy-back of his corporate stock) THIS the CRIMINAL COMPANY partnered with the CIA, Bush, Cheney, and Clinton Families, not only to SELL all the AD SPACE in the yearbooks for American's Service Academies, Maritime Academies, and War Colleges -- virtually ALL of them -- while Patrick sold all the HEROIN shipped by my Wilmington/Puerto Vallarta friend Stanley Winborne III's son, who was TASKED with that shipping via the Air Force -- he being the SECOND in charge of the US Embassy/State Department in Afghanistan while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Patrick ALSO sells ad space in University Journals from his secondary site:, and NOW INCLUDING the flagship Kenan School, UNC Chapel Hill!!!

And I would like to AGAIN thank Democratic NC Rep. Susi Hamilton -- for the email I just received from her EXPLAINING what actually happened when the Republicans DOUBLE-CROSSED the Democrats (and reasonable Republicans), last night and REFUSED to repeal HB2, the Bathroom Bill -- no FURTHER ACTION expected until after Democrat Governor Roy Cooper is Inaugurated January 7.


1. He showed up at my door this morning having NO IDEA that "Testosteroni" had ALREADY sent him some money to help get back on his feet, as well as Christmas presents, and will continue to help him through March. THIS a FAILING by his Probation Officer, Mike Martinez (whom I'd left a message to that effect nearly two weeks ago), and the Salvation Army Shelter, who promised to get Roomie that message as well.

But also true, is that Mike Martinez OBVIOUSLY never got ANY of the messages Old Roomie and I left him when we BOTH were desperate for Mike to help (as he had promised me personally), when things CLIMAXED more than a month ago. O.R. said Mike NEVER brought that up when he talked to him later -- and tonight I've learned that O.R. has been transferred to ANOTHER Probation Officer, and they first meet Dec. 29, and he is in NO trouble with Probation, now, and one of TWO NEW CHARGES was never actually filed, and the one remaining is VERY minimal -- less than he had been told.

STILL call for the Wilmington Probation Office to be THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED!!!

2. Old Roomie perfectly understood when I told him, "I'm sorry that I felt I had to put you in jail for a month," he KNEW he had to have a "time out", and has no hard feelings about that. We had a GREAT HUG, and I've invited him for Christmas Eve dinner, to stay over in his old room, and then Christmas Dinner, as well. I've bought MANY of his favorite foods for it all!!!

3. At one point, O.R. had COMMITTED HIMSELF to a Mental Hospital, and was drugged on Valium and slept away the five days while there (NO apparent therapy of any kind). I have no idea under which circumstances he got out, and I don't know during which of the last weeks he was there, but I suspect recent days.

4. Anyway, he's already looking for work, and considering finding indoor accommodations --NOT here, which he understands is impossible, and my landlady is FINE with the guy coming here sometimes -- the REAL problems having actually here been caused by Dustin Goldsmith -- who O.R. AGAIN confirms had previously been staying in an old, wheelchair-bound black guy's apartment in public housing -- in exchange for allowing that guy to drain his manhood regularly -- something I NEVER did to any of those associated with my Old Roommate, in fact O.R. showed off his bare chest today -- showing he's GAINED ten pounds and no longer has his trademark washboard abs.

5. Later, while running around getting provisions for Christmas, my car's alternator appears to have gone bad -- a repair of nearly $600.00 -- and they can't even diagnose until next Wednesday afternoon. I don't mind not having the car, since I am NOW so well-provisioned, but HATE asking "Testosteroni" for MORE MONEY, when he's already committed to HIS allowance to me, one to Old Roommate, and about $7,000.00 worth of dental work.

I've been trying to think how I could get my immediate family (who tried to have me killed, nut-house-committed, or jailed so many times since 2010), but they still feel that they were FULLY JUSTIFIED, and did it for my mother's Roman Catholic Jesus -- who TOLD MOM TO DO ITvia Catholic Clergy

My brother Mike was NOT part of it -- but ALSO never tried to stop them, and his wife's family -- part of it, especially father-in-law Larry Godley, who RAILED about the "Nigger Obama", and whose son a Christian minister in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico KNOCKED UP a Mexican girl -- as Christian Ministers like to do, in or out of wedlock, DID marry her and bring her back to Pennsylvania. Poor Larry Godley -- stuck with a HALF-BROWN granddaughter, and all his continuing Christian Hate.

Anyway, to keep Mike's family TOGETHER, I don't think he DARES invite me to anything family -- the CHRISTIAN WAY of persecuting HONEST PEOPLE -- especially OUT GAYS like me!!!


1. Jim Richardson, mentioned in the last couple of blog posts, has NOT sent me another insulting email after he STRANGELY re-contacted me YEARS after he and I knew each other -- IN FACT, as of 24 hours ago, blog hits have REMAINED in Record Territory, and after THREE WEEKS of Russians hitting this blog FAR MORE HEAVILY than Americans or any others, NOW, Americans have ZOOMED in total hits, while Russia is still RIGHT BEHIND, but the NEXT biggest hitting country, Germany, is hitting only THREE PERCENT what Russia is -- LOL!!!


2. And I am VERY PLEASED that this old blog posting (of those I had linked to in my last posting), has ITSELF gone nearly VIRAL!!!:

3. So NOW, I just need to RELAX, and let Life take its COURSEno???



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