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RP: PRESS BLACK-OUT ALERT!!! Donald Trump Meets TOP Kenan Executive of Exxon-Mobil / Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Rises from Grave to Explain My Former Roommate!!!

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Now I actually chose this quote in regard to my former roommate (whose pit-hairs always formed little damp whorls -- rather than the bushy pheromone-wicking hot pit-bushes of regular men), but when you think of it, it could apply to Donald Trump, too. 

And YES, if YOU don't like the "smell of a man" (given that he is NOT overripe), you are likely either a Lesbian or a Heterosexual Man. Fine.

Or an asexual.

Hollywood has LONG CELEBRATED Heterosexual Men BLOOD-HOUNDING Hot Heterosexual Women -- by SNIFFING THE AIR!!!

>>> OK, SO THE PRESS CLAIMED REX TILLERSONCEO OF EXXON, MET WITH THE DONALD IN HIS TRUMP TOWER, YESTERDAY -- and then ran off on A HUNDRED DISTRACTIONS, rather than report on what MUST have been an incredibly important meeting.

Even young English-speaking children know that "Rex" is Latin for "King" -- and this here is King Tillerson of Kenanlandia!!!

I don't necessarily have anything against Mr. Tillerson. He HAS TO be extremely smart and effective. We KNOW he fully understands that Global Warming is REAL and carbon pollution is its greatest cause. He's putting out lots of fluffy IMAGE ADS for Exxon-Mobil, lately, HARDENING his company's refineries and other facilities near sea level . . . 

 . . . and paying Lobbyists FORTUNES to fight Climate Regulations!!!

Although he SOUNDS Christian -- through and through -- Tillerson is known to NOT be religious at all, NEVER to have smoked tobacco, and married to ONE woman for life: Renda St. Clair.

Here is their house in Irving, Texas:

And of course I knew Mrs. Tillerson's possible relative, Tina St. Claire, who was married to Hiram Keller, star of the movie Fellini Satyricon:

Hiram Keller

I knew them in Key West while I worked for Tennessee Williams: 1/3 the way down here:, then after I left Tennessee's employ, Tina hired me to paint the interior of a house she was renovating for a "horse's ass" artist

I also ran into them after they moved to Atlanta, like me, about 1988 -- but by the early 1990s, Hiram had died of AIDS (carefully made out to be cancer), then Tina married a man and moved to western North Carolina.

And yes, this was a DISTRACTION, but it was interesting -- I hope!!!

So Donald Trump HAD TO PAY FEALTY to Rex Tillerson and Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil, please REVIEW these two letters I actually managed to get into the hands of Donald Trump and Mike Pence:

My UPDATED letter to Donald Trump, delivered physically at Mar-a-Lago

My letter to Mike Pence, delivered to him a few days later 


1. Corey Lewandowski Says Donald Trump Won 
The War On Christmas

.@CLewandowski_: "You can say again, 'Merry Christmas', because Donald Trump is now the president." 

2. John McCain‘Outrageous’ That Reporters Ask Me About Donald Trump

Trump Fires Transition Team Member Who Spread Fake News About Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory

The FBI Is Investigating Me Because I Tweeted A Joke About Fake News

NOT me, but someone else

Supreme Court Makes It Easier For Federal Prosecutors To Go After Insider Trading

Some ACTUAL good news!!!: 

So I am still MYSTIFIED about the WHOLE MESS, and suspect SOMEONE has a MAJOR TRICK or two up his or her sleeve --

And I REFUSE to guess what it might be.

TODAY, Trump meets TOP KENAN/Obama/Clinton/Bush/Cheney/CIA/Episcopal Church narco-trafficker Rahm Emanuel -- and FAILED KENAN-Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory!!!

FLY ON THE WALL, anyone???


Yesterday morning I got a LONG TEXT from him bitching about how the Wilmington Cops had TOTALLY disrespected him and violated his RIGHTS when he had them help him collect some clothes this past Monday.

As you can tell, we have set aside the Negotiated Agreement on our contact, but I IMMEDIATELY wanted it BACK!!! I had just gotten RID of all his non-sense drama, and here he was assaulting me with it again -- but I changed the subject. I didn't CARE that the Police had been teasing him outside about being "Testosteroni's" GAY LOVER -- LOL!!!

They have had to put up with the guy and his little Games for years now, and any opportunity to blow off fun steam on Old Roomie must have been GREAT for the cops. 

But after he settled down, I learned a few things, like he DOESN'T REMEMBER all the insanity of his last days -- because, as he told me yesterday, "I was TOO HIGH ON THE PREDNISONE (prescribed), to remember a THING!!!" (And I think he meant the Trazodone or Neurontin he's prescribed, actually.)

And he's so busy being RESENTFUL, that he will likely miss many opportunities to move on to a better life. Still, I'm glad I knew him, and will speak with him if I run into him. No reason to be nasty, especially now that he's ADMITTED he was abusing his prescribed drugs.

Republican Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina

A Single Senator Is Blocking Reform Of The Foster Care System

Tom Ford Thinks All Men Should Be Penetrated At Least Once. Yes, THAT way.


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