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RP: Quitting Cigarettes in a HELL-HOLE of Christian Amorality, Narco-Trafficking, White Supremacy, and Political Treasons -- Built by My Kenan Family!!!

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Ah yes, that little voice in my head!!!

Amorality is an absence of, indifference towards, or disregard for morality. Morality and amorality in humans and animals is a subject of dispute among scientists and philosophers. If morality is intrinsic to humanity, then amoral human beings either do not exist or are only deficiently human.

Amorality - Wikipedia

>>> CURRENTLY, Donald Trump and his Republican Christians are now claiming that FACTS MEAN NOTHING -- the ULTIMATE CHRISTIAN TRUTH!!!

The Democrats are JUST AS BAD!!! They claim they have NOTHING against homosexuality -- but REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE that Barack Obama is MOSTLY GAYunlike George W and George HW Bush who were LARGELY GAY (all three of them having boyfriends while in the Presidency -- and George W. Bush was the MOST discrete of the three of them).

First of all, it would be difficult regardless circumstances, but the Kenan Family controlling North Carolina's Legislature makes CERTAIN you can buy a pack of smokes in this state for under $4.00 -- as opposed to the same pack selling in a Northern or Western state for over $12.00.

But then again, perhaps this LOWERS DRUG CRIME, as it is easier to afford a fix.

The enormous VACUUM in my head is why I didn't even ATTEMPT to blog yesterday, and wouldn't you know it -- Vladimir Putin's Countrymen (or women), who usually hit this blog about 3 - 35 times per day, hit it OVER 700 TIMES, yesterday -- they finding my latest posting VALUABLE, unlike My Fellow American Ostriches.

So I worked off a lot of physical angst by cleaning and organizing yesterday -- achieving a lot -- and was in bed at 7:00 PM!!! And then wide awake at 4:00 AM, so showered and then had no sugar for coffee at all, so off to Walmart (the only store I was certain would be open), and there the cashier having no one else about to check out, we got into a LONG conversation, she a white woman a few years older than me, well educated, smartly dressed, and quite engaging!!!

She was so excited -- but NOT a fool -- to hear I was an actual Kenan, because as she said, "When I moved here in the 1980s, EVERYONE wanted to know the Kenans -- they were the TOP THING!!!"

Kenan Kern (a "blood Kenan"), acts like a REAL KENAN!!! Still he's HATED by the rich Kenans -- errrr: RICHEST Kenans!!!

Experience (from LINKED-IN):

Peace Center Advocate

The Rotary Foundation
 – Present (1 year 6 months)University of North Carolina and Duke University
Responsible for promoting and advocacy for the Rotary Peace Center located in Chapel, NC with Duke University and the University of North Carolina. A two year Master's level scholarship sponsored at these two universities as well as four other International Universities throughout the world.


The Kern Group, LLC
 – Present (12 years 9 months)Savannah, Georgia Area
Third party education recruiter K-12 grade levels. National and international services available.


The Kern Group, LLC
 – Present (12 years 9 months)Savannah, GA
(Open)1 recommendation
  • Shauna von Hanstein
    Shauna von Hanstein
    Coldwell Banker Lake Oconee Real Estate School
    Kenan is an exemplary Board Member serving in a very active capacity while utilizing the cornerstones of the Rotary 4-Way Test to further the mission of the organization. I am honored to work under his leadership.View

Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator

Rotary International
 –  (2 years)Zone 34 for The Rotary Foundation
Serve The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International
Nearly 37,000 Rotarians and over 895 Rotary Clubs throughout Georgia, Florida and the Caribbean Islands

Recognized by The Rotary Foundation with the Citation of Meritorious Citation Award

District Governor

Rotary International District 6920
 –  (1 year)Savannah, GA
And I thank God for ACTUAL heterosexuals -- very FEW of which seem to live here in Wilmington!!!:

Kenan and Beth Kern (of Savanah)

* * *

But things began to go dark and deeply evil around the Kenans soon after 1990, and they became like a GIANT BLACK HOLE by the early oughts. When I bought a copy of the 1999 edition of the book The Kenan Family from Kenan Kern via Amazon, he and I got into an extended email conversation, and he being CLOSELY related to Thomas S. Kenan III and his step-mother Betty (Price) Kenan, said that the WEALTHIEST FEW of the Kenans had ALWAYS been friendly, but in recent years SNUB THEIR KENAN COUSINS -- without explanation.

(getting back to Walmart, and this morning), PERFECTLY understood that so-called "Christians" are the MOST EVIL PEOPLE ON EARTH -- and the WORST CHRISTIANS in the USA seem to have migrated to Wilmington, NC. She knew of Father Robert J. Kus of St. Mary's Basilica Church (on my block), and was NOT surprised that he was in charge of St. Mark's Catholic Church when my parents were members there in the 1980s and 90s -- St. Mark's Official Duplicate Bridge Club then smuggling the wealth of White People out of South Africa -- because the Catholic Popes decided that the FALL of Apartheid was UNFAIR TO WHITE PEOPLE.

Father Bob Kus, one of the most EVIL men in Wilmington!!!

While homeless in Wilmington in 2011 and 2012, I had a twenty minute private talk with Father Bob Kus. He did NOT understand the concept of "Church Visible and Church Invisible" -- which had been DRILLED INTO US in Catholic Grade School. Father Bob was a licenced psychologist before becoming a priest, and wrote about gay issues and recovery -- but apparently figured he'd be better off enslaving and money-fleecing superstitious people, instead.

And then I stopped at a Waffle House on the way home -- for a breakfast snack -- and had a LONG and FUN conversation with a mixed group of blacks and whites, who ALL seemed to know of the MORAL DEPRAVITY of my wealthy Kenan relatives and the CHRISTIAN CHURCHES of Wilmington (especially), who even NOW continue to COVER THE TRACKS of the Criminal Christians by NEVER kicking then OUT of their congregations and NEVER disowning the TOTALLY CORRUPTED denominations congregations -- Episcopalian, Roman Catholic, and Southern Baptist being the WORST DENOMINATIONS of the Devils.

Words from the HEART OF EVIL!!!

HELLO?!?!?! Ever hear of a Christian being REDEEMED and therefore RELEASED FROM THE CHURCH/HOSPITAL???

THIS is far "Truer":

Natalie Wood & Frank.

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Mary Staab Excellent photo...two great celebs together..
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Susan Gershenson Love them both
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Wardell Smith Does anyone remember when kings go forth with tony Curtis. She played a half black woman. You find out at the end that she is half black..
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Kat Dore Saw that movie a zillion times and never get tired of seeing it. Tony Curtis was very bad in that, not as an actor, but as the part he played. Loved Frank and Natalie
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Karen Williams Gorgeous two stars!!!
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Yvette McKnight He like them young.
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Joe Coscia Two icons. Non better. Such class.
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Susie Fuccillo Great Talent and Beauty! Miss them both!
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Teddi Curcio Both favorites. Of mine..loved all their movies..
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Scott Kenan FYI: I worked with Natalie Wood's family's attorney and the Los Angeles County Detectives and a few years ago -- got Natalie's death investigation RE-OPENED as a murder investigation because of privileged info I had via writer Gavin Lambert that he told both Tennessee Williams (my boss then), and me about Natalie in a PANIC because she caught Robert Wagner (her husband), and Christopher Walken in HOT SEX and knew they would KILL her if they found out she knew (she didn't think they saw her). 

She was DEAD a week later. 

The yacht's captain changed his testimony also contributing to this.

LATER, I met many of Frank Sinatra's heirs, who sold my Kenan Family control of their Bank of America!!!

So let us this morning, ALSO remember my friend Evan Fish -- MURDERED in early September 2011 by Wilmington Police (confirmed by New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies):

You see, Evan Fish KNEW all about Mayor Saffo's, Police Chief Evangelous's, and District Attorneys Ben and Jon David's NARCO-TRAFFICKING with Wilmington's Politicians of BOTH Parties -- and TOP Christian Churches.

ALL supplied largely by my employer of twenty years, Patrick Stansbury of (now in permanent "construction" due to my blogging, but ALSO of



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