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RP: The RETURN of the Wilmington Republican/Christian Drug Mafia -- Trying to HAUNT My Inaccessible-to-Me Facebook Page??? (And led by a distinctly NON-Christian -- LOL!!!)

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Zuberandor Chessiex's profile photo:

Here's the funny thing: Zuberandor (neither his first or last names google up anything to write of), was born in London, England and now lives in Wilmington, North Carolina. He Facebook-friended me about two months ago -- and I un-friended him almost six weeks ago, because he had so many FB postings, they were clogging my FB Timeline -- and most had no basis in reality (unless you are drug-addled).

But it was his HUGE cheer for Donald Trump when I had just pointed out his connection to the NAZI/Catholic side of my family via Mike Pence, that gave me the impetus to unfriend him.

This ALSO has some GOOD STUFF of an off-color to Americans matter -- but a source of PRIDE to the Mexicans (85% of whom claim to be Roman Catholic):

I thought it odd to get a Friend Request from Zuberandor today, so I researched him a little:

Mr. Chessiex's OTHER Facebook image meant to represent him.

And prominently in Zuberandor's collections of photos are LOTS of pics of my old buddy, FAILED Republican Mayoral Candidate 2011 (failed at NC Senator a few years later), TATTOO PARLORIST Justin LaNasa!!!

Justin LaNasa, owner of Hardwire Tattoo, three locations:

Now, Justin cleans up "real good", as they say:

But in 2011, I chanced on Justin planting his WAY oversize (illegal) Mayoral Campaign sign by the entrance to the downtown Library, and when I asked him about it, he said, "By the time they can do anything about it -- the election will be OVER-- HA!!!"

And he was right. It stood for at least three weeks before its legal removal a week before the election. And he took a BEATING in that election.

Also funny that a guy calling himself "Mitch Bosanna", whom I never met but corresponded with, GAVE ME (somehow), the email lists of ALL those who contributed to Mayor Saffo's campaign as well as ALL those who contributed to LaNasa's challenge (far fewer), and THAT was the nucleus of my ORIGINAL Email List (it was 1,200 - 1,500 back then), to send this blog's posts to -- LOL!!!

Mitch Bosanna was an "Italo-Jew" (fifty-fifty), and insisted he was heterosexual -- at that time, I still couldn't believe a nice-looking/nice-acting guy could POSSIBLY actually be straight -- LOL!!!

Sadly, I learned my lesson about that, though!!!

Last I heard from Mitch, he was hiding deep in Mexico (where I also was), that about 2.5 years ago. His Facebook Page remains, and although his Friends have dwindled, two prominent Wilmingtonians remain there -- author and Star News columnist Celia Rivenbark, and owner of Perry's Emporium (a HUGE jewelry store), Alan Perry 

Mitch ALSO sent me background of the sexual adventures of Daliah Saper (she prostituted herself to put herself through a Catholic Law School), and one of her subordinate lawyers, Daliah filing the false charge of LIBEL for Jamie Lee Sutherland -- and managing to get a conviction IN ABSENTIA without allowing me a defense, after NEVER LEGALLY SERVING ME.

Oh well, my point was to be that I ALSO discovered that not only was the street drug trash using computers at Justin LaNasa's tattoo parlor on Front Street to hack my computer -- but the stalked me downtown, cat-calling that I had molested their young sons in front of crowds. All I could do was DEMAND that they have me prosecuted, which they declined, saying, "We are going to have MORE FUN THAN THAT with you!!!"

And I got so frazzled that Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo took my case from Emily Zvejnieks, and made a deal for me to hide out in a DRY OUT TANK from them -- and it DID stop the cat-calling. 

So I have no love for Mr. LaNasa, and just now, I discovered how SIMILAR to Mr. Chessiex's images is Justin LaNasa's from his business:

Justin is BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN -- surely you can TELL!!!

And it turns out that all signs point to Zuberandor Chessiex owning Port City Vapor Shop -- also on Front Street -- dedicated to getting people high, LEGALLY

So what happened the OTHER time Facebook blocked my access to my page for a month, was that a lot of DRUG NUTS and "Christians" made lousy comments all over my stuff -- that being mid-summer in heat of campaigning -- and I could NOT respond. 

THIS time, none of that has happened, but these people -- and Zuberandor has several of Justin LaNasa's "tattoo artists" from his shop as Facebook Friends -- are just turds, and so I'm ignoring him. He DID like commenting on my postings, before.

So old Rex Tillerson (a year younger than me, and my Kenan Family's TOP EXECUTIVE in Business), is still in FIRST PLACE for State. I've said all I know about him -- very little -- and the Press has gotten into it thickly, now. I'm into FINDING THE CONNECTIONS and WHYS and HOWS of things.

What I realized today, is that the recently retired Exxon-Mobil exec I met in -- YES, a Carl's Jr. (Hardee's), source of one other of Trump's cabinet picks -- in Puerto Vallarta in January 2015, was REALLY saying not just that my Kenan relatives who control them worked with the CIA and Clinton State Department to put Enrique Pena Nieto into power, and he promptly changed the Mexican Constitution so Exxon and others could get Mexican oil.

He also made sure the Kenans, CIA, Clintons, Episcopal Church USA got the hard drugs, as I've detailed MANY places in this blog.

Obviously, for Exxon-Mobil to be so intimately involved in "regime change" in Mexico, Tillerson, the CEO was COMPLETELY aware of it and involved.

NOW, he's buddy-buddy with Vladimir Putin -- just like Donald Trump, who is AT WAR with US Intelligence Agencies!!! This will ONLY get stranger, so

Dancing Gay Bears, -- WHOOPS!!! Gay DogsColima, Colima, Mexico

Christopher Allmon (on right), pole-dancing with another Army buddy!!!

Evan Fish was forced to jump to his death off the top of the parking deck by the downtown Library in early September 2011 -- by Wilmington Police -- because he knew too much about my former employer Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. in Snellville, GA distributing the drugs flown into Maxwell AFB in Alabama from Maine to Florida -- but ESPECIALLY to Politicians and Christian Churches here in Wilmington.

This was CONFIRMED to me by Sheriff's Deputies, also on the scene.

I love this photo of two of EVERYONE in New Hanover County's most valuable friendsJudge Robin Robinson swearing in Sheriff Ed McMahon.


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