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RP: Santa Left Me a CORPSE in the Second Bedroom -- but NOT KILLED By the US Government ASSASSIN, Living Next Door (a new revelation)!!!

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I took this photo this morning as soon as there was enough light not to use a flash. And my Former Roommate and I got a BIG LAUGH out of it -- and APPROVED my posting it with the above title -- so that Grandpa Christmas ("Testosteroni"), can crack up at home, too!!!

Anyway, he was up just in time to run off for services of his Anchor Church,, now meeting in Temple of Israel, just two blocks down the street. I have GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS about that congregation, and the BEST is that it appears that Pastor Philip Chryst is actually doing MANY good things for homeless, including ownership of and reasonable rents of apartments and a bicycle refurbishment operation to help poor people with transportation.

Rev. Chryst

Old Roomie is CERTAIN that Rev. Chryst is UNAWARE of all the drug dealers dealing drugs AT church services -- or by connecting at the services. He's ALSO unaware of the male (and probably female as well), PROSTITUTION similarly run. Remember, THREE gay whores were sent up from The Anchor Church for ME to buy, but I refused. 

And I have to say TOO, that I seriously doubt that the older, rich and established Christian Churches, have this problem -- but then they don't MINISTER to Street People, putting them in DANGER of nearly OPEN drug dealing and prostitution. I hope Pastor Chryst becomes aware of the problem and is able to clean up his church.

Pastor John "JB" Butler and his wife Sherry of, actually WROTE ME claiming I am against "God's People" (but refused to send a LIST of them so I would know who they are).

My Readers know that it was Dustin Goldsmith (now in jail), who with his buddies from Christwalk church, were the BREAK-IN and LARCENCY, then SALES OF STOLEN GOODS, operation.

Dustin Andrew Goldsmith, pre-jail

And, this afternoon, Old Roomie has invited a woman ten years older than himself to our Christmas Baby-Back Ribs Dinner -- I've already used the BUTT RUB on it from Costco -- which I have NEVER used on ANY of my roommates (or myself):

In any case, this woman lives alone in an apartment with room and privacy for "Old Roomie", and might be able to RENT HIM A ROOM!!! Not in the safest area of town, I'm sure she would feel safer having the little FEISTY-MOUTHED FIGHTER around, no??? 

(The cops know what I mean!!!)

MOST IMPORTANT HERE is that although not engaging in criminal activities, now, Old Roommate and the people he goes to church with, COMPLETELY ASSOCIATE their drinking, drugging, whoring, and other crimes with the CORRECT EXPRESSION OF JESUS'S CHURCH!!!


Readers know that I reported this first -- and it comes from KENAN-CONTROLLED UNC Chapel Hill!!!

North Carolina’s Democracy Ranked On Par With Cuba

The state barely counts as a democracy anymore, says an electoral integrity report.

 12/24/2016 08:21 am ET

And WHILE I'M AT IT, everyone needs to know (or be reminded, if Readers of my blog), that as UGLY as the Kenan/Tillerson/Putin Family is, it has done MANY good things as well.

Kenan Family Figureheads, Betty (Price) Kenan (in center with puppy, and not a known drugs or alcohol abuser), and Thomas S. Kenan III.

Stanley Winborne III (to the left of Colin Stuart Hamilton -- and in the last few days MANY have found this blog googling "Colin Hamilton BBC World Service"), at a Puerto Vallarta Writers Group lunch in July 2014. That's my "Devil's Sign" raised over Stanley's head.)

Stanley's son was in charge of shipping all the Heroin back from Afghanistan when Hillary Clinton had him second in charge of our Embassy in Afghanistan.

Colin Hamilton was MURDERED by Drug Mafia just over a year ago -- and ONLY Jennifer McCracken here in Wilmington in Carolina Apartments knew all the details -- how they found the body five hours away, and how and WHY the CIA then RELEASED THE MURDERER!!! 

And my ACTUAL POINT was to be that it was TWO descendants of Tom Kenan's branch of the family who were TOP SHRINKS of the American Psychiatric Association who put all the studies together, then REMOVED Homosexuality from the DSM (Official Document defining all scientifically accepted Mental Illnesses), in 1973!!! 

This is FUNNY -- given that I met Monica's cousin (corrected: GOOD FRIEND), whose immediate family in El Salvador built and RUN (corrected: RAN, they now in PRISONS in El Salvador), Bain Capital for Mitt Romney as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE -- and TODAY, "Cuz Kathleen" is moving into Carolina Apartments built by William Rand Kenan, Jr. in 1905 and also harbors INTERNATIONAL NARCO-TRAFFICKERS -- TODAY!!!

Monica Lewinsky is notorious. The former White House intern is (in)famous for her affair with former president Bill Clinton. After a decade long hiatus from the national spotlight, Lewinsky is reemerging and she has a lot to say.
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>>> I JUST CALLED MY MOM FOR CHRISTMAS!!! And it went very well -- as did it go with sister Jane, who also was there.

And although I TOLD THEM how much Testosteroni is helping EXTRA (my alternator, lower denture, and Old Roomie's stipend, too), they made NO INDICATION they would help me financially even for a "special item" -- mostly because -- I have to assume -- they feel NO RESPONSIBILITY for calling Police Departments, Judges, and others, LYING THAT I AM BIPOLAR, which is the ONLY REASON corrupted officials in Georgia and North Carolina FORCED me homeless, and all the FALSE imprisonments, nut-house commitments, and even my being held hostage by US Special OPs Benjamin Shields of Conchas Chinas (who owned all the "" and related websites), as well as "Sonny", released by the CIA from 25 year sentence in TOP SECURITY US Prisons after only 11 years -- to PROTECT CIA/State Department narco-trafficking with the Episcopal Church in the Puerto Vallarta area.

That's right, my MOTHER had long conversations with both Ben Shields and Sonny on HOW TO DEAL WITH ME!!! She DID then send the money for me to drive to Raleigh, then forced me to homelessness when I refused to cooperate with the shrink Mom set me up with all her LIES AND LIES AND LIES that I am the WORST LYING BIPOLAR EVER.

Mom gets ALL her instructions directly (and indirectly) from the Roman Catholic Popes.

So while it went great on the phone with both of them (an important call came in ending my conversation with Jane -- a BLESSING), I am BEGINNING to give up on thinking ANY FEMALE has ANY INTEREST in FACTS and REASON AT ALL!!!

>>> AND THE SHOCKING TRUTH OF HOW THE US GOVERNMENT TREATS VETERANS, is BEST ILLUSTRATED in what our Government has done to my neighbor Neal Duffy.

Not only was Neal once carried home at age five by Robert F. Kennedy while RFK was campaigning door to door in his Boston Irish-Catholic slum, but at OTHER times and for other reasons, John F. Kennedy picked him up while riding a hay-wagon campaigning for President, earlier, but Teddy Kennedy once had reason to carry Neal up a flight of stairs -- LOL!!!

Neal met NO Kennedy women, wives, or children -- which was MY specialty, meeting all JFK's sisters (except Rosemary, of course), their husbands, and many of their children.

But I knew Jackie Kennedy Onassis best:

And while he was an Army recruit, Neal's talent for SHOOTING was developed. He worked under Russel Honore' -- and on "special projects" for Bill Clinton (meeting him several times in person).

Neal was a US GOVERNMENT ASSASSIN (Neal's word), but I know better than to think he could tell me OF WHOM or HOW MANY.

My point being that Neal, a Soldier, obeyed orders killing like a criminal for Our Government, and NOW -- in his SERIOUS time of need (obvious physical disabilities), he's DENIED BENEFITS to replace the two knees he needs to do his line of work, now, surveying.

And I asked if he ever heard of the "Duplin Rifles", and he responded, "DAMN STRAIGHT" (which ALWAYS makes me giggle when uttered by a straight man) -- he'd STUDIED THEM!!!

The Duplin Rifles were the TOP MARKSMEN in the Confederate Army, and William Rand Kenan, Sr. was the ONLY Confederate credited with penetrating Washington's defenses and taking a CLEAR SHOT at President Lincoln. He missed and killed Lincoln's Aide.

And LATER, William R. Kenan, Sr., an ELDER here at Wilmington's First Presbyterian, was the BIGGEST CAUSE of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, which emboldened the ENTIRE SOUTH to pass all the Jim Crow Laws within the next two years.

So now we're back to Kenansville, North Carolina -- where Donald Trump paid HOMAGE to the Kenan Family -- WHITE SUPREMACISTS and NARCO-TRAFFICKERS for JESUS, nearly ALL!!!

And to Mom's credit, she listened ATTENTIVELY to all this about the Kenans and Trump, and said -- meaning it -- that I have become "QUITE the HISTORIAN" -- LOL!!! 



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