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RP: Seeking the MISSING-IN-ACTION: Mark Mathes Formerly of Pelican Publishing, Who Wanted to Publish Me!!!

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And "Testosteroni" is an INTROVERT:

These images BOTH from sites associated with Mark Mathes, whom I CANNOT FIND after calling Pelican Publishing, the Ponchatoula Times, and a publisher in Florida this morning -- all fairly RECENTLY associated with Mark had NO IDEA where he now is -- but I KNOW he's alive, as I found his active Twitter Account. I just don't know how to get in touch with a Twitterer, and would rather not join "TRUMP NATION" that thinks so few characters can speak to ANY issue -- except as a SLAP.

Two recent Tweets of Mr. Mathes:

Photo of Tennessee Williams cooking in his kitchen in 1973, attributed to Victor Campbell (one of Tennessee's 1970s lovers and assistants, long-term), whom I (Scott Kenan), met about ten years ago at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, and even later emailed back and forth (about four years ago).

Mark Mathes apparently is in touch with Victor, and posted this September 9, 2016.

And then on December 11, 2016 (two days ago), Mr. Mathes re-tweeted this:

Mark Mathes was VERY AWARE of the Drug Mafia and other crimes of my wealthy Kenan relatives who have controlled Standard Oil/Exxon-Mobil since 1913 -- and of their ties (via Rex Tillerson, especially), to the Russian Government of Vadimir Putin.

So WHY do none of his RECENT EMPLOYERS know a thing about where he is??? The recept at The Ponchatoula (Louisiana) Times gave me his recent phone number which was answered by an elderly lady who never heard of Mark -- but also his email address, which I will TRY contacting him through after completing this posting, but I have LITTLE CONFIDENCE it is correct. 

For the moment, I will lay off this and concentrate on my other "Goals of the Day" as sent to "Testosteroni":

1. Contact and set up appointments with my dentists for the extractions and manufacture of a full snap-in lower denture: DONE, first appointment with the oral surgeon on January 24, 2017.

Good News for Thomas Elliot Keith, top shill for the Episcopal Church/Sewanee that MURDERED Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard, who still has HUGE SWAY over the New Orleans Tennessee Williams Festival -- and WHO keeps blocking me from speaking there. Thomas Keith ALSO KILLED Kenneth Holditch's recent book that was under contract to publish -- like he and others killed MY memoir's publication by Alyson Books as their FEATURED hard-cover release of 30 books, spring 2010.

I'll have a floppy, temp denture and not good at talking, then (Festival 2017 -- late March).

2. Find a lawyer to go after Wilmington, NC lawyer David Nash -- which could bring down Republican Judge Chad Hogston and District Attorney Benjamin R. David, too. A Civil Rights case.

The first step in this is relatively easy, and I still should complete that later today.

3. Contact Mark Mathes of Pelican Press. I'm TRYING, but I can ALSO report that Pelican Press is VERY INTERESTED in possibly publishing ANYTHING I write about Tennessee Williams, although the person I spoke with did NOT know much about my Kenan Family, so who knows their interest in publishing that, too, now. 


Late yesterday afternoon, I visited the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter, and they allowed me to leave a note for my former roommate to CALL ME for some good news. Of course I did not put on that note that they posted on their board for him (I hope he got it), that it involves a limited-but-significant income through March 2017, given to him through me.

The fact that I STILL have not heard from Old Roomie is a matter of considerable concern, but as I explained to Testosteroni, the guy had been working his last TWO long-term jobs under a FALSE Social Security number, and his most recent one was HOLDING his last (and significant) pay, until he showed them an ORIGINAL or proper Official Copy of his SS card. He does NOT have the documents to be able to get that office to issue this to him, so it will take a while.

Also true is that it is a BIG CRIME to deliberately work under false SS documentation. So he MIGHT have some serious stuff to sort out with the LAW when that catches up to him -- unless he was just DRUG-ADDLED from his prescribed drugs when he REPEATEDLY told me this.

Old Testo, like a "RAPTURING OLD CHRISTIAN WOMAN", yesterday TOLD ME how the Social Security people will CHANGE REGULATIONS FOR THIS GUY -- something he pulled out of his imagination -- he too long a bona fide RECLUSE who is afraid of his landlord, Time Warner Cable, and even what his BANK thinks of how he spends his money (he seems to think they will UPBRAID HIM if they don't like his choices), to have ANY IDEA how today's practical world functions -- remember he had INSISTED I go to my local Travel Agent to have them plan and book my trip to the Williams Festival in March 2015.

And yesterday, he called Western Union to try to send a TELEGRAM to my old roommate at the Salvation Army Shelter -- discovering that WU has not done telegrams in over ten years!!!

The GOOD NEWS here is that Testosteroni is LEARNING, and I think realizing that Old Roomie is NOT as "pristine" a character as Testo likes to imagine -- but we both AGREE, that he deserves another chance. Remember that over a year's time -- and BEFORE he became my roommate -- the guy had called me three times wanting to exchange sex for a couple of beers (which he maintains he only does if drinking). I turned him down each time, and even after all the months of living together, I never saw him naked (or felt him up in the dark)!!!


The global oil surplus will disappear in 2017: http://money.cnn.com/2016/12/13/investing/oil-market-glut-iea-opec/index.html

Blackmailed Homosexual Barack Obama had to deal with NAZI/Christian/Republicans yelling:

"God will make more (wildlife)"

So Obama OPENED DRILLING UP -- but more so FRACKING, which is already causing creeks and rivers to catch fire from leaking methane gas, POLLUTED UNDERGROUND AQUIFERS, and caused THOUSANDS of minor and medium EARTHQUAKES, especially in Oklahoma. 

Despite his many failings, Bill Clinton left us with a BUDGET SURPLUS (surplus for years 1998 - 2001, the last Clinton Budget), so that the DEMON REPUBLICANS could plunge us back into HUGE DEFICITS.

NOW, Obama is leaving us with so much oil and gas that the USA is virtually energy self-supporting, but Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson will take us back to paying FAR MORE for carbon energy, and likely continue to try to KILL responsible, "green" energy.


Nobel Peace Prize laureate Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos reacts to the torchlight parade from the balcony of the Grand Hotel in Oslo, Norway December 10, 2016. Santos called for the world to rethink the drug war while accepting the prize.

Colombian President Says Drug War More Dangerous Than All World Conflicts Combined

Juan Manuel Santos urged a major rethinking of an effort that has failed to control “this scourge that feeds violence and corruption.”

 12/12/2016 08:27 pm ET


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