Tuesday, December 20, 2016

RP: Surprise, SURPRISE: CONFUSION Still Reigns Here in North Carolina!!!

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North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory with his TOP Wilmington female supporters, including now out-gone Republican New Hanover County Commission Head, Beth Dawson (two to right of McCrory and in back), and Republican District Court Judge Lindsey Luther (tall, thin blond in red).

I do not recognize the others.

Beth Dawson RESIGNED as an Elder of First Presbyterian after her husband was arrest for soliciting prostitutes a year ago. Then she LOST in the Republican Primary -- because she typically voted WITH DEMOCRATS!!!

And although Lindsey's husband Evan Luther PROUDLY posts Facebook images like this, his wife is STILL considered a GOOD CHRISTIAN and Lindsey REMAINS an Elder:

ALSO an Elder at First Presbyterian is District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- NOMINALLY a Democrat, but his identical twin brother Jon David, the Republican District Attorney across the river, and his wife Stephanie David is a LONG TIME Republican operative who worked intimately with Lamar Alexander and Mitt Romney.

Jon and Ben David share a moment.


First Presbyterian includes Kenan Chapel (unseen behind tree to the left), and the MASSIVE Kenan Steeple and "Six-Foot Kenan Cock", a ROOSTER weather vane atop the steeple meant to represent the wake-up call of the Reformation.

And in Kenan Chapel is a stone bass relief, built into the wall, of the SUFFERING FACE OF JESUS -- actually outlawed by Presbyterian bylaws and practice -- MEANT to represent Frank Hawkins Kenan -- the BIGGEST WHITE SUPREMACIST in North Carolina of the Twentieth Century.

His ancestor, William Rand Kenan, Sr., was CHIEF CAUSE of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, WHILE Kenan was an ELDER at First Presbyterian, and First Prez with OTHER white Christian Churches. 

Our DISTRICT ATTORNEY is PROUD of his Christian White Supremacist and Narco-Trafficking Church. so BULLY FOR HIM!!!

So, anyway, it seems yesterday's news sources claimed that incoming North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper had called a Special Session of the NC Legislature TODAY to repeal HB2 (commonly called the "Bathroom Bill"), after getting assurances from the Republicans heading both houses, but IN FACT, I learned from the Raleigh News and Observer this morning, that Gov. Pat McCrory has called the session for this purpose to REPEAL HIS OWN BILL!!!

Checking, the Inauguration of the new Governor is Jan. 7, so he could NOT yet call the Legislature into session -- and it is being called for TOMORROW, not today.

Just a small SHOUT-OUT to Rep. Susi Hamilton -- who kept her head through ALL of this!!!

And in the matter of my writing former Sen. Richard Lugar (and copying President Weinberg of our Denison University), I have DELAYED, and after some research this morning, I'm now ready to proceed.

What surprised me, is that I have known of him since moving to Columbus, Ohio in 1968 -- the year he became Mayor of Indianapolis -- and for SOME unknown reason, I have always thought he was a JEW, but I just learned he's a lifelong Methodist. That doesn't actually change anything, but since the Reiner Family of Hollywood made me an "Honorary Jew" after I FIRST blogged that my parents were American's TOP NAZIs in 2010, I just feel a special affinity with Jews -- although I've never been interested in actually converting from Metaphysical Study to Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or other.

INTEND to work on my letter to Dick Lugar, next.



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