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RP: To Clear a Few Things Up (the confusion caused by BOTH my rash statements and NEW information)!!!

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Zuberandor Chessiex Gooooo. Trump !!!!!!!!
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Scott Kenan Well Zuberandor Chessiex -- CIA HATE-BOT that it is -- is CORRECT!!! 

Trump is nothing but GOO!!! In fact he's a BAD CUM SHOT -- LOL!!! Here is a photo I took of Quetzalcoatl's CUM SHOT -- made into a statue to honor the city of Colima, Mexico's origin as springing up from the sperm of the god "Quetzie" (as I like to call him). "Semilla" is Spanish for "seed":

People are saying it’s time to crack down on folks radicalized at their places of worship. Let’s start with Mike Pence. 

To begin with, I OVERSTATED the following, yesterday:

And you will FIND OUT how I SHOULD be able to find a local attorney to take on the City of Wilmington, lawyer David Nash, District Attorney Ben David, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, and Mayor Bill Saffo for DRUG TRAFFICKING and PROSTITUTION RINGS and WHITE SUPREMACY -- when I decide to DO IT.

What I found a good path to is finding a local lawyer to go after lawyer David Nash -- and that necessarily will bring the microscope to Judge Chad Hogston, and Prosecutor "Miss Coca Leaf", real-named Lindsey Roberson, now an attorney in private practice in Wilmington. Also, will scrutinize District Attorney Ben David -- and even my first Public Defender, Emily Zvejniecks, whom I am of divided mind about. Emily was fairly GREEN then, and seemed bamboozled by the OFFENCE, which included Judge Hogston.


It is ALSO TRUE -- as my Readers will recall -- that in 1990 when I was held for 15 weeks without charge in Dekalb County, Georgia, after I FOOLISHLY reported the major narco-trafficking then through Stone Mountain Park behind my home to Newt Gingrich's Congressional Office and to CNN HQ in Atlanta, I was ALSO assigned a Defender at the END OF THE ALPHABET. In BOTH cases, I was "tried" at the very end of the day when the Courtroom had cleared so virtually NO WITNESSES of people waiting for trials.

Emily did NOT assign me that way, but SOMEONE DID -- for the purpose of NO Witnesses. So I give Emily the benefit of the doubt -- at least for now.

But let's get to the immediate situation in which my former roommate is NOT in jail, now, and I DO NOT KNOW if he has contacted his Probation Officer or not. It was CLEAR that the P.O. who NEVER GOT either my or roomie's many voicemails asking for his help -- or the ones in which I TOLD HIM I would have to charge the guy and then that I DID charge the guy.

This HAS to be TOP LEVEL HACKING of the Probation Department's Voicemail System. I had the SAME problem in 2012 with Benefits Management's voicemail system -- and even interference -- SEVERE -- with my US MAIL through the downtown Wilmington Post Office in 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2016.

And Teri Motsinger ALSO had at least one of MY checks (only mine), mailed to Bank of America on Third Street returned to her as UNKNOWN ADDRESS!!!

And this morning -- like ALL of recent weeks -- I often lose my internet connection PRECISELY when I go to ADD to this blog (I lost it FOUR TIMES in the last hour), when I try to get to my own-domain email via Outlook and GoDaddy (and also my email, but differently -- NOT wasting as much time), but FACEBOOK is the WORST!!!

For years, now, I get notices of comments, messages, etc., and after I view them, the SAME ONES pop back up and I have duplicate email messages sent me by Facebook as well. 

THIS MORNING, THIS, also happened, and the one that previously happened concerned my FAVE Spiritual Teacher, Dr. J. Kennedy Shultz's "widow", Wayne Gibson -- a KNOWN person with a large following, but NOT as famous as my good friend John Lahr!!!

Scott Kenan to John Lahr

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Hi John Lahr: I just a minute ago got a request to friend you from a "John Lahr" using your same profile photo. I quickly checked and I am STILL your FB Friend, so someone is trying to impersonate you. I had this exact same thing happen with another friend a couple of months ago. I don't know what there is to do about it, but here is the Timeline page of that entity. I did NOT friend it, and if like the other one, it will probably disappear in a couple of days:…

Scott Kenan And now, checking again the page is "no longer available". Go figure!!!
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Scott Kenan This is a screen capture of the email of the request. When I went to capture it, the photo had disappeared as the site is no longer there.

Scott Kenan's photo.
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Grace Hunsberger Gehret · Friends with John Lahr
This has happened to a number of my friends. Probably should change Facebook password?
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Scott Kenan Grace: It was not necessarily a Facebook password breach. ANYONE could save then use ANY photo from Facebook or elsewhere, then ANY name, and open a Facebook profile. It was just some kind of CHEAP TRICK, and I don't understand its purpose.
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Additionally, for about three MONTHS NOW, it takes my computer up to four minutes to either SAVE an image or USE an image on my computer by pasting it in (for nearly the whole time, the box to do this shows "not responding", but it eventually DOES if I have patience) -- although occasionally it is nearly an instantaneous process, as it SHOULD BE (especially when the internet is not needed to paste into Word from my computer).

Two weeks ago, on warning that my hard drive was 98% full, I REMOVED about 350 GB of saved things to an external hard drive, and defragged. It has NOT HELPED!!!

MORE high-order HACKING!!!

And I JUST ran into this image -- which I offer to my niece Taylor and nephews Connor and Max:

This is getting LONG, so let me finish what is important. Former roommate had said SEVERAL TIMES (while actually seeming sober), that he should just violate his probation with a TECHNICALITY (as opposed to actual crime), and serve the 45 days in jail and NOT have another nine months or so on Probation. 

It APPEARS he is doing this, but I don't know that yet. He is STILL not in jail -- and I have heard from no one else about this.
Trolling Pence continues... Most excellent.

Neighbors of Vice President-Elect Mike Pence are coming out in solidarity against…




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