Friday, December 16, 2016

RP: The Wilmington Star News and Executive Editor Pam Sander DOUBLE DOWN in Support of NAZI/WHITE CHRISTIAN SUPREMACY and DRUG ADDICTION of Our Children!!!

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Pam Sander

It is WAY BEYOND THE PALE that in their morning email of TOP STORIES (including about twenty), that this morning the Wilmington Star News mentioned NOTHING of the attempt at a virtual coup of Republicans in the NC Legislature and outgoing Republican "Bathroom Bill" Governor Pat McCrory, and it is still ongoing.

No updates now in 16 hours, so no action to report by Huffington Post, which KEEPS this story very HIGH on its stories list:

Then LOOK at this headline from THIS MORNING, when for TWO DAYS, at least, ALL security agencies are reporting this, and MORE than a day ago, Obama said he will TAKE ACTION against Russia for their hacking of our systems!!!

How many even STUPID, IGNORANT people believe ANYTHING from the Wilmington Star NewsTODAY???

This turned out NOT to be exactly true.

This case was never actually MADE (although I am AWARE of her treasons -- like those of MOST recent Presidents), and I don't generally believe in using the DEATH PENALTY, but if we HAVE IT, it should mainly be for HIGH TREASON and anyone convicted of a pattern of sexually molesting children.

I call for Pam Sander to be TRIED FOR HIGH TREASON!!!

>>> THIS JUST IN: According to MSNBC-TV at 12:52 AM, BOTH North Carolina bills will be voted on TODAY, later. 


1. I brought the mesclun indoors overnight, and my newly planted pansies looked like they had PASSED OUT DRUNK overnight in the freeze, but after the sun came up, they perked RIGHT BACK UP!!!

2. I had a LONG talk with "Testosteroni" this morning -- he turning CHATTY as he continues to advance in age (as do we all), and we agree NOT to further try to contact my former roommate -- and just see how things fall out. He DID  mail his package with some Christmas presents (other than money), for the guy, yesterday.

3. I got notice of an article by the President of Denison University, Adam Weinberg, published on Huffington Post

It's a great article -- if "mildly written" -- and it reminded me to call the Alumni Office -- which I did to update my contact information since I have gotten NOTHING from them since I moved three blocks from my former apartment in Carolina Apartments. Denison TRACKED ME DOWN on their own and mailed to me in Mexico (via a Miami, FL address), that I never gave them.

MORE PROOF of the downtown Post Office being ADDLED BY CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA, and not responding to Denison's request for change of address. This blog has ALL THE EVIDENCE of that Post Office losing MUCH of my mail (including checks), BURYING my request for a Postal Inspector to PROSECUTE Jennifer McCracken for illegally placing a HATE NOTE in my mailbox.

Jennifer McCracken not only CLAIMED CREDIT for my losing four gmail and one yahoo mail (managed by Google Gmail), accounts, but claimed she got her orders from her Mormon Family, and her brother is a CIA-CORRUPTED Sheriff's Deputy dedicated to protecting and helping DRUG TRAFFICKING in Port Wilmington.

Jenny McCracken's TOP POLITICAL ALLY is Republican Judge Lindsey Luther, an ELDER at First Presbyterian (like D.A. Ben David):

YES, I have fingers that type as SHOCKINGLY as Donald Trump!!! And THIS is typical of the WHITE SUPREMACY messages of members of First PresbyterianLARGELY still supported by my TREASONOUS KENAN FAMILY:

Well, I called and spoke with a young man in Denison's Alumni Office, and between what I told him about my Denison Student Career -- and my extraordinary experiences and connections, I would have expected him to suggest I speak with the Alumni Magazine editor on the possibility of my writing an article (in my NEW "Diplomatic Approach"), but he had little interest, and given the shocking nature of much of my knowledge, I've decided to soon write Denison's President.

Perhaps he will enjoy my letter more than even this bit of HOLIDAY CHEER!!!

I'll write it in "DOUBLE PORTION MODE" -- OK???



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