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RP: As We Await Kenan/Tillerson/Putin's CONFIRMATION to Secretary of State, I HONOR Another Basketball Coach (and other things as well)!!!

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This from local Wilmington, North Carolina bartender, Katie Miller, from here: It cracked me up last night and I promised her I'd use it today.

Of course the Women's March beat the HELL out of both of them, and only HALLUCINATORS think Donald Trump had much of a crowd -- MANY of whom he PAID to fill seats -- LOL!!!

And THIS was what I ALSO wanted to run first -- from North Carolinian Amy Sedaris (look her up)!!!:

And I REALLY fell in love with some of Mark Bryan's images -- not ALL of them -- but many are PERFECT (especially having to do with Politics and Religion)

Here are another two -- I'd gotten SO MANY COMPLIMENTS to the image of his posted at top of my last posting, and I only thought to post a LINK TO HIS WORK after emailing that posting to my 180+ contacts, so I will give it again as well:

"The High Wire"

"The Train to Heaven"

Please check out the artwork of  Mark Bryan by clicking on "Galleries", wherein you are CERTAIN to find some rather extraordinary images

THANK GOD both Bill and Hillary Clinton have moved to "Forgottensville":
Well AIN'T THAT NICE of the Narco-Trafficking Old Witch!!!

She didn't attend the march, but called it "awe-inspiring."

From Steve Rohr -- shared The Other 98%'s photo.
10 mins ·

Our new Secretary of Education. There ain't no Amway salve for this. Or is it solve?
The Other 98%
Trump's Secretary of Education!!!


And THIS is just TOO FUNNY!!!:
Port City Daily published a GLOWING REPORT of Republican Melissa Gott attending Trump's inauguration

But EASY TO GOOGLE, Ms. Gott was KICKED OFF Voter Rolls after she AGGRESSIVELY tried to run for New Hanover County Commission a few years ago -- LOL!!!

"The news media only likes the negative when it comes to Trump. But I was there in-person and there's a lot more positive then you would think, from all walks of life."

Scott Kenan Melissa Gott:
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Jack McClellan spent three decades leading West Chester High School (later Henderson) to 498 wins and eight Ches-Mont titles. Photo (about 1969)Courtesy of his daughter, Debbie (McClellan) Bunting

And then I got into a FAR LONGER Facebook thread of Kerry Glatts's, yesterday (only a SMALL portion is published here), which brought out DEBBIE (MCCLELLAN) BUNTING:

Kerry Glatts today

Scott Kenan Kerry Glatts: 1. I hope you got my comment on another thread about how I knew Bob Barr, "your" Libertarian Candidate for President in 2008

2. I hope you read this that was just posted by Timothy Tew who owns the best Art Gallery in Atlanta

"I have bemoaned the lack of civility on social media. But now I think the lack of civility is actually serving a great cause and the problem isn’t that we’ve become mouthy, opinionated and aggressive. Instead, the problem is the false sense of unity and getting along that preceded this technological advancement. 

The fact is that we’ve been too busy and didn’t have a town square or a bench at the local gas station where we could meet and talk about things. I don’t think we realize how ruinous this has been to society and without these outlets we sucked up our differences, hid what we thought and tried to play nice. But without a way to exchange ideas, speak our truths and let off steam we actually compounded our problems. 

Social media has now unleashed a torrent of repressed emotions and ideological differences and we are saying what we think to people we’ve never even met, without any regard for where or how they live, how old they are, what they’ve been through and often without reference to the values they were raised with. And because we are doing this from behind our computers we don’t have to truly deal with the upset we are causing them and they are causing us.

I’m reminded that just as the baby comes out of the womb after nine months this will change. However, it’s going to get worse and the families, friendships and communities at odds with each other is going to settle into state of permanency if we don’t grasp what we need to learn from this. However, separation is what happens when people refuse to accept and embrace differences: differences they’ve never had to deal with and don’t particularly want to understand.

It would be really nice if we or they could just “grow up”. But most of the time this is impossible and we have to go through hurt, loss, fear, deceit, mistakes, regret and anger in order to see and learn. I’m not encouraging arguments on social media, but we need to realize that relationships are actually strengthened by honesty and going through difficulty rather than hiding who we are, playing polite and avoidance. But we will only get to the other side of this upset if we practice compassion and cultivate love for, and faith in, whatever—whatever— this brings.

Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980): “It is the framework which changes with each new technology and not just the picture within the frame.”

We are dealing with the dramatic restructuring of society. 

None of us was prepared for it and we still don’t understand what it means. But suddenly we are talking, arguing, revealing and discussing things via social media, and we are doing this with people we would have never interacted with before. 

I think that is fabulous! We might wish for civility; we might hope for kindness and we can long for people to agree with us; but this is where we are, what we got, and we need to get a grip or we’re going to end up in civil war over things that we will look back upon and regret and all because we had to be right and they had to be wrong.

Bruce Jacobs ScottDid u get writer's cramp typing all that? By the way, some impressive points made.
Scott Kenan Bruce JacobsI remember your name but you have no pics of yourself from high school that I saw on FB, so I'm not sure I remember you specifically. 

You might remember me as the then only 6' 9" guy who led Bob Jones' campaign for Class President -- and since you worked for W.C. school system, you might have known my father's best friend, Ed Malikowski, whom I corresponded with last a couple of years ago. 

No, I don't get writer's cramp -- anyone who researches me knows that I have 3,802 blog postings (mostly essay length), going back to 2008 -- and well over 1,000,000 REGISTERED hits to my blog, most of those the last three years. I've also published an acclaimed book on my time as Tennessee Williams's last assistant, and am considered the authority on the last two years of his life. 

But first I was an artist, and won top prize in a contest of 30 private colleges in the Mid-West my senior year at Denison University -- my work now hanging in 30 US Embassies and Consulates around the world. 

Also, I'm now back in close touch with my old Henderson High girlfriend, physician, lawyer, and former Chester County Prosecutor, "Christine Busch"!!! 

And thanks for the compliment!!! S.

Debbie Bunting Hey Scott! I sat with Ed Malikowski last year when my Dad (Jack McClellan) was inducted into the Chester County Sports Hall of Fame

He looks wonderful and it was great to reconnect with him!
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Recent photo of Ed Malikowski -- the ONLY White School Official who -- like me, many Blacks, and seven other White students -- LEFT CLASSES and gathered in the school auditorium the day Martin Luther King, Jr.  was assassinated (Coretta Scott King was FROM West Chester, PA, and years later, I learned she HID OUT in our town AFTER King's Assassination)!!!

Ed Malikowski is ALSO a WRITER!!!

To read this next section PROPERLY, you will need to go to my MIRROR blog, that does NOT have this severe FORMATTING PROBLEM:
Francis W. Malikowski
Born: Kingston, PA

US Army Air Corps
- West Point Prep School in the Camp John Hay

- Bataan Death March, Camp O’Donnell, Clark Field,
   Cabanatuan, Zablan Filed

- Noto Maru, Mukaishima, Hiroshima Sub camp #4


A Brother’s Hero

F.W. Malikowski, a Japanese WWII POW’s Unforeseen Journey from Kingston, Pennsylvania to Mukaishima, Japan

By Edward Malikowski

(Francis W. Malikowski was a student of West Point Prep School in the Camp John Hay, Bugio, Philippines when the war started on Dec 8, 1941.  He joined the battle of Bataan and was surrendered to the Japanese military on April 9, 1942.  He survived the Bataan Death March and was held in several camps before being sent to Japan in August of 1944. He was forced to work for Hitachi Zosen in Mukaishima in Hiroshima prefecture until the end of WWII.

This book is based on the author’s memory of listening to his brother’s wartime experience immediately after the war and one interview he conducted with his brother in 1993. The author also used a diary his brother had kept during the war to trace his footsteps.)

Scott Kenan COOL Debbie Bunting!!! 

Ed Malikowski ALSO ran Sun Oil's (my father's and brother Mike's nearly life-long employer -- despite our RICH Kenan relatives' controlling Standard Oil but now Exxon-Mobil/Rex Tillerson) DAY CAMP for Sun Oil kids through high school which was located in Marcus Hook, for many years. 

Back then and even continuing a couple of times later after we moved to Columbus, OH for my senior year (to live across the street from Coach Lou Holtz -- then my parents' NEXT best friend)

Our Malikowski and Kenan families got together every Thanksgiving and Christmas MOSTLY to play CharadesI still think it's the best game, and HOW I got over being self-conscious about looking/being foolish in front of crowds -- and I HAVE done Community Theater in Cape May, NJ, and Fairbanks, AK since then -- and was Tennessee Williams's last assistant), and we drank beer

For his help with Mom's causes, she GOT Lou Holtz his first dream job coaching Notre Dame, and went on to be John Boehner's closest friend and co-Republican strategist on Fox News and elsewhere. 

JACK MCCLELLAN did me one of the BEST FAVORS EVER -- by CUTTING ME (and two others at once), from varsity basketball my junior year!!! I HATED basketball and thought due to my height I HAD to play. In the original version of the book "The Kenan Family", 1967, it was stated that I would get a FULL SCHOLARSHIP for basketball to Duke University (which I did not know then was one of 68 universities getting more private money from Kenan Charities than from any other private source. I didn't go there, though)

Anyway if he's still here, THANK HIM for me, please, and if not, please do so in your prayers. (I later learned he died in 2015: 

I remember how cute and vivacious you were back then!!! Here is the ONE thing near Philly that STILL has my "DNA": I co-founded Whale's, in 1974 with Chuck and Hillary Pritchard, friends from Denison University -- and they still own it although I sold out to them in 1978 -- and I even took Tennessee Williams there in 1981 -- and doing GREAT!!!

Whale's Tale Cape May, Cape May, NJ, Washington Street Mall, Shopping, Cape May…
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Debbie Bunting Too funny Scott! So glad my Dad's cutting you had such a positive effect!! Could it be that your Dad was one of the parents that called in the middle of the night to give him hell about being cut from the team?? It happened a lot! My Dad was my Dad, what can I say.... always my hero though! He passed away February 2015 a month shy of his 89th birthday!
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Scott Kenan Your Dad was TOUGH -- but FAIR and GOOD, and my parents, suspecting I hated B-ball, had told me I didn't HAVE TO play, but I thought it was what my now 6' 11" body CONDEMNED me to do -- and NO my parents would never call ANYONE like that -- HA!!! 

BTW: My Dad died three days before his 96th birthday, and Mom is still going mentally STRONG at 94 in Raleigh!!! On Dad's side, my Great Grandmother, Juliana Moore, was the Oldest Living Confederate Widow in NC, living to about 108, and killed a rattlesnake in the yard with a broomstick at her 100th Birthday Party. 

My 4th cousin, Allan Gurganus's book, Broadway Play, and 1989 TV movie (which won MANY Emmys), Oldest Confederate Widow Tells All, was very loosely based on her and my great-grandfather. Dad has two cousins living near me both over 100 and doing well -- so I guess I will be around for a while.

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But NO high speed train for the Christian/Republican United States!!!

A $2 billion project will see 200-mph trains run from Tangier to Casablanca starting in 2018, and cutting the journey time by more than half.

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An actual Dr. Seuss cartoon from 1941:

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Ken Edelstein
Trump may not have known it, but Steve Bannon surely does: "America First" is a dog-whistle to neo-Nazis and others in the "alt-right" — evoking the name of the...
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