Friday, January 13, 2017

RP: The "Gettysburg Tweet" -- and My Testosteroni's "Cross-to-Bear" -- Oy VEY!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

My TESTOSTERONI CROSS -- as seen tonight with previously mentioned Deco night-light (hand-held camera with no flash).


Strange News Video added a new video: Angry Elephant Destroys Parking Lot.
Elephants are intelligent, which makes them that much more frightening when they are extremely angry...

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From Steve Rohr
6 hrs · 
PULPIT PULP FICTION: Inauguration prayer leaders all preach the Prosperity Gospel - you know, if you're faithful, God will bless you with earthly riches. 

So what's in heaven again? Among them: Franklin Graham, the apple that fell so far from the tree that the seed his father so selflessly planted is now a thorn bush of biblical proportions.

The clergy speaking at Donald Trump's inauguration have mostly non-mainstream theological or political positions. No Muslim or mainline Protestant will speak, but…

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His new strategy has Democrats rallying in 40 cities on Saturday.

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LOL!!! Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down, and Lee Greenwood will headline a concert for President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration, and Jennifer Holliday, The Piano Guys and The Frontmen of Country are among the other musicians performing. 

Actor Jon Voight will also be making an appearance.

Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down and Lee Greenwood will headline a concert for…

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