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RP: In Praise of Patience, Perseverance, and Persistence!!!

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This 4-Year-Old Who Read 1,000 Books Was The Library Of Congress’s Librarian For A Day!!!

1. For the record, my Letter to North Carolina's new Democratic Governor Roy Cooper was RECEIVED by his office at 10:06 AM, yesterday:

2. This morning, "Old Roomie" was the clearest of mind and attitude that I have ever seen him!!! He's off around town, now, and since he left, I got a HANDSOME desk lamp from "Testosteroni" -- and an email promising he is sending Roomie a NEW COMPUTER -- his first, ever (arriving Tuesday) -- and I have to keep it a secret until it arrives. He will "Shit Brix" more than even this IMAGE has caused:

Roomie does NOT read this blog, since at the Library, I think it is blocked to their computers due to this:

Wilmington is a GOD-HATING Christian town -- just ask Democratic Mayor Saffo!!!

And in TODAY'S, also came a letter to Roomie from the NC State Heath Department -- as well as his ORIGINAL copy of his Social Security card -- which he has EAGERLY been awaiting!!!

I have taken DAYLIGHT photos of Testosteroni's "Cross-I-Must-Bear" -- and they might SCORCH some eyeballs -- but they REALLY do take me to task, and I HOPE everyone will enjoy them as much as I do. I'll put them LAST in this posting.

3. Timothy Tew -- who owns perhaps the BEST Art Gallery in Atlanta -- and is WELL CONNECTED also to North Carolina, posted some GREAT STUFF this morning:

I think Americans and politicians who don't like Donald Trump's ideas, and perhaps above all his hubris, bravado, and ugliness towards other people, need to play things very carefully. 

While we should push back on anything and everything they don't like about what he proposes or how he attacks people, we still need to listen, allow for dialogue and Donald Trump deserves the RESPECT of the office he holds unless he hangs himself. He isn't just one idea so let's see what he can do with the ideas we do like, even if there is only one. 

I know many people don't think it could be worse than Donald Trump, but it could. It really could be worse and the divide in our nation suggests we could become ungovernable country and that is a whole new set of problems. Faith sustains the stock market, the dollar and our power. It isn't guaranteed by anything other than faith. 

We may have the most powerful military on earth, but Napoleon's was too, and mistakes by him and the Russians led to his defeat. With the revelations about Donald Trump's ties to Russia and all the push and pull about the truthfulness of the reports of the FBI and CIA, faith in the United States is being compromised from within and without. So be it. It's our karma for meddling in the elections of so many other nations for so many years! 

But let's not add fuel to the fire by not giving Donald Trump a chance and instead further destroying the office of the Presidency (which has been harmed by the disrespect shown to it over the last eight years) and further dividing the nation over his win. His win may not have been "fair and square", but I'm equally sure that if Hillary had won it wouldn't have been "fair and square" either. There is just too much interference, money and gerrymandering for it to be "fair and square". 

But we should still be fair to Donald Trump and this means refusing to follow the example shown by those who constantly fire-breathed disrespect in President Obama's direction. Again, push back at every turn, march in the streets and speak out about the things you don't like about Donald Trump, but let's see if Donald Trump can hold his own and accomplish what we do like about what he proposes. 

My hope is that people are finally getting engaged and no longer taking politics and economics and equal opportunity and health care for all for granted. If so we will find out the good in all of this. But if we don't do this with great respect for the office of the Presidency we are going to further damage our nation and the faith we and others have in it; and that, my friends, is entirely possible, and it's all because we get our ideas from people and news sources that reinforce the single minded ideas we already have (and this goes for the left as well as the right); we don't listen to other opinions (and this goes for the left as well as the right); we don't reason and compromise and above all it's because we don't care about the well being of other human beings living on American soil (and elsewhere) unless they are more or less like us. 

It's wrong not to care for others; it's pitiful and it spells the end of greatness.

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Susan E. Summers You have a point.
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Ellan Maynard Note your last sentence. Then tell me what you see in Trump that exemplifies it. He has had 18 months to show us who he is. I read a lot, but really don't need a lot of media insight to know who he is. We can't look away and cross our fingers.
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Chadwick C. Boyd I respect your words...brave in today's mean spirited social world

As someone who was born of a man exactly like Donald Trump, and as someone who has been studying, training and healing from living with those effects for the last 28 years, a peace must be made with recognizing that the person with the disorder (in this case, Donald) will never change no matter how many high road chances are given. 

Respect can be made with the decisions and practices he chooses to make - on his own behalf. However, giving him chances to redeem himself and make decisions on behalf of others after continually proving that that is not possible is a set up for continued failure, disappointment, disgrace and more -- which is exactly the internal world that Donald and people like him live every single day on the inside. 

Understanding that allows for empathy for who that person really is. It also allows for a peaceful disconnect and letting go of that person, creating a liberating emancipation to move forward vigilantly and with strength and with a solid moral compass to create a great life with others in a community that can do greater good - whether it's for self or in this instance our country.
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Scott Kenan Dear Mr. Sanity (Timothy Tew): Thank you for speaking up!!! 

Your points are ALL well made, but too many chickens still running around with their heads cut off to settle down to the PRACTICAL business of Life and Politics. 

And Chadwick C. Boyd makes a GREAT final point that regardless the "stuff" going on in the World -- each individual is responsible to create a Life worth living for his or her self

I TOO had a parent just like Donald Trump -- my mother. And my parents were friends and Political Partners with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Coach Lou Holtz, several Catholic Popes, Sean Hannity, etc. That is why I know too much and had so many false jailings and nut-house commitments, etc., to shut me up. 

But I GO ON, exposing what I can to influential people, and I'm PROUD of my letter delivered to new Dem. Gov. Roy Cooper of North Carolina, yesterday:

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Edward Holifield Fuck Trump!
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Scott Kenan Sorry -- Trump is NOT MY TYPE!!!
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Stan Woodard I'll give T'rump my respect when he hangs himself. I've been hoping for that for years.
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Scott Kenan So that's WORKED WELL for you??? 

Insanity is continuing to expect what doesn't come -- or repeating what doesn't work ad nauseum. I understand your frustration -- I have it too -- but I am lucky enough to have deep background information that I have been getting out to People in Power and of Influence -- MOST "regular people" have NO IDEA of the crimes of BOTH Political Parties and how they work TOGETHER to enrich themselves and their friends. 

Just yesterday, Cory Booker led MAINSTREAM Democrats in KILLING a bill that would have reduced medication costs -- while speaking out of the other side of his mouth.
Scott Kenan shared a link.
Just now

On Wednesday, Senator Corey Booker made his first public leap toward the 2020 election, and already he is playing the part of the perfect establishment politician by…


>>> THE "ARMS" AND SETCH OF TESTOSTERONI'S "CROSS FOR SCOTT TO BEAR" -- as well as bare (comment free):


Click image to ENLARGE!!!



And Down:


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