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RP: Kenan/Trump/Tillerson/Putin SHILL, Heather Vreeland (an Episcopalian who likely DOES NOT KNOW that the Episcopal Church, USA was -- a year ago -- CUT OFF from VOTING with the Anglican Communion for THREE YEARS for their CRIMES), Has CHIMED IN!!!

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Heather Vreeland is on the right.

Heather Vreeland -- who enjoins us ALL to STOP discussing Politics and GET BACK TO CAT VIDEOS -- which is about ALL she posted through the Presidential Campaign -- is a GOD-HATING EPISCOPALIAN and SHILL for my Kenan Family/Rex Tillerson/Donald Trump/Vladimir Putin that under the name of "Lewis" -- Mary Lily Kenan's FAVE NIECE she left many multi-millions to who turned one of the Kenan Family owned Henry Flagler's Hotels into the the very OPULENT Flagler College in St. Augustine.

Heather Vreeland shared Ben Carson's photo.

1 hr
Dearest Facebook FriendsI come to you with a desperate plea – Let's make Facebook great again. 

During the election I did my part to keep my political opinions to myself in an effort to preserve this special place of sharing what we're eating for dinner, buying leggings or essential oils from a stranger and stalking people we never liked from high school. Now it's your turn to ZIP IT. I'm about dang over all the political garbage cluttering up my news feed. Bring back the cat videos!

So I beg of you – keep your politics to yourself. Not happy with what's happening in Washington DC? Call your congressman/woman! Because they don't follow you on Facebook - your friends do and there is nothing we can do about it that you can't do yourself. Stop sharing, start doing.

(Now I AGREE that people should TAKE PRACTICAL ACTION!!!)

That's my promise to you. I expect the same in return😘

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Ivan Stiles If we lose Drumpf, we end up with Pence. What a horrible thought!
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Heather Vreeland I think you missed the point of the post.
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Ivan Stiles I may have missed it, but you ignored it by posting Ben Carson' supposed quote. Now, you can go stick your head back into the sand and ignore all the evil events that are surrounding you.
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Eric Nourse He's an angry little fella! Remember, acceptance, tolerance and being open minded are only concepts you'll embrace when you agree. Rather hypocritical!
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Hillary Shemler 👍🏻
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Lauren Harper Grove Yes please!
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Ellen Ratti Archambault Good thoughts Heather I will do my best. Well said. But occasionally we are all opinionated about something that is important . 
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Heather Vreeland that IS the truth! I am quit the opinionated one! LOL
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Bob Butler Would loved to have seen you post this 8 years ago when Republicans were hoping that President Obama would fail.
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Heather Vreeland Pretty sure I would have said the same thing - when I have some time to waste I'll go back and look it up for you.
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Bob Butler Heather Vreeland you very well may have but Ben Carson didn't.
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Christine Gallagher Freedom of speech my friend among many other freedoms afford us the right to voice our opinions. Other countries do not have that right, some countries you'd be risking your life for even speaking up against a leader you don't agree with.
So I will con...See More
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Scott Kenan Although I AGREE that Trump will be OUR PRESIDENT and as such I DO wish him the BEST, I find this thread TOO BIZARRE -- with some exceptions -- especially of Ivan Stiles. 

Heather Vreeland's CALL to SHUT UP as if someone's NOT being political during the HEIGHT of the Political Season is a GOOD EXAMPLE is mind-numbingly TRAITOROUS, so I SUSPECT -- no, I just checked and Ms. Heather Vreeland IS in fact a Christian of the WORST DENOMINATION: Episcopal (which I can prove murdered my old employer, Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard -- like Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the Kennedy I knew best, WARNED Tenn and me at Jean Stein and George Plimpton's party on January 11, 1982)and I knew Ronald and Nancy Reagan PERSONALLY as well. 

Of the five times I was held hostage in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico by Drug Mafia in 2010, ALL worked with top officials of the Episcopal Church USA (I can prove it in Court), and my Kenan Family inherited control of Exxon-Mobil from Henry Flagler and Flagler College, was actually FOUNDED and is still controlled by Kenan money mostly under different names

Let me simplify my words by referring you to a letter I got DIRECTLY into Donald Trump's then Mike Pence's hands AFTER the election. I've gotten far more than a million hits to my blog so far

Read my cover letter to Pence, followed by a link to the letter Trump received
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Scott Kenan The two posts are NOT linked in my blog, so here is what Donald Trump received

>>> AND THEN I GOT THIS IN PRIVATE MESSAGING WITH MS. VREELAND -- before she BLOCKED MEChristians NEVER approving of Freedom of Speech and Ideas -- LOL!!!

Heather Vreeland

Heather Vreeland
I don't know who you are, but you need to back off. You've got about 10 seconds to remove that blog you put on your site or you can discuss it with my attorney.
And.. I"m not episcopalian!??!
Please call your attorney!!! My Family controls your college and "devil-worshiping" Church. I currently work with Gen. Colin Powell, Gen. Russel Honore', and THREE ex-President of Mexico -- including Vicente Fox -- formerly an EXEC to my Kenan Family that also controls Coca-Cola before he was MEX-PREZ -- but he's TURNED on the DEVILS in your church and my family -- and of course TRUMP!!! LOL!!! You are too insignificant and might as well watch CAT VIDEOS, no???
Heather Vreeland
Dude - you crazy. Get a life!
And - clearly you did not sense my cynicism in the "cat video" reference. How are we even connected on facebook!?!?
You friended me years ago -- and I THANK YOU for the blog material!!! I was looking for FRESH material from a "Christian woman", and I was just JOKING that you are actually Lesbian -- I DOUBT THAT!!!
Heather Vreeland
What do you do for a living?
actually - I don't have time for this so I'm blocking you. Thanks for ruining the fun!

>>> I FOUND THREE OF HEATHER VREELAND'S BUSINESSES (should any of my readers care to CONTACT HER or do BUSINESS with her!!!):




"Testosteroni's" artwork for my roommate on the NATURE of "Christian Pussy".

MY take on Testosteroni's TESTOSTERONE-INJECTIONS-ADDLED BRAIN (from time to time).

And Christians are MORE BRAIN-ADDLED, because they use the CROSS as their symbol (of HATRED, actually) -- the equivalent of JEWS having little GAS CHAMBERS or CATHOLIC PRIESTS boiling them alive in OIL, in the Middle Ages.

We've elected our way into KENANSVILLE -- INDEED!!!

Unidentified Episcopalian sycophantBetty (Price) Kenan in Chinese silk brocade and holding "exotic puppy", and her step-son, Thomas S. Kenan III with his EVER-PRESENT ALCOHOL -- LOL!!!


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