Wednesday, January 18, 2017

RP: Let's Take a BREAK -- for a "Just Breaking" LAUGH -- Sent a Few Minutes Ago by My Brother, Mike:

RE-PRINTED from here

On Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina in 1963: Me, Julie in Jane's arm, and Mike, with Dad, William Scott Kenan, behind us.

It APPEARS that I ALWAYS was "somewhat separated" from the rest of them . . . 

My reply to Mike about this:

LOL!!! I don't know what anyone would see in those shoulders (Mike had complimented me on them and my handsomeness) -- but I was a good lookin' kid. I had the idea back then, that my legs had grown disproportionately -- by a LOT -- and I had very little upper body. It certainly didn't turn out that way, and I bet I WASN'T really that way, and without realizing I was doing it, pulled pants up like that as if my nipples were my waist -- proving my case.

I just read this from the photo -- and what I remember. It's been about 53 years since then.

Maybe this finally PROVES that, one way or another, I have ALWAYS been a "Mental Case".

Well, still I've paid my bills -- EXCEPT when Catholic Mom stepped in to "CLOBBER GAY ME AGAIN".

This photo and note are likely to appear on blog rather soon.

Thanks again -- and Love You!!!


Me and Dad, 1952, Norwood area of Cincinnati -- before (like me), it "went black".


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