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RP: Old Friend (and failed 2008 Atlanta Mayoral Candidate) Kyle Kaiser Contacted ME for the FIRST TIME since 2008!!! / "Testosteroni" FREAKS OUT over NOTHING -- LOL!!!

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Kyle Kaiser, CNN I-Reporter, Atlanta Mayoral Candidate 2008, DJ -- and just FUN GUY -- NOW lives in San Francisco, CA, after posting THIS, years ago:

'Twas simultaneous with Barack Obama's "Hope-a-Dope" first Presidential Campaign!!!

Yes, Kyle's was not a POSITIVE candidacy -- but he had such a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR!!!

He got enough money and votes to GET ON THE BALLOT -- and came in 5th out of 6 in the November election for Atlanta Mayor.

The ORIGINAL is here -- LOL!!!:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Announcing The Next Mayor of Atlanta:

Kyle Kaiser.

Send him some money.


SEE, I used to be even BOSSIER!!!


A typical New York City apartment building on the Upper West Side -- like where "Testosteroni" might live -- likely on the (hot)TOP FLOOR (up top, you get a better rent in THIS building, anyway).

An Email Exchange of This Morning:

An answer to "Testosteroni's" LATEST MISSIVE!!!  

FromScott Kenan scottdkenan@aol.comhide details
Ccscott, jkenan02, kenan5,
connor.kenan, duffyjr3,bojones,
(YES, that is Wilmington's POLICE CHIEF)


Haston Lavern Caulder arose from bed at 1:03 PM, and I've advised him to REST UP TODAY, so he is ready for Court, tomorrow. Also, I recommended (but did NOT DEMAND -- I NOT being "Teststeroni"), that he plead GUILTY to hiding merchandise in advance of likely shop-lifting it. If he goes ahead and DOES HIS TIME, he can ESCAPE Wilmington and its CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA -- and have a CHANCE at a better life.

However, he might prefer to go to Court for trial -- likely at the end of January -- and stay here until then, but he is GONE if he ever comes back in HIGH AS A KITE AGAIN!!!

Here is the FUNNY thing: One day before Haston showed up at my door several days after he got out of jail the last time, I got a cryptic MESSAGE on Facebook from Zuberandor ChessiexOWNER of Port City Vapor (legal highs from gasses and herbs, etc.):

Port City Vapor specializes in the KAVA (that Haston buys and uses), and KRATOM for LEGAL HIGHS

And the owner is BEST FRIENDS with failed 2011 Wilmington Republican Mayoral Candidate Justin LaNasa -- LOL!!!:

Justin LaNasa -- a common Tattoo-Parlorist (, ALSO FAILED as Republican NC Senate Candidatelater!!!

BOTTOM LINE: Yesterday, I got my ONLY OTHER message from Zuberandor Chessiexever -- another CRYPTIC one -- and Haston AGAIN is in a BAD PLACE -- likely from LEGAL drugs sold at Port City Vapor.


Hollis Gillespie, in center, taught me -- and Christal Presley (my ATLANTA NEMESIS -- a friend to my MOTHER and sister Jane) -- to BLOG in one of her two classes I took -- and THERE I met Sister Louisa the Artist (Grant Henry), who introduced me to Kyle Kaiser.

This photo is of the Republican Crew who TOOK OVER ATLANTA right before the 1996 OlympicsSean HannityNeil Boortz, unknown, HollisClark Howard"Ragin' Cajun" James Carville (a stealth Clinton-Republican who worked in tandem with his wife, Mary Matalin), unknown #2.

Me, Christal Presley, her then boyfriend, Sunil Vishnuxxxxx?, a native India-Indian -- who soon FLED Atlanta for his native India (his Brahman-caste family is one of the very wealthiest in India -- Industrials, mostly)LEAVING his mid-level Executive position with Kenan-controlled Coca-Cola, USA, after he revealed some of his CREDIT CARD FRAUDS that he committed with a former girlfriend -- then claimed to have committed with Christal as well.

On far right is the Foster Son Christal and Sunil had charge of -- who soon after this was taken in Stone Mountain Park in 2009, was REMOVED from them by Atlanta Authorities -- for NEGLECT.

Grant Henry, me, and Christal Presley in early 2010.

>>> FINAL NOTE (for now):

Haston Caulder has gone to a BOXING TRAINER on Kerr Avenue -- a guy who PROMISED HASTON he would make him into a PRIZE BOXER, again.

That, the ONLY thing Haston EVER excelled in (not counting getting jailed).

Haston, who all but DIED going through a windshield at 95 mph, crushing two vertebrae, causing MUCH permanent brain damage, and his right arm was ENTIRELY PARALYZED for two years -- and even today, he takes PAIN RELIEVERS for chronic pain from these damages (and he's 43 years old-- has decided that BOXING is the best thing for him to do to RESURRECT HIMSELF.

I wished him "ALL SUCCESS"and he's made no further move to move OUT of my apartment, so we'll see how it goes, no???


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