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RP: "Old Roomie" Has Taken "Old Testo" as Jesus Christ, His Lord and Savior -- and OTHER Tales from These United Snakes of America!!!

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"At least my husband is STRAIGHT, you ignorant BEARD-BITCH!!! --

 " -- And George HW's and George W. Bush's wives HID that their husbands had sex with men as well!!!"


I just tried to read two stories from the Wilmington Star News, and was BLOCKED by Norton Internet Security!!!:

BOTH attempts to visit very different stories yielded THIS result two above -- and then this result below it. What is going ON with the Star News and their Christian/Narco-Trafficking Executive EditorPam Sander???

Notice how "Pepto-Bismol Meets Bauhaus" that oddly hung fabric is.

But I LOVE Pam's "Cleopatra Eyes", ala my ALMOST pal Elizabeth Taylor, as explained in "vintage detail"herehttp://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.com/2013/10/chapter-4-birthday-party.html

Kevin MaurerHead of City Desk at the Star News, summer 2012, is the CIA Agent who not only wrote the book:

Kevin ALSO was in charge of controlling the News so that Wilmingtonians did NOT KNOW that the Christian Drug Mafia made Port Wilmington the LARGEST import water port in the USA for illegal drugs.

That was set up in the 1980s and 90s by my parents, William Scott Kenan (now deceased), and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan (now 94 and living in Raleigh), in conjunction with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman -- then later by PPD, the giant drug testing org with its World HQ in Wilmington and founded by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families (Bin Ladens and Saudi Royals SOLD OUT, smartly, after 9/11).

And Kevin Maurer interviewed me in Puerto Vallarta about June, 2012, by phone from his City Desk (but told me I had to call HIM, so his boss didn't know), claiming he was going to write a book on MY STORY fighting with the narco-trafficking Mayor Saffo, D.A. Ben David, Republican Judges, and Police Chief Evangelous -- or at least a FEATURE ARTICLE for the Star News.

When his book (above), was announced to the Press -- Kevin dropped me like a HOT POTATO!!! He was ONLY getting info on me for the CIA.

But I DO still think he is HOT!!!

And very STRANGELY, several hours ago, I read FOUR stories from the Wilmington Star News -- and NONE of those were flagged by Norton as UNSAFEI learned:

1. Mayor Saffo gave his "State of the City" address, last night -- something I would DEFINITELY have attended, had I known about it. I will need to find out the schedule of these things so I can attend/participate.

Meanwhile, "Miss Lucy", downstairs, the retired International Drug Mule -- but still hangs in the same sex-and-drugs-party crowd -- continues her breakfasts with Mayor Saffo several days per week, and as Miss Lucy has told me several times, Jesus FORGIVES her for any sins or crimes -- because she BELIEVES ON HIM!!!

2.  There are TEN DEMOCRATS vying for Dem. Susi Hamilton's old seat -- she nominated to and now occupying the position of Secretary of Natural and Cultural Resources for North Carolina. She's PERFECT for that position, and two Dem Officials from both New Hanover and Brunswick Counties will choose who will be our NC State Representative, now.

NOT surprisingly, Julia Boseman is NOT one under consideration.

3. There were about 100 protesters, Sunday, in the Wilmington Airport -- protesting the MUSLIM BAN!!!

Right here in "Li'l ol' Wilmington"!!!

4. First I saw this headline:

"'Hangover' star gets serious with N.C. politics documentary"

And imagined THIS:

But we are getting THIS:

5. My roommate got home from work about 7:00 PM, got on his computer where he stayed until going to bed about 11:00, but this morning told me he had had had NO TIME to check his email or to see what "Testosteroni" sent him about how to -- and how NOT TO -- set up his new Blu-Ray player, which he has possession of now.

Nevertheless, I gave him a FACTUAL brief of my discussions with Old Testo the last several days, and he's stated clearly, that "if Testosteroni claims something, then it HAS TO BE TRUE!!!"

So he will NOT connect his new Blu-Ray to the internet and enjoy those functions, too.

I DID call Testo to suggest that in the FUTURE, he read REVIEWS -- BEFORE he buys a product -- rather than spending all that money and then DESPERATELY warning something can not be used for its stated purpose -- especially since this Sony player got EXCELLENT REVIEWS -- but just warns that you must update firmware BEFORE using other internet functions, and the later reviews state that this ACTUALLY WORKS.

But Testosteroni (aka Senor Copious Masturbater-at-84), and Roomie, are too "NERVIX-in-the-MAN-SERVIX" to do anything SCIENTIFIC.


40 mins
Days until achieving MAJORITY disapproval from @Gallup
Reagan: 727
Bush I: 1336

Clinton: 573

Bush II: 1205

Obama: 936
Trump8 days.



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