Monday, January 2, 2017

RP: Only RARELY Is ONE IMAGE Enough for a Blog Posting (this is only my SECOND posting like this -- EVER)!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

ACTUALLY, this is also like "Testosteroni"ONCE AGAIN trying to FUCK ME!!!

He NEVER STOPS, as is well documented in this blog!!!

He's only QUIET NOW because I control his access to his LUST OBJECT"Old Roomie":

And Testo LIKES them comatose (easier to control)!!!
The election of Donald Trump explained in one simple cartoon.

 JUST LEARNED @ 2:43 PM: My emailing of this posting to 190 contacts was BLOCKED by AOL to ALL AOL email clients -- including to my second email address -- because I used the word "fuck", which is commonly seen in most media, today.

Here is the listing of ALL the email addresses that EACH blog posting is sent to (only slightly changed, since then):


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