Thursday, January 26, 2017

RP: Some Winning People and Trends:

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My "Old Roomie" this evening on his return from work.

Outfit by "Testosteroni".

Roomie's new job is going GANGBUSTERS with his employer besieged with work and entirely pleased with his new employee. Today, there was talk of Roomie having the skills and knowledge to head a second crew and to grow the crews. Talk, mind you, but that is a GREAT SIGN of the rapport and respect the two of them have for each other.

"Miss Lucy", downstairs, and I have been having some great conversations nearly daily -- and even though we are very different in many ways (background, formal education, she's a "Saved, Jesus-Worshiping Christian", I'm a Student of Jesus's Teachings, etc. -- and I don't "party and sleep around" any more). But what we BOTH have in common -- and with my roommate too -- is having faced DEATH boldly in the face, in very painful poisonings, hers also mind-blowing because from drugs, FORCING ourselves through a long period to stay alive before we could rest at all and recover, taking many days.

My roommate had it worse than either of us, he coming closer to death when he went through a windshield at 95 mph. But there is something at the most basic level that we share from that experience, and we share a bond that very few others actually can or could understand.

What I am getting to is that "Testosteroni" and I are in another big misunderstanding, and I've realized it is NOT that he has tried to be controlling, autocratic, and criminal, but that his mind is slipping more and more often. I have documented these incidents and consulted my old girl-friend the lawyer and former prosecutor in Pennsylvania. I have several times in the past offered Old Testo that when he needs to, we could move him here to more temperate Wilmington very near me so I can visit, keep an eye on him, etc. He says he was other plans that his lawyer will execute -- but has not told me what they are. He doesn't have to.

But I had to explain to Roomie tonight about how at first I got angry, then backed off from that, and now need to get serious about how to handle this development that seems rapid. Several months ago, he began chain-smoking three packs of cigarettes per month -- after quitting for two years. He's got low-level diabetes, but has taken to drinking more than one or two drinks some nights while he virtually NEVER drank until recently. And he is NOT following his doctor's orders on some other things.

He postponed his monthly doctor's visit this month for a half month, then for another week, later, and tells me today that he will NOT take it if the doctor tells him he has to increase or add new diabetes meds due to his new but continuing tobacco and alcohol intake.

THERE -- nothing political, personal, related to me or my things about any of that. Testo has ALWAYS been so religious about his health care and in what he encouraged (and paid for) me to get.

I hope he quickly comes to his senses and I don't have to find out how to use New York City's social agencies to handle things soon -- and if he's really slipping, we hope he can see that and we don't have to "fight" him, making his life even more miserable than ours. I say "ours", because when I brought this up, Roomie immediately said that he would be HAPPY to help look over and even care for Testosteroni -- Testo SAVED HIS LIFE LIKE HE SAVED MINE, TOO!!!

And THAT'S the bottom line Truth, and that's the quality of MAN my roommate has revealed himself to really be -- after the THREE of us struggled through some fits and starts -- wanting to care for such a man when in need. I hope this was just a temporary incident, but if not, I hope Testo allows us to move him down here where he can deal with some of my company -- but also that of Roomie's -- who with or without black over his eyes, is a BETTER vision to rest one's "tired old weary eyes" on than am I!!!

Otherwise, the News Channels claim the world is coming apart -- and perhaps it is. But we shall see as the World Wakes Up in this new Age of the Artistwhich I am obliged to help to announce.

Sorry, if BIRTHIN' ain't no FUN -- but the WOMEN done dealt with this, so let's let them help the rest of us DEAL with the temporary pains!!!


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