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RP: Urged by an URGENT TEXT from My Witnessing Roommate, I Attend and Observe the Tail End of the Black Panthers' Protest/Press Event -- Before Interacting with ALL of Them!!!

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This photo of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party's protest, as well as equal numbers of  Wilmington Police and New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies, is not as good as I hope my report on observing and then interacting with them will be.

The gathering was in the block of Fourth Street (on which I live, four blocks south of here), between Princess and Chestnut Streets, so directly behind City Hall.

>>> THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO SAY: And I THANKED ALL of them, Law Enforcement, Protesters, and Standers-By, for being COOL, CALM, and RATIONAL -- not a single person was arrestedbut the guns were confiscated (before I got there), and can be reclaimed tomorrow from the Police.

What was funniest was that I had intended NOT to attend this event due to my being SICK of dealing with guns like the Drug Mafia in Stone Mountain Lincoln Mercury -- then still on Scott Blvd. in Decatur who supplied cars to nearly ALL Republicans of Significance in Metro Atlanta, and DEFINITELY to Newt Gingrich and his Congressional Office Manager I gave my written reports of the MAJOR drug flow through Stone Mountain Park to in 1990, BEFORE I learned that Newt Gingrich, my parents, and Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I soon enough met by being invited to his Atlanta apartment TWICE in 1991), actually RAN IT, with CNN and the Atlanta Journal/Constitution PROTECTING it.

And I had been held hostage in 2010 by "Fernando Merino", the PERFECT fake Mexican ID obtained for him by his Godfather, Hector-the-Engineer, Hector having placed the booby trap in the Chunnel between England and France that was discovered in 2010 and the Chunnel was CLOSED for a few months while it was removed -- claiming it was just for "repairs".

Tennessee Williams occasionally had name-spelling difficulties, back then.

Fernando told me that his Godfather set it up for the CIA to FAKE another terrorist attack, and that the contract we had signed for me to sell $7 BILLION USD of land in Mexico to wealthy Americans, was ACTUALLY my life-time contract to WORK for the CIA -- but I IGNORED IT (and DID have "peril" -- LOL!!!).

It was at Hector's ranch in Nayarit state on the highway to Valle de Banderas, that there was ALSO a barracks full of heavily armed Drug Mafia with armored cars just a stone's throw from the ranch house. That TOO was a lot of guns!!!

The lane to Hector's ranch was right across from the new-since-then Ciel Water (Coca-Cola) plant on the highway from Mezcales to Valle de Banderas, and below, you see it from the air. The little red roof near bottom is the barn with smaller house just above it, while the larger, lighter roof just above and to the left of that was the barracks:

And going back to Thanksgiving break from Denison University in 1969, my freshman year, that I traveled with about eight other students in a Denison and Quaker-sponsored program, to stay in a Black Panthers SAFE HOUSE in West Philadelphia -- working during the day to help put together a SCHOOL the Panthers were building -- since Philly schools for BLACK KIDS were a TOTAL JOKE.

The Panthers were VERY "in our faces", armed men and women in ski masks visiting us in the evenings to holler at us their grievances against so many whites -- yes, while brandishing automatic weapons. I'm just too OLD for these kinds of tactics, now. 

This was the SAME organization I spent a month with with Dean Hansell, in January 1972 in West Tennessee, living and working in a rural black community -- on Voter Registration and Nutrition Supplement giveaways and education. 

Dean and I founded the FIRST Gay Organization at Denison the following fall, and then after graduation, Dean co-founded GLAAD, served as Attorney General of Illinois, served as a Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, got Michael Jackson's mother her LARGEST win against the record companies, and less than a year ago, was appointed Judge of the California Superior Court in Los Angeles by Gov. Jerry Brown:

>>> OK, THE MAIN POINTS I MADE TO THE PROTESTERSPRESS, AND OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE -- includes what comes to mind NOW, but not EVERY point I made then and there, and I'm GLAD I waited until the Protest Leader finished speaking to the Pressand they looked like they were about to pack up and go:

1. Police Chief Ralph Evangelous smoked CRACK daily in a house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine in 2011 - 12, but I do NOT know if he still does. (I repeated THIS point in its two parts several times.)

2. Mayor Bill Saffo gets his ORDERS from his uncle in New York City. A friend of mine worked thirty years for Bill's uncle there and claimed that the uncle gives Mayor Saffo his Mafia Orders.

3. My Kenan Family with White Christian Churches CAUSED the 1898 Insurrection and were the BIGGEST support of Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign -- to get Rex Tillerson/Kenan/Exxon-Mobil to relax Russian Sanctions put in place by President Obama, to ENRICH the Kenan Family (as if we -- actually, that branch -- need MORE MONEY).

4. That the Kenan Family also controls not just the Episcopal Church, most of the Republican Party and the Clinton Democrats, but the Ku Klux Klan as well, and First Presbyterian -- the CENTER of the 1898 Race Riots with William Rand Kenan, Sr. -- is home to District Attorney Benjamin R. David where he's an ELDER, DESPITE his being married with children and having boyfriends on the side.

5. That the Christian Drug Mafia run by BOTH Political Parties, many Christian Churches, and all Wilmington Law Enforcement LEADERS (not necessarily "foot soldiers"), except Sheriff Ed McMahon, is so OUT OF CONTROL, that people can't THINK RIGHT (or care enough), to VOTE INTELLIGENTLY.

6. That a top producer of TV-6 (I'm not sure which Press were there today, but TV-6 and TV-3 seemed to be), had told me summer 2015 that NO PRESS would report on me or my "stories" -- by MUTUAL AGREEMENT of all the Press in Wilmington.

Now, when I finished -- without a bit of nervousness or yelling on my part, and while all seemed to listen with RAPT attention -- one asked me not to use my finger to point (black folks seem to have this nervousness about pointing fingers, which I've often gotten from them, but NEVER from whites or Latinos), and several protesters asked for my card.

I told them how to find this blog, and how much SUCCESS it has had -- except with Wilmington Press, Politicians, and narco-Christian Leaders and Churches.

After answering perhaps a dozen questions, turning to leave, I realized that I had come in -- a LOOMING SEVEN-FOOT GIANT -- and said things that only about HALF of the protesters seemed to already know, and they REALLY LISTENED, and I then walked away with the bearing of a Gentleman of Knowledge who wants only to promote PEACE and UNDERSTANDING (healing)!!!

congratulated myself on what was akin to my FIRST actual Press Briefing -- LOL!!!

Fancy THAT!!!

I was so calm and relaxed -- yet had not taken a Hydrocodone (prescribed for the five extractions earlier this week), in over 18 hours (or any OTHER drug except caffeine).


And I FINALLY went back and REVERTED my memoir's title to its ORIGINAL!!!


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