Tuesday, February 7, 2017

RP: MERCY: Another "Communicating Threats" Arrest Warrant Issued / ZEUS Virus FAKES Attack on This Computer / New Democrat NC State Representative to Go After HEROIN TRAFFICKING!!!

Deb Butler

Film and heroin epidemic are among the priorities for the rookie legislator heading to Raleigh

OK, so the Communicating Threats warrant was sworn out against Jill, the waitress at White Front Breakfast House who pals around with 6' 3" "Miss Lucy", downstairs -- Jill a small Asian-looking woman of about 50 who is regularly TOO DRUNK for either Miss Lucy or her roommate to handle. Her roommate is the nice (if too nelly for me, by FAR), black guy in management with American Airlines who shared Thanksgiving Dinner with Lucy and me, as mentioned in this blog. 

Jill is known for getting high and/or drunk, then being passed around for varying numbers of men to have sex with. She also once "owned" Smokey, landlady Gold Walker's cat (now), and abandoned him, which is how Gold adopted him.

Jill is behind in her rent, brought a "drug trash" guy to live in the apartment with Mr. AA and Jill, and "Trashy" has been cussing out Mr. AA -- and even "laid aggressive hands" on him, scaring him, and he called Miss Lucy to referee last night. Today, Mr. AA, after no progress with Jill, swore out a warrant for her arrest, and then warned her about that, but DID again offer to cancel the warrant if Jill pays him her back-rent, and then moves out by the end of this weekend. Jill REFUSES, so the warrant remains active.

I should ALSO now say, that "Miss Lucy" -- regardless her "colorful past" and imaginative crush on Mayor Bill Saffo (been there; done that) -- is NOT now into any drug crimes. Oregano, which I don't think she sells -- and MOST of my otherwise Law Abiding neighbors cook with that without problems, including with the Law. Gold Walker once blew oregano smoke in the faces of two Police Officers who came to her house to ask about one of her tenants, and while they did NOT accept her offer of a joint, they also did not cite or arrest her.

But we are SMART to all remember that Lucy keeps TWO loaded guns in her house and reminded all today that she's NOT afraid to use them if she's threatened -- this to both me and Sam Celia who has the lease on both sides of the downstairs apartments. Sam is ALSO very close to Jill, and Lucy has decided she will ABANDON the apartment if Sam lets Jill into his side. Sam recently came to suffer vertigo, and has left his full-time job and hopes to get Disability.

These are FACTS (mostly), that don't add up, but neither Sam nor Lucy has ever caused a problem, so I am not worrying about them.

And the ONLY Christians mentioned are Miss Lucy, Mr. AA, and possibly Jill -- so I suppose you DON'T HAVE TO BE CHRISTIAN to be TRASH -- but it's the COMMON SITUATION here in Wilmington, North Carolina.

And speaking of Christians, my younger sister, Julie Ruth (Kenan) Duffy, who converted back to Roman Catholicism after she had her ABORTION, many years ago -- and is TOTALLY a "Sarah Palin Republican", now and helped my mother try to get me Nut-House committed, Jailed, or Murdered just a few years ago -- by LYING about my mental health when I'd already been cleared of being Bipolar many times, then, did NOT answer her cell phone when I called about 7:00 PM last night to wish her a Happy 55th Birthday.

And she has not bothered to call me today. Fine, fuck my sisters if they can't handle the truth.

SO, I'm sure my more ASTUTE Readers, seeing I plan to drive to Duke University for a lecture by the new Practitioner of investigative journalism at Kenan Institute for Ethics that is followed by a RECEPTION, tomorrow evening (SEEhttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/02/on-day-that-testosteroni-refused.html), KNEW -- like I did -- that my adversaries would pull SOMETHING. 

They've slashed my tires right here on 4th street -- that is, Mormon Drug Mafia Doll, Jennifer McCracken of Kenan-build Carolina Apartments admitted to slashing them, and ALWAYS speak with Christians as if they are TRASH -- CONFRONT THEM with their Fear, Hate, Greed, and Drug Trafficking and Addictions, http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2015/08/i-squeezed-judge-lindsey-luthers-pussy.html.

Jennifer McCracken, fifteen years ago, when she was young and beautiful.

You see, being a Kenan and having a lot of DIRT on the Chicago Drug Mafia run by Rahm Emanuel, the Clintons, blackmailed Obama, Fox News, and El Chapo Guzman (but mostly profiting the Bush and Cheney Families) -- including that Jamie Lee Sutherland with lawyer Daliah Saper (also of Fox News), and Wilmington District Attorney Benjamin R. David, charged me with LIBEL, never legally served me, then tried me without my being allowed to defend myself and got a conviction with damages TEN TIMES greater than Jamie ever asked for and including copyright to my Memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, THIS blog post and EVERY blog post, email, or letter I write until I DIE.

Jamie Sutherland never asked for ANYTHING but 1/10 the money he was awarded -- then was soon PROMOTED at his job, so I don't see any harm to his career.

But Google Blogger (like Amazon.com), did NOT believe the order and REFUSED to give Jamie control of my blogs. Here is my book FREE for all to read:

And this HATRED by CHRISTIANS and REPUBLICANS has gone to a NEW HIGH!!! I just found this site on "Good Reads" that is TOTALLY FALSE about my book. For one thing, it totally LIES, claiming that my book was ACTUALLY published in hardcover by Alyson Books in 2010, but Alyson CANCELLED that contract at the last moment for Political reasons, calling me to claim their Republican lawyers would be CERTAIN I was never published ANYWHERE.

Silly me, I had NO IDEA how serious they were -- Ben David in Wilmington will go to PRISON along with others for their CRIMES stopping me.

There is NO reference to the book being published -- other than in hard-cover by Alyson Books. No mention of or reference to my much later (May 2011), making it available electronic only on Amazon, where it was sold until mid-2013. Notice how all the later-than-that comments are mostly TRASHING the book, with no sign they actually read it ANYWHERE.

Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams

 2.18  ·   Rating Details ·  17 Ratings  ·  2 Reviews
In the fall of 1981, when Tennessee Williams found his household in an uproar after a visiting ex-lover ran his housekeeper off with a gun, he turned to Scott Kenan for help. Recently laid off from a restaurant management job and standing an inch short of seven feet tall, Kenan was available and appeared capable of handling any situation. He agreed to move into Williams' h ...more
Hardcover325 pages
Published April 1st 2010 by Alyson Books (first published 2010)
1593501714 (ISBN13: 9781593501716)
Edition Language
...Less Detailedit details
Get A Copy:

Anyway, John Lahr and several Williams Scholars DID review it here: http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.com/2013/10/professional-reviews-of-my-memoir-of.html

And here are all the Amazon Customer Reviews (except one, that I'll get to in a minute)http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.com/2013/10/customer-reviews-from-when-walking-on.html

You see, "Testosteroni" -- actually Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of W. 75th Street in NYC -- also wrote a five-star review, but quickly DELETED IT after I told him I was going to publish the reviews and book as a blog -- and Joseph CLAIMS he thinks I'm a good writer and he wants to support my writing.

And while I KNEW I would get SERIOUS DISTRACTION to try to keep me away from Duke University and the Kenan Institute for Ethics, tomorrow evening, I did NOT expect to get it from Mr. Faulk, who called me after reading in my blog of my intention. He claims my 2009 Pontiac Vibe is too DECREPIT to go on ANY LONG DRIVES, because in the last two years I had to replace an alternator and an ignition coil -- but he NEVER suggested it was too old to drive to Raleigh, which I have done several times, and that is nearly the same distance.

THEN, after I pooh-poohed that foolishness, he got wind of my apparent attack by the Zeus Virus, and despite my knowing all about how to google, get info on how to act -- and I DID act exactly on Microsoft's instructions on how to find out if you HAVE IT -- or just a FAKE meant to scare you. I scanned twice and found NO INFECTION, but went ahead and installed Malwarebytes anti-malware on this computer, as recommended by Microsoft.

In any case, "Old Testo" -- AGAIN -- called me and rather than asking me what I was doing about the situation and what I had discovered, was nearly PANIC STRICKEN and urgently began telling me what to do, when HE is too inverted and fearful (and a certified "BAG-LADY-LIVING Recluse" -- too fearful to get his landlord to repair or replace his refrigerator for over six years, and too fearful to call Time Warner Cable or Microsoft to learn how to get his email to work on his Windows 10 computer, so still uses his old Windows Vista computer the whole YEAR since he bought the new, unused machine.

I told the little asshole off, and will soon get in touch with his landlord or a social agency in New York to have him checked on. He CONTINUES to send ridiculous things to my roommate, like the digital-to-analog converter he said HDTVs have to have because their audio out for headphone is DIGITAL. He even claimed that nearly NO "Smart TVs" even HAVE audio out, and then after I called him "IMAGINATIVE" and out of touch with reality, he checked again, and told me "Whoops!!!"

But his point tonight was to get me all EXCITED about my computer being all but ruined -- and to distract me from going to the lecture.

Enough of all of this. I hope ALL my Readers have friends who are NOT CHRISTIANS or RECLUSE/REPUBLICAN HATE-BOTS.

I am TOTALLY OVER all these assholes tonight. We'll see how I feel and think about it in the morning.


Tennessee Williams and I have had ENOUGH of Joseph Faulk's ugly, hateful bullshit -- as well as that of my mother and sisters Jane and Julie.

This is us leaving the Reagan White House as photographed by "W" (previously Womenswear Daily), early December 1981.

You WRITE IT TO ME, or SPEAK IT ON THE PHONE -- please be sure you are PROUD of what you send me, because Joseph Faulk is NOT getting away with his shit any longer, and I expect we will soon be in Court (maybe he in a place of protective custody).

He SURE likes attention, because he knows I had to get TOTALLY OVER HIS HATREDS AND SABOTAGE of not just me, but of my roommate, to publish his name again, which I will NOT remove, and might also add his specific two addresses as well as cell phone number.


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