Sunday, February 12, 2017

RP: After My "Fight-Bile-with-Bile" Christian Encounter of This Morning, the SUN BREAKS THROUGH (maybe)!!! / The ONE Regret of My Life:

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I had a twenty-minute phone call with my sister Julie, just now. I didn't really bring up problems from my immediate family, but of the wealthy Kenans, and my experience at the Kenan Institute for Ethics this week. When I told her I don't trust a single Republican or Christian, anymore, she said, "I'm BOTH," and I replied that I really don't care about that anymore. It's HER business.

I think I can write off having any actual intelligent discussions with Julie -- for a while anyway. 

The funny thing, as I continued in the background having email discussion of all the STUFF that has cluttered up things (and should never have been sent, but Joseph can't ASK before ordering), when all I REALLY wanted was NOT to be so unnecessarily bothered when I am actually very busy WRITING.

And he's threatening me with Haston bringing home some kind of SHE-SLUT that I would not get along with. Haston knows FAR better than that -- HA!!! And in fact, I decided a few days ago that I would NOT be opposed to the idea of Haston living here rather indefinitely, which OF COURSE includes his likely dating someone.

My understanding of Joseph leads me to believe he thinks he will have to BRIBE ME to come to that, which CLEARLY is his goal -- WHY he this past week filled Haston's room with SERIOUS FURNITURE (so I will get depressed at the idea of it ever having to be moved).

A picture, HOT off the memory card from my camera:

You see how he has flanked the new, larger TV -- don't ask!!! -- (and new Blu-Ray), with the new cabinets, that now hold all his un-hung stuff!!!
I should have SHOT MY PARENTS, for SURE!!! 

Although I'm tested at 12 points above genius, my parents did NOT allow me to pursue becoming an architect, claiming that I had to be an ACCOUNTANT (how boring). We had Swastikas on the dinner plates and hobnobbed with top Republicans and NAZI Catholics like Coach Lou Holtz, John Erlichman (Nixon's aide, who helped my parents set up the Christian Drug Mafias in both Wilmington, NC and Atlanta/Stone Mountain)

YES, I should have murdered my parents DECADES ago, before they spread so much HATE and DRUG ADDICTION to help the Roman Catholic Church. 

I was beaten daily, but never breaking the skin, so not enough of an excuse. I should have taken LIFE IN PRISON as a sacrifice for my Country

If we went back, THAT is what I would do. It doesn't matter, now.

Bresha Meadows shot her abusive dad to save her family, she says. Now her entire future is at stake.

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Comedian, writer, founding contributor of The Political Garbage Chute, holder of zero world records or lifetime achievement awards.

From the Dominican Republic -- LOL!!!

An honest mistake.

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