Saturday, February 18, 2017

RP: And FIRST PRIZE Goes to Roy Rogers Oldenkamp (lives in Tennessee Williams's old apartment in WeHo), As the First to DEEPLY Recognize THIS about My Kenan Family:

RE-PRINTED from here

I SWEAR TO GOD, this is the TOP RESULT of image-googling "'Worst Family in History' MEME".

You can do it yourself, if you don't believe me -- LOL!!!

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Patricia Rogers Anderson This is so awful...there are no words...
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Roy Rogers Oldenkamp Few know of these terriible acts.
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Patricia Rogers Anderson That is scary...just like the Japanese camps during world war II
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Scott Kenan WOWRoy Rogers Oldenkamp!!! 

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp

This might have been as big (or bigger, given the bombs dropped), than the Wilmington Insurrection ("Race Riot"), led by my relative William Rand Kenan, Sr., and First Presbyteriandirectly across the street from my apartment, todayand other White Christian Churches!!! 

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Roy Rogers Oldenkamp YOU (Scott Kenan), officially have the worst relatives of ALL TIME.

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Scott Kenan Thank you Roy for AGREEING WITH ME on that -- LOL!!! 

I didn't do it, but I ain't gonna let them forget that I know their crimes until they straighten out their Political act!!! 

My Grandfather, Joseph Emerson Kenan, Sr., in his late teens was a Klansman participating in the Insurrection-- then lived mostly as a destitute alcoholic, until he died in 1948 -- but his fatherMurphy Kenan worked as a physician's assistant, saved for a few years, then bought a married slave pair to immediately free them

Still, he was early to enlist for the Confederacy.

His big toe was shot off in Virginia, but otherwise, he was unscathed.

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