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RP: EUREKA!!! Kellsey Anderson HAS TO BE Lee Gosney of Pentagon Publishing -- and OTHER Revelations, as WELL!!!

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Haston Caulder's Jail Profile (I'm only using this image because it is closest to how he looks today -- both in the face and in the WILD-EYED INTENSITY, that keeps getting him into various trouble), while I had him there for a month for Communicating Threats

It was only three weeks ago, that I learned from Haston that he was fairly recently convicted of Communicating Threats, so if I had NOT taken the suggestion from D.A. Ben David's office to go to ARBITRATION on 11/1, Haston would have gotten SERIOUS jail time for a second recent conviction of that charge.

Currently, Haston is awaiting trial for concealing goods with intent to shoplift, now scheduled for trial about March 20, and I'm holding off on deciding how long he can continue to stay in my apartment until we know if he's going back to jail.

He's VERY used to JAIL LIFE!!!

Haston has had about SIX convictions of various Misdemeanors in the last two years.

THANKS to my Readers who hit this blog in NEAR record numbers in the last 24 hours!!! And this was helped ENORMOUSLY by all the returned attention by Russians632 of them hitting this blog in the last day -- while 2 - 5 hits per day from Russia is more typical.

Of the OLDER posts now hit as much as as newer ones, the stand-out leader has been this one about Mike Massicott and his family 


I can't BLOW UP Kellsey Anderson further (without distortion).

1. Pentagon Publishing owner Patrick Stansbury uses the FALSE NAME of "Jack Anderson" to sell (completely illegal -- at least in Georgia -- to sell under a false identity or name), and if you call that business's phone, you get a menu listing all the employees' extensions, and Jack Anderson has ALWAYS been listed there. Call (404) 262-3121 to VERIFY this (you will NOT get a live person without choosing an extension).

Also remember that now-deceased Walter Moore, Sr. Vice President of the "Jew-owned" Collegiate Concepts, that did all the same sales and which Patrick MANAGED for Russell and Aileen Smith -- until Walter STOLE all the accumulated Ad Copy for all the major publications, and FORCED the company to fold, Patrick then getting ALL of those contracts in a complicated series of crimes.

Walter then became Patrick Stansbury's Sr. Vice President, and Walter ALWAYS used his own name selling, but ILLEGALLY impersonated a RETIRED GENERAL, which he never was, and when I occasionally sat in for a break for the phone receptionist, I OFTEN got calls to transfer to "General Moore" -- LOL!!! 

Walter hailed from Cherry Hill, NJ, a Philadelphia suburb, and his adult life was close to all the TOP EXECUTIVES of Sun Oil, now SUNOCO -- the company my father and brother worked for the great bulk of their working lives!!!

Walter LOVED to remind me of his ties to my father's employer -- my brother Mike was NEVER part of this that I know of.

Walter always BRAGGED of his close personal friendships with Roman Catholic Bishops and Monsignors in the Philadelphia and Atlanta areas -- yet his ONLY SON, was in PRISON for MURDER

NICE Catholic Familyno???

2. Lee Gosney and my father became BEST FRIENDS while Dad lived in my house most of the time I was in Dekalb County Jail held by Judge Linda Warren Hunter for about 15 weeks WITHOUT BAIL in 1990 before I had trial for TRESPASS, and despite no previous record, got TIME SERVED (3.5 MONTHS), House Arrest Probation, and FORCED (by the judge and her in-chambers consultants -- my parents -- RATHER THAN A DOCTOR -- to take soft-lobotomizing Lithium Carbonate).

Dad CONTINUED to live with me in my house for half a year after I got out of jail.

3. Many of the Street People of Wilmington, NC (back when I was homeless, 2011 - 12), knew Lee Gosney WELL -- and his role in supplying hard drugs to Wilmington -- and of course Lee had supplied Evan Fish with cocaine, the two years Evan had been the second largest distributor in Maine.

4. Lee has spent THREE sentences in jail or prison, twice for five years on Felonies related to his METH LAB in the WOODS. And as you might imagine, Lee lost most of his front teeth to the Meth (that repaired about 2008), and with his "big bear build" and his handlebar mustache, Lee liked to impersonate Captain Kangaroo, and at parties, barked like a WALRUS -- LOL!!!

In the last two days, "Kellsey Anderson" (and that photo of Kellsey looks IDENTICAL to Lee's son, Chris), posted an image on one of my Facebook threads -- TO GIVE ME A CLUE:

But MOST OF ALL, is that Lee Gosney DID always have a sense of humor and respect for me (and bad grammar), and this is PERFECT from Lee's mouth, as posted here:

"this has been really fun and you have beyond a great sport, I have to go away know but i will be back in another form soon, poof I am gone,"

* * *


1. Haston told me this morning that he talks with Joseph by phone about once per week on average -- besides the many texts that I knew they do. I had NOT previously known this and was SHOCKED because Joseph (whom I typically speak with at least daily), never told me, and neither had Haston. 

So WHY does Joseph continue to try to get ME to do all his communicating with Haston???

2. Haston told me that Joseph ALWAYS gives him the BEST ADVICE for what to do on EVERYTHING, and of course Joseph is a RECLUSE living in an abandoned Manhattan brownstone -- abandoned since all the many other tenants realized it has not PASSED CODE since 2012, so legal ONLY for the owner, Bruce A. Kaplan in Apartment One, and Joseph lives illegally in the ATTIC!!!

Joseph (on all the Testosterone, Daily Cialis, Poppers-and-Porno), is ALSO now "self-abusing" to Haston's dick pics (which I have too, and they are OK for a white boy his size, and SHAVED as Christians into pedophilia like to do -- so sex is LIKE with children, without breaking the actual LAW).

And today, I learned that a couple of days ago, Haston hauled off and PUNCHED his years-long friend Rob (the one I don't allow inside this apartment because he's such an obvious DRUG ADDICT and LIAR), on the side of the FACE, and KNOCKED HIM OUT COLD -- and then even offered to show me the photos on his phone of Rob's BLEEDING EAR from it.

Generic photo for illustration purposes, only

The REASON Haston smashed the face of Rob??? Because Rob stole $70.00 from Haston a while back, and then the day of the punch, another friend of theirs was RIPPED OFF by Rob when he gave Rob $20.00 to buy him some Heroin, and Rob used the money to buy HIMSELF Heroin, instead.

Haston was upset about the THEFT, but in Haston's life and crowd, Heroin use is NORMAL and MANY of his Christian friends from The Anchor Church are addicted and also sell it "FOR JESUS"!!!

I told Haston he is LUCKY Rob has not pressed ASSAULT CHARGES (but if you fight over HEROIN MONEY, you hardly complain to the LAW!!!)

Haston even BRAGGED to me, today, that he'd knocked Rob out COLD!!!

And Haston now tells me that when he comes to Court in a month (I'd told him like I earlier told Joseph Faulk), that when we know then if he's CONVICTED or gets OFF, THEN we will set a time limit on how much longer he can live here -- if he gets off. If he goes to JAIL, we'll do that after he is released after serving his sentence, but his CHRISTIAN IDEALS of SEX, DRUGS, and GANGSTA-RAP are INCOMPATIBLE with me -- and his welcome here is growing "more than thin".

But between all the NOT illegal drugs like Kratom that Haston frequently uses -- and he told me his Probation Officer would PUT HIM IN JAIL if he knew as they are NOT allowed these drugs, even if legal -- and Haston's LIES about how much he works -- I found out today that he's spent a lot of time at a Martial Arts studio, training (when I thought he'd been working) -- and claims they put a "headband" on him and gave him an MRI this week, finding he has NO BRIAN DAMAGE from going through the windshield years ago at 95 mph, having his right arm PARALYZED for two years, and two vertebrae were also crushed (as well as a couple of other bones broken).

So NOW he figures he can get his 40+ year old body into PERFECT SHAPE with Martial Arts, and THAT, coupled with his "manhood" (Haston actually showed off his "morning-wood tenting" this morning for the first time ever), he can REALLY "fuck some awesome women".

And he has told me consistently the whole time he's lived in my apartment, that God made women ONLY for one purpose -- to please men sexually -- but he tries to be NICE about it (due to all these civilized "political correctness" things).

Well, Haston has a meeting Monday morning with his Probation Officer, Mr. Billinger, and claims his P.O. RARELY drug-tests him -- and did last month. He FORGETS he is NEW to this guy who is less likely to let him slide -- this early on.

If he's not charged with SOME KIND of Probation Violation or other crime, Monday, and JAILED, I'm not certain how much longer he can stay here without suffering from SPEWN VOMIT from a SEVEN-FOOT GIANT.


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