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RP: GREAT Progress -- for a WEDNESDAY, no???

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JUST FOUND TODAY!!! Photo including (center), Tennessee Williams's close personal friend of Houston and Key West, "Texas Kate" (Schweppe), Sharp, Moldawer, later McNamara, with Tennessee, and then his sister, Rose, on right -- about 1980.

Did you notice how Fondly and PROTECTIVELY Kate clutches the hands of both Tennessee and his sister, the lobotomized Rose???

Maria St. Just neverEVER did THAT!!!

My only other photo of Texas Kate Moldawer (also next to Tennessee).

What is IMPORTANT is that NONE of the Williams scholars I met at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, the many years I attended, knew ANYTHING MUCH about Texas Kate -- DESPITE her first-born, Dudley Sharpe III, being Tennessee's ONLY known Godson, Episcopal:

Dudley Sharp III is on far right, and UNTIL I published that he is the Godson of a known HOMO (Tennessee), he was the TOP Republican ADVOCATE on ALL national media -- SUPPORTING Texas's DEATH PENALTY.

After THAT (about 2011), he disappeared completely from the public and refuses to communicate with me.

What is ALSO true, is that Kate Schweppe grew up in Atlanta, BEST FRIENDS of the WEALTHIEST of my Kenan relatives, Frank Hawkins Kenan and his brother, James "Uncle Jimmy" Graham Kenan of Andrews Drive (who later majorly endowed the Atlanta History Center, across the street from his home) -- this BEFORE Frank moved his family to Durham, North Carolina, where his widow still lives:

Betty (Price) Kenan -- Frank's widow, a second MUCH younger bride when they married -- and Thomas S. Kenan III, her stepson by Frank's first wife. The other is a typical Episcopalian sycophant.

Betty and Frank about the time of their marriage.

And the Episcopal Church with Republican Party, and CIA and others, MURDERED Tennessee Williams, also stealing his estate now worth well over $1/3 BILLION from Harvard University -- just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis WARNED us they would attempt at Jean Stein and George Plimpton's party, January 11, 1982, as told (without the Politics), in my memoir, here: 

Here is who Thomas Elliot Keith (a Williams Scholar and SHILL for the Episcopal Church), claims was the MODEL for the character Babe in Tenn's LAST play, In Masks Outrageous and Austere:

From me: Tennessee Williams told BOTH Kate and me that Babe was based on Kate, many times.

The "skinny" on Maria St. Just from my good friend, John Lahr 

MORE on all of this:  

WHERE I just found the photo at top here: 

Jack Feldstein, artist and animator, created his own purely visual video inspired by Tennessee Williams' last full length play, In Masks Outrageous And Auste...


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Sandra Beckham
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“Like the bodiless heads you see sometimes in circus sideshows, it is as though I have been surrounded by mirrors of hard, distorting glass. When they approach me they see only my surroundings, themselves, or figments of their imagination—indeed, everything and anything except me.” 

― Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

Scott Kenan The Pet Shop Boys (Live in the O2 Arena, 2007), did this ALREADY with boxes over dancers' heads, this showing one singing "Always on My Mind":

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Scott Kenan This is the poster for the PREMIERE performance of Tennessee Williams's "In Masks Outrageous and Austere", 2013-ish, the play that the character Mac (a tall, black non-speaking homosexual -- married to the wealthiest woman on Earth, Babe, and kept in place by "Gideons", aka Bible Thumpers), was based on ME (according to the Williams Scholars)

I was his assistant while he wrote it:

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Andy Warhol published TWO interviews with "Texas Kate" in his Interview magazine, and Kate bragged that the BEST quote of her that Andy published (after he asked about some SCANDAL she'd been part of): "But ANDY, everybody KNOWS if you've seen it in print, it HAS to be true!!!"

(Sounds a bit "Trumpian"no???)

It APPEARS that I've found a good Personal Injury Attorney, but we won't meet in person until early next week -- 

And my roommate, Haston Caulder, is out selling and taking drugs, paying prostitutes for sex, and SQUANDERING the entire $1,200.00 that Joseph Faulk sent him overnight -- ONLY to pay his RENT if he moves OUT.

And Joseph Faulk DOESN'T CARE -- as long as Haston is certain to continue harassing ME, Joseph's BOTTOM-LINE plan --

But I STILL keep clearing a path for THE TRUTH!!!

And we are putting Lady Liberty BACK TOGETHER, after the Christians tried to KILL HER!!!


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