Wednesday, February 22, 2017

RP: Haston Caulder and Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. Go into TOTAL MELTDOWN Overnight!!!

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Worked in the U.S. illegally and married an "Anchor Husband."

About 7:30 last night, Haston was back to get TWO condoms and TWO capsules of ROCK HARD, and said he'd met a "really hot lady" and wasn't sure when he'd next be home. He said he met with his PRIVATE attorney (name still not completely remembered, and no business card from him). I had to let him in the door because he left his keys at her house by mistake.

The attorney and he planned how the guy will cut his 45 day sentence (what he'd now serve if violated on his Probation), plus any new for the Shoplifting charge coming up late March. I reminded him he'd claimed the guy claimed 80% chance of getting his Record erased if a full psychiatric evaluation shows he has brain damage from years ago going through a windshield at 95 mph. He changed the subject.

An hour later, he called asking me to lend him $20.00 for cigs and a meal for him and his date. I had $15.00 cash, it took him 45 minutes to get here, I gave it to him.

"Miss Lucy", downstairs, pointed out that NO LAWYER charges $150.00 (or ANYTHING). for a first consultation, and that Haston had to have spent the $450.00 he claims he paid this lawyer on drugs for himself and his friends -- compliments of Joseph Faulk

"Lucy" also said that her friend Travis (Haston's most recent employer), has not and WILL NOT respond to Haston calling him.

Then, after I went to bed just before midnight, Haston called on a borrowed phone asking me to leave the back door open since he has LOST HIS KEYS completely, and the reason he called from an unknown borrowed phone is that he has LOST his hours-old new phone -- the THIRD phone he has lost in as many days,

At 8:00 AM I called Joseph Faulk to report current conditions, and he told me I was suffering from fasting (I had a late dinner at 11:00, and nothing since because I'm having an MRI shortly, and I've had nothing to eat or drink this morning), and we could talk about it when I feel better.

And now to the MRI !!!


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“Putin with his girlfriend and Ivanka in 2016 -St Petersburg Russia #TheResistance #RussiaGate”



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