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RP: Letter to Mayor Bill Saffo -- to Be Hand-Delivered to His Office Thursday, February 2, 2017!!!

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Wilmington, North Carolina Mayor Bill Saffo

Mayor Bill Saffo
City Hall
102 North Third Street
PO Box 1810
Wilmington, NC 24402-1810

February 1, 2017

Dear Mayor Saffo,

First, congratulations to you and all of Wilmington Law Enforcement for handling the confrontation with the Revolutionary Black Panthers so well. I doubt they have a legal leg to stand on about carrying guns in a protest March – or especially on Court House property -- but since my relative William Rand Kenan, Sr. and First Presbyterian and other White supposed Christian Churches CAUSED the only successful Coup d’E’tat in US History, the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 (and one of my long-stated intentions is to force my wealthy Kenan relatives to pay for a major museum about this), I am for more PATIENCE with black protesters since White Christians in Wilmington NEVER made amends for this theft of life, wealth, political offices, and businesses.

They did it for Jesus.

Today, hoping to finally get down to the REAL FACTS about the death of my then roommate and business partner in a Walking Tour I had scripted about my family’s history in Wilmington, Evan Fish, on or about Sept. 3, 2011, jumped to his death from the top of the parking deck by the downtown library. The Police Department said – and she searched their computers several times – that the Sheriff’s Department would have the official report, but they don’t have it.

She also made clear that to get MORE than the “Public Report”, I would need to get a subpoena from a judge. So, I stopped at the Records Department of the Sheriff’s Department, and the woman there searched and could find nothing either – and said that the Police Department had to have it anyway.

I asked her what I could now do, the Police searching more than once and saying the Sheriff’s Department had to have it. I did NOT want to call the Police liars, but she had no suggestions, and since you are the “CEO of the Town”, the Buck stops with you, etc., I decided to enlist your help.

I can tell you that the story I got from Police then differed enormously from that which I got from the Sheriff’s Deputies and several pedestrian eye-witnesses, who all claimed the Police had also been at street level LEADING the crowd in chants of “Jump! JUMP! JUMP!!!” Only drugged up partiers and "street people" were out then at 3:00 AM.

And several Deputies claimed that Police released Evan’s ex-girlfriend, Eleanor “Ellie” Schwaner, whom Police had hidden one floor below – exactly when the female Deputy/Negotiator talked Evan BACK from the edge and threats of jumping. Then Police released Ellie, she ran up to him, whispered something in his ear, and he yelled, “There’s no way out!!!” and jumped to his death.

This was the story of the Negotiator and other Deputies.

I know that Evan knew all about my former employer of twenty years, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. of Snellville, GA supplying so many in Wilmington with the illegal drugs flown into Maxwell AFB, via my co-worker Lee Gosney, who traveled under the guise of being a trained AA and NA Counsellor – but he ALWAYS drank heavily at our company parties, and had at least TWICE served about five years in Georgia for running Meth labs. Patrick Stansbury, during the twenty years I worked for him, THREE TIMES was arrested and served time at least twice for selling or distributing drugs, and Evan Fish had been the second largest distributor of cocaine in Maine for two years – getting his supplies from Lee Gosney (I’ve also seen him spell it “Gozney”)/Pentagon Publishing.

Evan had decided to get OUT, and then moved to Wilmington, where he was NOT selling drugs, but DID still have a cocaine usage habit and was a “troubled man”. His Maine girlfriend, Ellie Schwaner, followed him here from Maine, and kept trying to get him back into the dealing. He bought them TWO brand new Maseratis CASH with the drug money in Maine, and she wanted MORE MONEY. He tricked her into getting him a few lines of Coke during the hurricane right before he jumped. I saw her pull up to the Super 8 hotel on Market Street, where we had stayed for over a week, and he told me how controlling and greedy she was, and why he’d come to hate her.

In any case, after I got the news of his death, I soon called the Police and they picked up Evan’s possessions, which he had hidden in the woods behind that hotel – this before I got the details on the death.

The Wilmington Star News published a confusing report and refused to name Evan – even after the funeral in Ohio. They kept erasing my comments with Evan’s name, and allowed several people to make up fake Kenan names and claim I was an escaped “crazy person” and that my whole family hated me. This was par for the course, since in 2012, Kevin Maurer, then Head of their City Desk and tasked with HIDING the narco-trafficking from the Public, was interviewing me by phone in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to write a book or feature article about D.A. Ben David having held me in jail five times on eight false charges, and two involuntary commitments to The Oaks Mental Ward in 2011 and 12.

As you know, Public Defender Jennifer Harjo and I forced Ben David to DROP pending charges and ERASE convictions – since he’d had NO evidence of my having committed ANY crime.

However, CIA Agent Kevin Maurer’s book on the assassination of Bin Laden, No Easy Day, was soon announced to the Press and he cut me – he only was gathering info for the CIA on me.

I just want to get to the bottom of this matter, to find out any versions of the story other than what I have been able to find out – and if I am WRONG, Wilmington’s Police Department will be EXONERATED in the matter. Surely, you can see the value in THAT!!!

Star News report, listing that Sgt. Jerry Brewer of the Sheriff’s Deputies gave the info to the newspaper. This report now does NOT have any comments attached, although when I checked it last month, MANY comments (including those by fake people I mentioned above), were still listed. I DO have saved copies of those comments should this ever need to go to Court:

I JUST FOUND this posting that PRESERVES the later comments after the Star News DELETED the great bulk of the earlier ones:

One example of the GARBAGE I got on the Star News site:

Jack Kenan
United States
#8 Apr 20, 2012
Scott Kenan escaped from a Georgia state mental clinc, please call Stone Mountian Behavior Clinic. We need Scott Kenan out of public to prevent harm to others

And to let you know what I continue to work on in Wilmington (besides working on books about working for Playwright Tennessee Williams, and later in conjunction with Gen. Colin Powell, Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’, and others to expose corruption), is to MAKE AMENDS for both my wealthy Kenan relatives, who STILL are White Supremacists and Donald Trump’s biggest supporters, and my parents, William Scott Kenan and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, who helped set up the original Christian Drug Mafia in Wilmington with Nixon’s Aide John Ehlichman – and also worked with Father Bob Kus (now of St. Mary’s Catholic, then at St. Mark’s), in smuggling the wealth of White people out of South Africa.

The Catholic Church speaks one way, but often DOES the opposite (witness Pope Pius XII’s alliance with Adolph Hitler). My mother had several one-on-one meetings with Pope John Paul II in Rome, and also worked with Coach Lou Holtz and other top Republicans in the narco-trafficking and spread of the Catholic Swastikas – which we had on our dinner plates while I was growing up.

I look forward to your reply of WHO can find this report, or who is ultimately responsible for its safekeeping, so I can get a copy, whether I need a Judge’s subpoena to learn the TRUTH of what is on it – or not. This WAS under your watch, so you do have some responsibility to CLEAR THE AIR so that Wilmington can begin to heal from the Crimes and Sins of our past.

Or let me know if I must go to a State Authority or the Federal Government to get some assistance, here.

This letter has been published here, with added photos, etc.:


Scott David Kenan

Cell: (910) 200 - XXXX


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