Tuesday, February 14, 2017

RP: A LONG Day, Today, First from Calls from All My Immediate Family Checking on my STRONG SORENESS after being HIT BY A TRUCK, but Joseph Faulk only Cared that I Carry the 4-Foot Box up the Stairs that HE Mailed Haston Caulder -- the ASS!!!

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If you don't believe me, call Joseph's cell: (212) 866-XXXX (because by 11:12 PM this blog posting is actually on track to be my "most viral, ever", I have removed the number earlier than my planned 8:00 AM). My Readers all know I told Joseph ("Testosteroni"), I would next publish his phone number if he continued like this, he has, so HE decided I should publish it.

>>> JUST IN @ 9:47 PMAs I've proven before, AOL EMAIL REJECTS all postings that CRITICIZE CHRISTIANITY, and has REFUSED to deliver this to ANY AOL addresses, including my own.

American Christianitytoday

North Carolina Christianity, today

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And NO ONE says or writes emails, etc., except of things they are PROUD OF, so I'm sure Joseph will be happy to answer any questions about our relationship (and his to Haston), that the Press, Law Enforcement, or others might have. He lives in the below building in the top, front apartment, and the building is now otherwise empty -- the building inspection certificate was last signed off on in 2012 (I examined it when I was there), so NO ONE is technically allowed to live there, and I might have to call the inspector out.

His landlord, who went out of the country a month ago and is now due back, is "Brutus de Capon" -- maybe you can get in touch with him, as well.

Joseph Faulk will APPRECIATE you calling him to set HIS SIDE of the Record STRAIGHT, I'm certain.

In additional local news (my apartment), Haston Caulder has worked fewer hours at his job than he previously told me, and has been taking his over-the-counter ROCK HARD (or similarly named capsules, that give him an erection for two days), religiously, and tells me he's having sex with several different women every other day on average -- since he's not working.

Haston Caulder NO LONGER gets fully comatose, like in this photo on my back porch, but THIS is the photo that Joseph Faulk told me made him FALL IN LOVE with Haston -- because he looks like something from Picasso's Blue Period (when he painted nearly exclusively drug addicts, whores, and street urchins).

He buys them all -- and often their family members -- dinners, but TRASHED EVERY SINGLE ONE, because they keep asking him for more and more money. Last night he was on his cell with two different guys about 10:00 PM, telling them "the deal did NOT go through, so I can't deliver to you tonight."

So far, he's caught in no crimes by his Probation Officer, Mr. Billiger, and I can't PROVE he's doing dope deals, but I've seen and heard this TOO MANY TIMES from Haston's friends who mostly attend The Anchor Church, and AGAIN this Sunday, Haston told me they have a LOT of "Homos for Pay" at his church and he could pick out a better one to bring home for me after services. Like the other three times Haston has offered his church's services to me, I declined.

Philip Chryst, Pastor of the Anchor Church that meets in the Jewish Temple of Israel's basement, so the WILMINGTON JEWS support all this narco-trafficking and Christian Whoring, too:

And NOW that I HOPE Joseph Faulk realizes I am a SERIOUS PERSON, not just -- like him -- an 84-year-old recluse who's only pleasure is from never-doctor-recommended-for-him Testosterone shots from an OUT-OF-THE-SYSTEM physician, Daily Cialis, "Poppers", and porno.

And I KNOW FOR A FACT that Joseph has Haston's "dick pics" to get off on.

Oh well, tomorrow I'll pick back up with THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF TRUMP.


About a month ago, Joseph Faulk MADE and mailed to Haston this "Christian Cross", with something Haston would like better than a picture of Joseph's dong -- to keep him TITILLATED.

It has hung over Haston's bed (where he can see it while lying down), since then.

I only wish that Joseph Faulk and Haston Caulder had SOME IDEA how to have as much fun as Tennessee Williams and I did -- and Tenn and I NEVER had sex (with each other):


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