Tuesday, February 28, 2017

RP: Most Conveniently (for THIS "Bad-Backer"), Basilica Church of St. Mary's JUST NOW Ran Their Mardi Gras Parade -- Right Past the Front of My House (Prompted by the Ghost of Tennessee Williams???)!!!

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"Let the little children come to me." ~ Jesus (allegedly).

Compliments of Mark Beard:

Mark Beard's Thanksgiving Party on Staten Island, 1981.

Mark's lover Georg Osterman of The Ridiculous Theatre in plaid, Mark in white behind him, and Vasillis Voglis (who put Mark through Art School and was a close friend of Tennessee Williams), Me, Black-Eyed Susan of The Ridiculous Theatre, Tennessee's "life-long" friend Jane Smith -- with a FRISKY Tennessee Williams to her right. The other four guys also from The Ridiculous Theatre.

That night was only one of TWO times I saw Tennessee Williams smoking marijuana!!!

And I think it QUITE EXTRAORDINARY that the ONLY photo I've found online of my friend Army Col. Dottie Newman (retired from serving as Secretary of State Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer), and I was in her Book Club for about four months (the Secretary of State from Argentina and his wife once attended -- and MANY top Generals and such), is THIS ONE, Dottie also a Docent at the High Museum of Art -- 

-- and ABOVE is Kiki Smith, daughter of Tennessee's friend Jane Smith!!!

This will have to suffice for Kiki's devout Catholic Mother, Jane. I couldn't find the great Polaroid I have up a little too close to her face -- but I have the original here and will scan it soon . . . 

And Readers will all recall, that Mark Beard's Great-Grandfather was one of the THREE that Joseph Smith dictated The Book of Mormon to. 

His parents BACK when I knew Mark best (likely deceased now -- and they disinherited Mark), owned the LARGEST Mormon Bank, and his artists's assistant's parents (in 2009), owned the SECOND LARGEST Mormon Bank.

Anyway, here is Mark Beardtoday:

And it's been a SUPER-BUSY Tuesday (for writing), but I leave you now, with another shot of the Wilmington, North Carolina Mardi Gras Parade:


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