Thursday, February 16, 2017

RP: My Long Lost Husband MIKE MASSICOTT Is Now SEARCHING for Me (according to "Daugherty Darrell", Massicott's good friend and fellow homosexual on Facebook)!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

Michael Massicott, Executive Vice President of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. in Snellville, GA

Danny Sinatra with his wife Phoebe Dollar and daughter, 2011, when I knew them in Wilmington, North Carolina. Danny is still in pri...

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Daugherty Darrell Mike Massicott is looking for you
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Daugherty Darrell this man is a fraud. he never worked for Tennessee Williams and was involved in a death at a Hotel in 2011,
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Scott Kenan Please try to be specific so we know WHICH MAN and WHOSE death in WHICH hotel -- LOL!!!
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Scott Kenan Daugherty Darrell: Mike Massicott (in English, "Massicott" means "Lead Monoxide"once told me he loves a dick up his arse while his is up another -- WOOF!!! 

Is he bringing the lube, or do I provide??? And he was HOT before he married Ms. Carolyn Price. See:

Dr. Price (looking as I remember him), front right with his daughter, Carolyn (Price) Massicott center, son-in-law…

Tell me again how bad a President he was? Hmmm? I'm listening.
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Yes we DID!
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Video from The Rachel Maddow Show.

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Scott Kenan Compared to Trump??? DEFINITELYAs a President??? A mixed bag.
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Roy Rogers Oldenkamp So, saving the planet wasn't good enough?
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Scott Kenan Roy Rogers Oldenkamp: If Obama "saved the planet", then there would be no pressure BIG to clean it up ASAP!!! 

My friends have seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in Man's Country Gay Baths in Chicago several times, which is how he was blackmailed into protecting the CIA/Bush/Cheney/Clinton/KENAN narco-trafficking, which is NOT helpful to Our Nation. John Boehner CROWED to the Wall Street Journal that Big Banks and Wall Street got MORE out of Barack Obama than they had gotten out of George W. Bush. 

YOU know which Presidents, Generals, etc. I am connected to, and I've posted everything in this comment on your threads before -- as well as my last date this past October being with a cousin of George W. Bush and we LAUGHED ALL NIGHT over our families' CRIMES. 

Obama is a step up from any Republican I know of, but he's no SAVIOR. Life is more complicated than that after adolescence. That's all. 

I have reported EXTENSIVELY on how my Kenan Family put Trump into power, and while controlling first Standard Oil and now Exxon-Mobil/Rex Tillerson since 1913, and THEREFORE the Kenan Family is the most corrupt family in world history, both because of CORRUPTION of lots of governments including ours, and unnecessary pollution and damage to the environment, and I STILL intend to make my family PAY for our crimes. 

But if Obama saved the planet alreadyI won't need to worry about THAT part any more -- LOL!!!
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Roy Rogers Oldenkamp Scott Kenan Please stop insulting alliesNot cool.
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Scott Kenan It is not possible to insult people who know who they are. Sorry if that includes many of your friends as it includes MANY of my friends, as well!!!
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Scott Kenan Bill Toups is precisely George HW Bush's eighth cousin, as well as descended from the brother of Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy as well as Gen. Toups of the Confederacy in charge of defending Wilmington/Fort Fisher when it was the LAST port of the Confederacy to fall. I just checked and since October, he's grown a beard. Here he is as I knew him:

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
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Scott Kenan And if you want to call Gen. Russel Honore' to ask about my relationship to him, let me know and I'll send you his cell number my private message -- thanks!
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The problem with Roy Rogers Oldenkamp is that although I've known him for YEARS -- and he lives in Tennessee Williams's old apartment in West Hollywood, and OWNS at least one of Tennessee Williams's paintings -- AND he had agreed to come speak at the 100th Anniversary Theater and Cultural BASH I had been planning with some top restaurants and theaters in Puerto Vallarta for 2011 (until the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta NIXED IT with help of Drug Mafia and I cancelled), Roy has a SISTER who is the EMBODIMENT of pretentious, snotty Liberal bitch, and she yesterday called on Roy to use PESTICIDE on a conservative friend of Roy's, and then attacked me as well, telling Roy for the SECOND time in as many months to BLOCK ME -- LOL!!!

Salvador "Chava" Gonzalez Resendiz, Mayor of Puerto Vallarta in 2010, making an address from City Hall that day (PRI Party)

Today he is HIGH UP with UBER (cabs).

Pat Oldenkamp of Paris -- see what I mean???

Now I think Perjury should be aggressively prosecuted, but NOT just against lying non-indigents!!! 

What about all the PERJURIES against me in New Hanover County Courts when District Attorney Ben David had me prosecuted on EIGHT false charges in 2011 and 12, and I was nut-house committed twice falsely, as well. 

Ben David was FORCED to wipe my record clean since he had NO EVIDENCE I had committed a SINGLE CRIME!!!

Jason Keith McKinney, 46, was sentenced to one to two years in prison, according to a news release from the New Hanover County District Attorney's Office.

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Scott Kenan shared a link.

The filmmaker talks diversity and the power of art in ESSENCE.

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