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RP: Now that I Have Been "Consumed into Heaven" (denture relining), Daniel Murtaugh of Kansas City Gives Me the OPPORTUNITY to Clarify Further!!!

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Daniel J. Murtaugh of Kansas City, MO

But FIRST, a word about my friend Del Shores's new movie -- about to PREMIERE!!!:

As my Readers know, I met Del Shores in Puerto Vallarta a few years ago, and corresponded with him for a while after that. His Texas border town -- just like Wilmington -- BLEW UP when it was revealed that the top Christian Churches there and most of the Politicians were the main Narco-Traffickers -- LOL!!! 

But Wilmington is still WAITING to blow up -- and my Kenan Family, both the rich Episcopalian ones known for founding UNC Chapel Hill, and my immediate family raised with Swastikas on dinner plates and hobnobbing not just with Coach Lou Holtz (John Boehner's closest friend and co-strategist), Nixon Aide John Ehlichman, Sean Hannity, but also at least one Catholic Pope one-on-one planning the NAZI takeover of the USA

Now I see that my Facebook friend from here in North Carolina, Mitchell Gold, is a major SUPPORTER of this film. I wish them ALL GREAT SUCCESS!!!

The Sordid Lives Sequel is here!
Buy Tickets Now!
A Very Sordid Wedding added a new video.
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The long-awaited Sordid Lives sequel premieres March 10 in Palm Springs then goes nationwide! Starring Leslie Jordan, Bonnie Bedelia and Caroline Rhea and many original cast members. Like the page to see when it is coming to your city!

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Poster of Del Shores's play that became a movie that became a TV series!!!:

And ANOTHER "Sordid Experience" of mine, was getting to know long-time PORN STAR Aiden Shaw, when HIS book came out -- and NOW he's an ACCLAIMED WRITER, as well as "Old Folks" Fashion Model -- TOUCHE'!!!

Aiden Shaw, modelin', 2015.
"WAR, what is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING"--except against the vile and inept administration of Trump and his Congressional minions. Rise up, Americans, and oust these people from office!!!

Scott Kenan Funny -- if you believe this, then LEAD, don't tell everyone else what to do unless you are willing to actually lead. So many of us are are very unsatisfied by what is happening in Politics, and tell everyone else to act. I hope Daniel J. Murtaugh is sending out at least calls if not emails or paper letters -- and here in a city of only 100,000 or so I DO go to their offices and make certain I speak to politicians in person, as well.
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Daniel J. Murtaugh I am acting, every day. I belong to numerous groups who are working actively to upend this atrocious administration. I contribute what I can financially, and join demonstrations. Get off my beehind, Scott!
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Scott Kenan What caused you to think I was on your "beehind", Daniel??? The biggest frustration we all have is that forward thinking people mostly sit back and bitch -- and I'm glad to see you back up yours with action like I do. 

I know Del Shores very well, and he knows the problems of towns completely corrupted (both Political Parties), by narco-trafficking that is largely led by my Kenan Family, who have narco-trafficked with the Bush, Cheney, and Clinton families for decades. Colin Powell's people got me out of the USA for most of five years because the Republican Party and CIA were trying to jail, commit or kill me because of what I know. 

I taught them to RESPECT me, instead. Tomorrow night I've got a meeting with the new Practitioner for investigative journalism at the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke. He specialized in Chicago corruption, which I know a LOT about, so it should be interesting!!!
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Randall Staton Glad to see that you understand that this political machine is nothing more than two wings of the same bird. Both sides have the same agenda but most people don't understand that. They keep us fighting each other over small stuff while we ignore the big picture.
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Scott Kenan EXACTLY, Randall Staton!!! 

I have friends who've seen Obama and Rahm Emanuel in their private gay bathhouse in Chicago, which was how Obama was blackmailed into supporting CIA narco-trafficking, and a friend of mine's son (whom he does not get along with), was 2nd in charge of the US State Department in Afghanistan while Hillary was at state, and even US Special Ops officer flown to debrief me here in Wilmington, NC 7/4/15 confirmed that in that position HE was in charge of flying all the Heroin back to Maxwell AFB, and then my employer of 20 years at Pentagon Publishing in Snellville, GA, distributed it from Maine to Florida. 

I was even held hostage for five weeks by two sons of El Chapo Guzman in Puerto Vallarta in 2010. 

MOST Progressives don't want to believe the criminal alliance of the Bush and Clinton families, but this photo from March 2016 (halfway through the primary season) speaks volumes, and google my name to find my political blog that has now gotten well over a million hits:

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, suit and indoor
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Randall Staton The Clinton's and Bush's are very good friends. Trump has been a very close friend to the Clinton's as well. People don't want to believe it but the elite look after the elite.

As for drugs, I don't know anything about that but I wouldn't put it past our government considering some of the things that I do know they have been involved with.
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Randall Staton Be careful about the things you post onlinebig brother is always watching.
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Scott Kenan Randall: I've been posting these things and I ALWAYS find out how to send a copy of my blog posting to whomever I "attack" -- REFUSE to talk behind anyone's back

I worked for Tennessee Williams, knew all JFK's sisters and their husbands and been to their homes, as well as visited with the Reagans in the White House. I met Frank Sinatra's heirs who sold my Kenan Family control of their Bank of America, and they HATE the Kenans for turning it "NAZI". 

Rex Tillerson worked for my family his whole career at Exxon, but NOW screwed the Kenans who control Exxon-Mobil and put Trump into power to ally with Putin so the Kenans financed by BoA could get RICHER on Russian Oil like they are getting richer on Mexican oil after with the CIA and Hillary State Department put Enrique Peña Nieto into the Mexican Presidency -- and they all split the narcotics. 

Vicente Fox worked for my Kenan family as a Coca-Cola exec before he was Mex-Prez, and I am connected to two other Presidents and a couple of Governors of Mexico as well. I'm 6' 11" tall, so not easily intimidated despite my 65 years -- although that makes me a good target, NO ONE has shot at me yet!!!
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