Thursday, February 23, 2017

RP: The POPE (who recently met with top NAZIS among Donald Trump's Top Advisers), Is AGAIN Pretending He's NICE -- LOL!!! / Haston Caulder Has a Visit from the "TOOTHLESS FAIRY" (Me)!!!

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“I have lived with several Zen masters -- all of them cats.” 

― Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

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  • "'The offerings, I remember them: All dirty. All stolen from the poor. I don't know you.' That will be Jesus' response to these scandalous people who live a double life," says the Pope.
    Jana DeWitt what a sweetheart he is. and bravely speaks the truth...
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    Jana DeWitt ..doesn't just quietly conform to the status quo
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    Scott Kenan Well THAT's something coming from one of the WEALTHIEST CHURCHES on EARTH!!! 
  • They OUGHT to sell off some of the Vatican's STELLAR Art collection to pay the CHILDREN the Catholic Priests have molested -- estimated at about 1,000,000 Worldwide. 

  • ALSO, anyone who READS THE NEWS knows that "Pope Pancho", born in Argentina of two Italian immigrants, was in his EARLY YEARS as a priest and bishop a TOP COLLABORATOR with CIA Death Squads (narco-trafficker for the US Government), in Argentina. 

  • Let Pope SATAN/FRANCIS apologize for HIS crimes before pretending to be ANYTHING other than Steve Bannon's TOP ALLY!!!

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To BEGIN WITH, it's the GRAMMAR, Bitch!!!

The woman's legal team criticized her treatment, but ICE says she has 24 hour care in…

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Time flies. Sometimes people change their names.

Thirty-six years ago, entertainment publicist John Wilson held an potluck Oscar party at his Los Angeles home, and — inspired by a double-feature of the infamous movie musicals Xanadu and Can’t Stop the Music — he decided to launch his own informal awards show, the Golden Raspberry Awards, or “Razzi...

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This was just NORTH of Wrightsville Beach, and when I was a child coming to Wilmington, we used to WADE across the inlet at Low Tide to Shell Island

AFTER the WHITE-ASSED CHRISTIANS BURNED the Black Resort, they later (1960 or soon thereafter), FILLED IN THE INLET, to make it part of Wrightsville Beach

And TODAY only the UGLIEST White Christian Supremacists have homes on Wrightsville Beach -- including Donald Trump's SONEric, and his wife, Wilmington nativeLara Yunaska!!!

The logo for the nautical collection features tattered rope and a "Burned in 1926" plaque.

Scott Kenan Lara Yunaska and the "Werewolfian" Eric Trump!!!

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I collected the remaining $900.00 of the $1,200.00 Joseph sent Haston overnight (I'd already FRONTED Haston $300.00, from which he hasn't a PENNY left), that Joseph Faulk sent Haston overnight, now cleared in my bank, to finance his drug and sex festival as well as his OTHER criminal activities.

For the month of February, so far, Joseph has sent Haston $2,100.00 cash, PLUS paid to me $500.00 for Haston's rent (and I've bought MUCH of the food Haston has eaten, as well). NOT counting the food, that is a TOTAL of $2,600.00 so far this month.

To THAT, add the at least $600.00 wages for actually WORKING (part-time), the first two weeks (that employer is FED UP with Haston's ANGER and THREATS and LIES, and will not even answer the PHONE so that Haston can reclaim his tools that the guy has).

So, so far in February, Haston has had $3,200.00 in income (without a BIT of taxes deducted) -- and he EVEN gets about $54.00 in Food Stamps on top of THAT!!!

It PAYS to be a Christian, Narco-Trafficking, Sex-Addicted Criminal in Wilmington, North Carolina -- if you know Joseph Crawford Faulk,

When Haston returned from a day that started leisurely at 11:20 AM when he FINALLY emerged from his bed, he went out on the town to make some connections, and returned at 4:00 PM, and I directed him to the envelope of $900.00 I had put under his pillow.

He then declared that he ONLY has to do TWO months in jail, and he is going there in a month. He said he will spend EVERY DAY UNTIL THEN, working out at the gym so his body is beefed up, then wear long-johns and extra T-shirts on the day he is expecting to be arrested -- so that he doesn't FREEZE IN JAIL!!!

This is the BEST photo I have taken of Haston -- COMATOSE -- and TODAY, I noticed one NEW HOLE in his NEW JEANS from falling asleep and dropping his cigarette. He did NOT want to talk about that!!!


NO OFFENCE!!! I'm 15/16ths WHITE, myself -- the RESTCherokee!!!

(First cousin to Mi Mexicanos!!!)


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