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RP: “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” ― Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

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As I continue to decompress from its being NINE YEARS since I've had conversations with my peers -- well educated and informed people who actually CARE about the world's future -- rather than being slaves to their small-minded religions, drugs, and sex organs, like my benefactor Joseph Crawford Faulk proved to be again this morning by phone, and my roommate Haston Caulder, Jr. proves with most of what he says while staying temporarily in my apartment to have a chance at straightening out his life.

But I am THRILLED with my new association with the Kenan Institute for Ethics (informal only, now), and will write Thomas S. Kenan III to smooth over some misunderstandings, before visiting them in Durham again -- and possibly getting more involved.

The most important thing I forgot to mention about the lecture/meeting two nights ago, already documented here: as well as here:, is that -- and I forget if it was the US Justice Department Official or Journalist Jamie Kalven who brought it up, but they BOTH agreed, vehemently, is that JOURNALISTS and the US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT both have known for YEARS that the Ku Klux Klan has had as its TOP GOAL for a couple of decades to put KLAN MEMBERS into position as Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and District Attorneys (and cops and deputies), all across America, by getting them to SOUND LIKE THEY ARE NOT!!!

And BOTH of them agreed that the US Press -- especially mainstream like CNN -- has been COMPLICIT by knowing this but virtually NEVER reporting it.

The Donald Trump Blues
by Ramblin' J. Lahr

I’ve got ‘The Trump’
That means a slump
I got the shouty pouty
Never-a-doubty blues.

I got 'The Trump'
That means the hump
I’ve got the rootin’-tootin
Put- the-boot-in blues
I’ve got ‘The Trump’
I want to jump
I’ve got the itchy-twitchy
Son-of-bitchy blues.
I’m feelin’ mad
About jihad
I’ve got the factless, tactless
Take-it-backless blues.
I’ve got 'The Trump"
But here’s the twist
It ain’t the Muslims
It’s Trump’s the terrorist.
I got the Pants-on-fire
Climate-denier blues…..
Oh yeah
I mean
The twilight zone
Is now my home——b-l-u-e-s!.

Scott Kenan Well, this is quite passionateJohn Lahr!!! 

Two nights ago, I went to a meeting/lecture with a top investigative journalist and top Justice Department Official at Duke University, and was RECOGNIZED for my deep knowledge of not only my Kenan Family's crimes (indirectly they helped murder my old boss Tennessee Williams), in putting Donald Trump into power -- this at the Kenan Institute for Ethics

Now, I expect to actually work with them and Duke to help clean up some things. In the original version of the book The Kenan Family (1967), it stated that I might get a full basketball scholarship to Duke, but I went to Denison University (without one, but one for smarts). 

I was especially liked by ANOTHER of Duke's big donor families, and am encouraged by them to get some kind of JOB at Duke as well. 

We'll see how it goes, but as you know, I got the job as the last assistant to Tennessee Williams, so ANYTHING goes in MY book (and I'm appreciating the HUMOR of life more, as well)-- LOL!!!:

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CNN has ALWAYS covered up the Bush/Cheney/Clinton (and yes, my Kenan Family's) narco-trafficking through Atlanta/Stone Mountain -- also with help of the Atlanta Journal/Constitutionespecially editor Jay Bookman, and PROMOTED many lies to cover all that up. 

My friend Imran Anwar, who brought the internet to his native Pakistan, later worked for Microsoft, etc., was a Talking Head on both CNN and Fox News occasionally for ten years. He FIRST confirmed to me in 2010 that EVERYONE at both Fox and CNN KNEW the Bushes, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. PLANNED 9/11 with the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal Families. 

I can't believe ANYONE believes most of CNN -- LOL!!! 

And now the story is getting closer to running on mainstream media in the USA -- as it ALREADY HAS many places in the world

See comments below for a link.

This post first appeared at Well, I certainly got that one wrong. Based on news reports, and after two phone calls to check them out, on Tuesday I wrote a…

So, anyway, I'll write Tom Kenan in Chapel Hill and send it tracked US Mail as I don't believe he does email. And then I MIGHT, too, write the head of the Kenan Institute for Ethics before visiting their offices, like I did Mr. Zinn at the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust (without visiting them): 

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